APar 05/14 1321 White Supremacists-Miles FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) -- The reputed second in co

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APar 05/14 1321 White Supremacists-Miles FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) -- The reputed second in command in the Aryan Nations white supremacist organization is free on $50,000 bond. Robert Edward Miles was released from the Sebastian County Jail Wednesday after U.S. District Judge Morris S. "Buzz" Arnold of Fort Smith set Miles' bond in a one-page order. N.C. Deday LaRene of Detroit, Miles' attorney, had filed a motion Tuesday seeking bond for his client, who had been held without bond since his arrest April 24 at Cohoctah. U.S. Attorney J. Michael Fitzhugh said his office would review Arnold's opinion and decide whether to appeal the order. Miles, 62, of Cohoctah, Mich., a former grand dragon of the Michigan Realm of the United Klans of America, was among 10 people accused of sedition last month in an indictment handed up by a federal grand jury in Fort Smith. The "record is insufficient to establish a serious risk of flight exists, or that clear and convincing evidence exists that defendant, if released on bail, would pose a danger to the safety of any person or the community." Arnold said in his order. Miles and others are accused in the federal indictment of conspiring to commit robberies, engage in counterfeiting, assassinate federal officials and ethnic groups, commit bombings, destroy utilities, pollute municipal water supplies, establish guerrilla warfare training camps and procure false identifications. The government had successfully appealed a federal magistrate's order at Detroit that Miles be set free on $50,000 bail. Miles appeared Monday at Fort Smith with his attorney and asked U.S. Magistrate Ned Stewart to rule on the bail question. When Stewart said he couldn't, Miles' attorney asked Arnold to make the decision. According to Arnold's order, Miles is to report daily to the probation office or pretrial service agency and travel only within Michigan, except for court appearances in the Western District of Arkansas. A July 6 trial date has been set at Fort Smith for Miles and the other defendants. If convicted, Miles could receive a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. Last page !


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