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William S. Steinman 15043 Rosalita Dr. La Mirada, Calif. 90638 Stanton T. Friedman 110 Kings College Rd. Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada E2B 2E7 March 21, 1984 Dear Stan: I received a letter from Fred Darwin of Dallas, Texas, in which he laid down the history of N.D.R.C. - O.S.R.D. as it became J.D.R.B. and eventually ended up becoming R.D.B. He gave me names of persons whom he considered to be the most likely candidates for team members on a Flying Saucer recovery operation - "if there were ever such a happening". They are as follows: (1) Dr. Vannevar Bush (2) Dr. Karl T. Compton (3) Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner (4) Dr. Robert F. Rinehart (5) Dr. Eric A. Walker (6) Dr. John Von Neumann I did some library research on each name, xeroxing a biography of each individual, and looking up their descendants in local area telephone directories. Stan, I believe that the name of that individual, whom Sarbacher mentioned as attending all of the meetings pertaining to recovered flying saucers, is Dr. Eric A. Walker. ------------------ Remember Sarbacher stating (moore let me hear that tape recording) that this man came from Pennsylvannia and wrote a book on Electrical Engineering; well Walker, at that time, was President of Penn state university, was formerly head of Penn States electrical Engineering Dept., wrote a book on Electrical Engineering, and was a consultant ("dollar a year man") to J.R.D.B 1949-1951. He also was in charge of a naval laboratory that was developing electronically sonar guided Torpedoes - which were consequently showing very positive results against the Japanese during WW II. The last residence that I have for him is as follows: Dr. Eric A. Walker Rock Springs Farm Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania 16895 I suppose that Moseley contacted you as pertaining to Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher. This only proves one thing to me; Moseley is just as interested in the Crash-Recovery cases as he was in 1954. Stan, I am not doing research for Todd Zechel, altho I did have an earlier run-in with him, which I later regreted. My main goal is to solve the Flying Saucer Enigma, through the recovery and attempted duplication cases. Please let me know what you find out through Dr. Walker, and do keep in touch. Very Sincerely WM Steinman


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