3 02-28-88 09:51 pcs Testimony set to resume in supremacists' trial. FORT SMITH, Ark. (UPI

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3 02-28-88 09:51 pcs Testimony set to resume in supremacists' trial. FORT SMITH, Ark. (UPI) _ A former member of the religious-paramilitary group known as The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord is testifying against 14 members of the group accused of plotting to assassinate a federal judge and FBI agent.. Mike Morris testified that he quit the CSA when leader James Ellison warned that there would come a time when no one would be allowed to leave because of their knowledge of the CSA's activities. Ellison, who is the government's key witness, last week gave testimony linking five defendants to an aborted assassination attempt against a federal judge and an FBI agent. Morris, who began his testimony Friday, was expected to return to the stand Monday for cross-examination. Fourteen white supremacists have been on trial for three weeks, 10 of them accused of seditious conspiracy to overthrow the federal government and five accused of plotting to kill U.S. District Judge Franklin Waters and FBI agent Jack Knox. Two are also accused of interstate transportation of stolen money. Waters testified briefly Friday about a trial he presided over for supporters of tax protester Gordon Kahl, who was killed in a 1983 shootout with authorities near Smithville, Ark. Knox was the lead investigator in that case. Kahl was killed while being sought in the February 1983 shooting deaths of two federal marshals in North Dakota. Kahl had been a member of Posse Comitatus, a paramilitary group that opposed individual income tax and rejected federal authority. Waters testified Friday that he did not recognize any of the defendants charged with conspiring to kill him and Knox and could not be sure if any ever appeared in his court. Accused in the assassination scheme are Kahl supporters William Wade, 68; his son, Ivan Raymond Wade, 35, of Smithville, Ark.; Lambert Miller, 47, of Springfield, Mo.; David M. McGurie, 25, of Greenville, Ill., and Richard W. Snell, 57, of Muse, Okla.


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