APtx 11/18 0346 Beam FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) -- A white supremacist accused of sedition was

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APtx 11/18 0346 Beam FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) -- A white supremacist accused of sedition was denied bond after he told a federal magistrate that the top leaders in the U.S. government are vile and ought to be removed at any cost. U.S. Magistrate Ned Stewart, after a five-hour hearing Tuesday, declined to set a bond for Louis Ray Beam Jr., 41, a native Texan arrested 11 days ago in Mexico along with his wife. Stewart said Beam was a flight risk. "I look forward to the battle with relish. I'm honored," Beam said. "I'm going to be vindicated in February." His trial is Feb. 16. An April indictment by a federal grand jury in Fort Smith accused Beam of sedition, which is advocating the overthrow of the government by violence or other unlawful means. Beam was captured by Mexican federal police near Guadalajara Nov. 6 when he and his wife were on their way home. A gunfight ensued and Beam's wife, Shiela Marie Toohey Beam, 20, shot and injured a Mexican policeman. Charges of assaulting a police officer which were filed against Mrs. Beam were dismissed by a judge Saturday and she was ordered out of the country. She flew to Los Angeles Tuesday and her mother said she was supposed to arrive in Houston today. Ten men are charged with sedition in the four-count indictment handed down at Fort Smith. There are 14 defendants named in the indictment was returned April 21 by a federal grand jury convened in Fort Smith. "There is no safety from the government once it comes after you," Beam told Stewart. At one point, Beam testified about a booklet he wrote entitled, "Essays of a Klansman," brought up earlier in testimony by FBI Special Agent Paul Maxwell. "The whole essay was written to show there is an international conspiracy ... of satanic and anti-Christ leaders," Beam testified, calling the conspiracy ZOG or Zionist Occupation Government. "The government of the United States no longer belongs to the people. At the highest level, the people are vile," Beam testified. When asked by Justice Department attorney Martin Carlson what should be done about the conspiracy, Beam said, "We should go for the top level. We should absolutely oppose them and remove them in whatever way." Carlson asked Beam if he meant by violent measures and Beam said, "To protect my country I would continue to do my duty as a patriot." "Including kill?" Carlson asked. "If so directed," Beam said. "I would do anything in my power to protect the Constitution." Maxwell testified about a letter Beam wrote during his stay in Mexico addressed "To my friends." Maxwell quoted Beam as writing, "We shall continue to operate (The Aryan Resistance) underground. Underground for us. Under the ground for them." In the letter, Beam also encouraged the "annihilation and eradication of ZOG ... Death to ZOG. It is not enough to overthrow it," according to testimony. "The Soviets are the lesser of two evils as far as our survival is concerned. Let the Soviets have Washington, for afterward we will have the whole country," Beam wrote, according to testimony. Carlson asked Beam what "underground" meant. "Underground was secretly opposing the government. I was secretly opposing the government," Beam testified. Carlson asked Beam if he started making plans as early as December 1985 to flee the United States in anticipation of the indictment. "The plans included assuming a new identity and becoming anonymous," Beam testified. "In 1976, I was urging everyone in the movement to assume a new name. This is America, we can be anybody we want to be." Beam's attorney, Kirk Lyons of Houston, said earlier that Beam indicated to him in late 1985 the indictment was inevitable. On his flight, Beam said, "I was fleeing in Mexico for the safety of my life and my family." He testified he left the United States April 7 with his wife and 7-year-old daughter, Sarah. Maxwell testified about several documents found at Beam's Mexico residence. The documents consisted of several different forms of false identification. Maxwell also testified about a leaflet found inserted into Beam's booklet. He described the insert as a chart of groups such as judicial officers, members of the Congress and Senate, the president, Jewish leaders, civil rights leaders, communists and black leaders. Accompanying the chart was a point system rating members of The Aryan Resistance for killing those targeted in the chart. However, Beam testified he wrote the essay and chart to show how futile it would be to try to kill those members of his movement considered conspirators. "It's not possible to kill them. It's silly to go after them. They've got thousands of marshals and federal agents," Beam testified.


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