APmo 05/13 0530 Pires-Plea Bargain SANDPOINT, Idaho (AP) -- Sentencing for Robert Pires, t

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APmo 05/13 0530 Pires-Plea Bargain SANDPOINT, Idaho (AP) -- Sentencing for Robert Pires, the Maryland man who sought government protection in exchange for information about white-supremacist activities, was halted by a judge who says information surrounding Pires' first-degree murder plea does not support the charge. Pires, of Silver Spring, Md., came forward to the FBI after bombs rocked Coeur d'Alene. He entered a guilty plea in February in connection with the shooting death last August of Kenneth Shray of Baltimore. Pires and Shray were acquainted through their connections to the Church of Jesus Christ Christian (Aryan Nations), based at Hayden Lake. Pires' guilty plea in Bonner County was part of a plea bargain that involved Kootenai County Prosecutor Glen Walker, whose jurisdiction covers Coeur d'Alene, Bonner County Prosecutor Phil Robinson, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Earl Hicks in Spokane, Wash. Pires recently received a 20-year federal sentence for weapons, counterfeiting and bombing charges. In exchange for his guilty pleas and information, he was to receive federal protection. It was not immediately clear if the delay in sentencing would affect the Bonner County plea bargain, or deals Pires made elsewhere. Three others were arrested on bombing and counterfeiting charges last fall after Pires told authorities about a plan to use counterfeiting and robberies to finance a white-supremacist revolution. The bombings were to be a diversion during a robbery. Pires was to be sentenced on the murder charge Tuesday. But 1st District Judge Dar Cogswell questioned whether the facts of the murder case meet the legal definition of aiding and abetting, officials said. Shray's bullet-ridden body was found Aug. 18 near Clark Fork. During a trial early this year for two other white supremacists who eventually pleaded guilty to counterfeiting charges, Hicks said David Dorr, who also pleaded guilty to counterfeiting charges and faces further charges in connection with the bombings, may have been the triggerman in Shray's death. Hicks, Walker and Robinson were not at their homes or offices Tuesday night for comment. Efforts by telephone to reach Pires' attorney, Kerwin Bennett in Coeur d'Alene, also were unsuccessful. Dorr and Edward and Olive Hawley all pleaded guilty to counterfeiting charges when they learned Pires would testify at their trials. Mrs. Hawley was sentenced to four years' probation. Edward Hawley received a four-year term, while Dorr received a six-year term. Edward Hawley also awaits federal bombing charges. Last page !


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