APco 06/18 1812 Berg Suspects DENVER (AP) -- Three suspects in the slaying death of radio

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APco 06/18 1812 Berg Suspects DENVER (AP) -- Three suspects in the slaying death of radio personality Alan Berg awaiting a Sept. 8 court date, on Wednesday complained to a federal judge about conditions at the Denver County Jail. The three -- David Lane, Bruce Pierce and Richard Scutari -- complained they were being deprived of light, fresh air, phone calls, visitors and Aryan Nations mail. The trio, and a fourth defendant, Jean Craig, are members of a violent neo-Nazi group charged with violating Berg's civil rights by killing him outside his home in June 1984. Pierce told U.S. District Judge Richard P. Matsch that the threed a breath of fresh air since they were brought to Denver in May. "The dogs living in the dog pound have more exercise and fresh air than I do," Pierce said. Scutari told the judge they didn't expect special treatment but had been respectful to their jailers and felt they were being harassed. "Like any dog in a kennel, if provoked enough, we will respond," he said. After court recessed, the judge held a private meeting with attorneys and marshals to discuss their conditions of confinement. The men again raised their challenge to the court's jurisdiction in the case. They claim to be common-law citizens of their individual home states, don't acknowledge U.S. citizenship and therefore argue that the federal court has no jurisdiction in cases against them. They contend that the white race is being destroyed by laws that protect minorities and disenfranchise the white majority. "I am in the vanguard of those who will not submit to the dilution and destruction of our race," Lane told the judge. Matsch said he will issue a written opinion on this and other pending motions in the case. The four defendants were convicted on racketeering charges in a 1985 federal trial in Seattle and are serving long prison terms for those convictions. Lane, Pierce and Scutari also are named in a related sedition indictment in Fort Smith, Ark., returned by a grand jury on the same day the Denver charges were filed. Last page !


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