APmo 05/10 1824 White Supremacists SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- Clandestine training for domesti

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APmo 05/10 1824 White Supremacists SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- Clandestine training for domestic terrorism by white supremacists continues, despite the arrests of dozens of neo-Nazis and Aryan Nations members over the last few years, a newspaper reported Sunday. Some of the trainers may be employed by law-enforcement agencies, The Spokesman-Review and Spokane Chronicle said in a copyright story. A confidential memo circulated to law officers throughout the West details one paramilitary training session in northern Idaho late last year, during which about 25 participants were told how to use robbery and murder to further their cause, the paper said. The memo was based on information from a government informant and written by a sheriff's detective in a state other than Washington and Idaho, the paper said. The masked instructor at the December session was believed to be a current or former law officer and participants bragged that they "had a couple of policemen from the Denver area working for us," the memo said. The December training allegedly took place in a remote area of Bonner County, which is just north of Kootenai County, home of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian (Aryan Nations). Bonner County Sheriff Don Nelson said he doesn't believe a training session occurred in his county. He wasn't informed about the supposed session until March, he said. "As far as I'm concerned, it's unfounded," Nelson said. "The intelligence report all sounds good, but I don't have a clue that the activity actually happened." But Kootenai County Undersheriff Larry Broadbent, known as an expert on white-supremacist activities, said he had "no reason to discount" information in the intelligence flyer. "We have heard persistent rumors that such training has occurred near the Kootenai-Bonner county border, but it is not a frequent occurrence," Broadbent said. The newspaper said those who attended the training session were urged to obtain citizens' band radios and programmable police scanners and to arm themselves with LAW rockets. Light Antitank Weapons are used by the U.S. Army. "Start a large fire at one end of town," and blow up the first responding fire truck with a LAW rocket to create a diversion for a bank robbery, the trainer told the group in December, the memo said. "You will have every cop and fireman tied up." Participants were encouraged to always travel in at least two vehicles during operations, according to the newspaper. One vehicle would contain a robbery team, and the second would be a "family-style" vehicle containing "mom, dad and a kid," according to the memo. If the first vehicle is stopped by police, the family car should pull alongside, ostensibly to offer assistance. The memo said police then would be shot point-blank by occupants of the family-style vehicle, according to the newspaper. After the robbery, money should be transferred to the family car and occupants of that vehicle should go to a motel, shed disguises and change into business suits, the memo said. Law enforcement officials in the Pacific Northwest said there have been no recent thefts of LAW rockets, which are available at Army bases and at reserve units. Crime reports in Spokane, 40 miles from the Aryan Nations church, show 16 Radio Shack burglaries since last July 1. Three stores in Spokane were burglarized the night of April 25, one day after 16 people nationwide were indicted for sedition and civil-rights violations that include murder. One of those indicted for sedition, or plotting to overthrow the government, was the Rev. Richard Butler, head of the Aryan Nations church. He was stricken with coronary problems after his arrest and has undergone surgery twice at a Spokane hospital. He was listed in stable condition Sunday. Aryan Nations spokeswoman Betty Tate said Saturday the church was not involved in any training session. "This is absolutely false, false information," Mrs. Tate said. "I am amazed at what's going to come up next." Another topic at the training session, the memo said, was the impact of arrests last year oif six members of the Arizona Patriots, a survivalist sect that allegedly planned to use money from an armored car robbery to buy a large paramilitary training camp in Arizona. A new camp is needed because of the 1985 raid at a similar encampment on the Arkansas-Missouri border that was operated by the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord, the memo said. Last page !


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