APut 05/04 0455 Informant-Aryans SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- An FBI informant who was assigned

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APut 05/04 0455 Informant-Aryans SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- An FBI informant who was assigned to infiltrate the white supremacist Aryan Nations had his cover blown when a former Spokane police detective identified him to Aryan leaders, a newspaper reported. The informant, identified only as a disabled ex-policeman, told The Spokesman-Review and Spokane Chronicle that he couldn't comment further on whether former Spokane police detective Dan Newlun had connections with the Aryans, pending discussions with the FBI. The FBI has refused to comment. Newlun resigned from the force last June, saying he had become addicted to cocaine in the course of undercover work. He later filed a $2 million suit against the city. The suit is pending. The newspapers reported in their combined Sunday edition that the FBI is investigating whether the Aryan Nations had a sympathizer within the Spokane police department and had access to confidential intelligence information about the cult. The informant had his "cover burned" after Newlun and a woman companion visited the Aryan Nations compound north of Hayden Lake, Idaho, last summer, the newspaper reported, quoting unidentified law enforcement officials and other sources. Newlun and the informant previously had worked on drug investigations for the department. The informant had visited the Aryan Nations compound for more than two years. He was designated "official Aryan Nations photographer" and took photographs and video tapes during last summer's Aryan World Congress. His FBI affiliation was disclosed after that gathering, possibly during a Washington State Patrol criminal investigation into Newlun's cocaine addiction. The informant said he had talked to the State Patrol about Newlun. Newlun, 36, is working out of town as a laborer and couldn't be reached for comment. His wife, Sally, said Saturday she didn't know her husband had visited the Aryan compound. The 23-year-old woman who accompanied Newlun to the Aryan compound said she and Newlun made the trip because they were worried about the well-being of the informant, the paper reported. She was not identified. Retired Spokane detective Tom Scott, who worked with Newlun and knows the informant, said the informant "has a questionable reputation." Scott said he had been told that Newlun had burned the informant. "They had some kind of falling out," Scott said, speculating it might have been over a statement the informant gave to State Patrol detectives who investigated Newlun. Last page !


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