Pool Fun by the Jolly Roger First of all, you need know nothing about pools. The only thin

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Pool Fun by the Jolly Roger First of all, you need know nothing about pools. The only thing you need know is what a pool filter looks like. If you don't know that. Second, dress casual. Preferably, in black. Visit your "friends" house, the one whose pool looks like fun!!) Then you reverse the polarity of his/her pool, by switching the wires around. They are located in the back of the pump. This will have quite an effect when the pump goes on. In other words. Boooooooooooommm! Thats right, when you mix + wires with - plugs, and vice- versa, the 4th of july happens again. Not into total destruction??? When the pump is off, switch the pump to "backwash". Turn the pump on and get the phuck out! When you look the next day, phunny. The pool is dry. If you want permanant damage, yet no great display like my first one mentioned, shut the valves of the pool off. (There are usually 2) One that goes to the main drain and one that goes to the filter in the pool. That should be enough to have one dead pump. The pump must take in water, so when there isn't any... Practical jokes: these next ones deal with true friends and there is *no* permanent damage done. If you have a pool, you must check the pool with chemicals. There is one labeled orthotolidine. The other is labeled alkaline (ph). You want orthotolidine. (It checks the chlorine). Go to your local pool store and tell them you're going into the pool business, and to sell you orthotolidine (a CL detector) Buy this in great quantities if possible. The solution is clear. You fill 2 baggies with this chemical. And sew the bags to the inside of your suit. Next, go swimming with your friend! Then open the bags and look like you're enjoying a piss. And anyone there will turn a deep red! They will be embarrased so much, Especially if they have guests there! Explain what it is, then add vinegar to the pool. Only a little. The "piss" disappears. HAHA!! --------------Exodus------------


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