ap 06/01 1754 NRA-Andrus By QUANE KENYON AP Capitol Writer BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Gov. Cecil

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ap 06/01 1754 NRA-Andrus By QUANE KENYON AP Capitol Writer BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Gov. Cecil Andrus has warned the National Rifle Association there will be "retribution" over the association's effort to defeat him in the last Idaho governor election. Andrus, in a speech Monday to Ada County Democrats, said he hasn't forgotten that the rifle association backed his opponent, Republican David Leroy, with what Andrus called "political distortions and ads" implying that Andrus was soft on gun control. "I've been a hunter and gun owner in this state for more than 30 years. I have a record on sportsman's issues that is well-known to the people of Idaho. But in the 11th hour of the last election campaign, the political leadership of the NRA tried to tell the Idaho voter that somehow I was soft on control," Andrus said. "I resent it and I have to keep saying that I resent it," Andrus said. He said the NRA backed a candidate who lost. "Now, there's going to be retribution," he said. It will not be out of spite, the governor said, but the rank-and-file members of the NRA who pay the dues should be making the policy decisions, not what he termed the "three-piece suit boys" from San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Idaho Rep. Larry Craig is on the NRA Board of Directors, and in a recent television interview, Andrus ridiculed Craig and the "gun nuts" of the NRA for some of their proposals, including turning the Sawtooth National Recreation Area into a park, thus banning hunting, and building roads through wilderness areas. Gary Glenn, national Young Republican committeeman for Idaho, called upon Andrus recently to apologize for the remarks. Andrus refused then, and repeated his claim on Monday that Glenn was making the comments merely to generate publicity for his possible Idaho Senate campaign against Democrat Sen. Karl Brooks. Andrus drew cheers from the partisan crowd when he said, "You've heard the same rumors I've heard, he thinks he wants to run against Sen. Karl Brooks. But I've got news for him, he may run, but he won't win. "...In 1988, we're not going to be losing seats in the Legislature, we're going to be gaining some," Andrus said. He repeated his earlier statements that his NRA comments were not aimed at rank-and-file members, but at NRA leaders. He alleged they have come to Idaho and attempted to impose national policies in the state, with no regard to how Idaho members feel. He described rank-and-file NRA members as "gun nuts, like I am." Andrus said he probably owns more firearms than he needs. He said the organization has good programs, such as its rifle shooting clinics and gun safety programs. "What I don't agree with, and what I'll speak out against, is the kind of influence the leadership of the NRA tries to exert in Idaho," the governor said. He said the NRA sent lobbyists to oppose a bill proposed by himself and Republican Attorney General Jim Jones to control terrorism firearms training by white supremacy organizations such as the Aryan Nations at Coeur d'Alene. He said the NRA killed the original bill. "They didn't want to restrict anyone -- including white supremacists," Andrus said. The anti-terrorist bill died when a NRA lobbyist argued it might interfere with the right to own and bear arms. Another, weaker version eventually was enacted. Andrus said NRA also opposed other bills, which had nothing to do with hunting and fishing rights. "That kind of thing does nothing for the Idaho sportsman, but it will help a terrorist someplace," he said. The governor said he doesn't agree with proposals from the NRA. "And I'll stand up in public and tell them off every time they do something that I think is wrong, or motivated for purely partisan gain. "But to those who say I'm insulting gun owners -- sheer nonsense. I am insulting the leaders of that organization because they deserve it," he said. Last page !


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