ZOMBIE.TXT ZOMBIE MAGICK - AN OPINION I guess this is an article I've wanted to write for

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** ZOMBIE.TXT ** ZOMBIE MAGICK -- AN OPINION I guess this is an article I've wanted to write for some time. It seems to me that there is a lot of occult misinformation being bantered about. And a lot of people are not being very nice about it. What I write here is from the standpoint of an insider within the occult community. I've noticed some very questionable practices. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much that we can do to put a stop to them. Some of the more vocal members of the Christian community do speak out against the occult. Unfortunately, those that do are speaking out against *all* the occult. They are missing the point completely. I feel there is absolutely nothing wrong with the occult or 'new age' (so called) per se, but there is indeed a problem with *some* of it. For those who use the Christian Bible as a rationalization for their condemnation of anything occult (or anything else which they don't understand or don't agree with) I can only hope they will study and think more deeply on the matter. I suggest that even the Bible does not condemn occultism in general, but that it is critical regarding certain *types of practices* -- something many people have overlooked. I guess the best way to explain what I mean is with some examples. Recently, Phil Donahue ran a television program about 'Voodoo'. It managed to insult almost everyone, and to malign legitimate voodoo, witchcraft, magick, and Catholocism. It also contained a great amount of misinformation. But the primary thing about it which I take exeption to was the idea put forth by a guest of the program who claimed to be a 'Voodoo priestess', when she suggested that a love spell was good magick. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. For the type of love spell which she demonstrated on the program was potentially very bad. It was designed to force a lover who had left to return. That means it was designed to exert an overpowering influcence on the lover's will. Now, while I think this is possilbe. I also think that it is a very evil thing to do. To control someone in an occult manner like that is Black Magick. It is also very unethical, immoral, and selfish. In addition to everything else, if the spell works it probably won't last, and if it doesn't it may 'recoil' against the practicioner. Black magick is dangerous. It has always been dangerous. So-called psychics advertise widely in newspapers and magazines. Of course many (most?) of them are simple frauds. Cheating the public has always been a popular way to make a living. Of course some psychics are gifted, but the ones that are any good probably don't need to advertise very much. What concerns me most however, are the ads which suggest that the psychic will cast a spell for you or against your enemies. That part against your enemies is Black Magick once again. And we are seeing a lot of it, all in the name of 'New Age'. Fine new age this is, where you can pay someone to harm your enemies... All of it perfectly legal. Suppose for a moment that you utilize an occult love spell of some sort to cause a lover who left you to return. If it works, what do you have? Someone whose will has been manipulated. Since the process is against the natural order of things, the result will wear off. Meantime, what you have is a Zombie. You are like a pupeteer who holds all the strings. Freedom of action has been violated. It isn't nice, and it isn't fun. It is instead Zombie magick. And so we have seen that there are certain widespread occult practices which are very negative. It isn't a conspiracy. And it doesn't seem to be a network of evil groups. It is more insideous than that, for it is in every city, maskeraiding under the name of power-over-others. The law can't touch it. Nobody's even trying to put a stop to it.


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