-In light of some of the controversy surrounding Lear.txt, perhaps it would be helpful to

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-In light of some of the controversy surrounding Lear.txt, perhaps it would be helpful to refer to some statements attributed to John Le ar's father, the late William P. Lear, pertaining to possible UFO technology. They are excerpted from the 1978 book entitled "The Cosmic Conspiracy". They are presented here merely as interesting anecdotes, which may also be helpful to an understanding of what has influen ced John Lear. -Tom Mickus Excerpt #1========== = "William P. Lear, inventor and chairman of the board of Lear, Inc., one of the nation's largest electronics firms specializing in avi ation, for months has been going over new developments and theories relating to gravity with his chief scientists and engineers". "...H e is convinced that it will be possible to create artificial electro- gravitational fields 'whose polarity can be controlled to cancel out gravity". "...'All the (mass) materials and human beings within these fields will be part of them. They will be adjustable so as to inc rease or decrease the weight of any object in its surroundings. They won't be affected by the earth's gravity or that of any celestial body" . 'This means that if any person was in an anti-gravitational airplane or space ship that carried along its own gravitational field - n o matter how fast you accelerated or changed course - your body wouldn't any more feel it than it now feels the speed of the earth' ". "...Eugene M. Gluhareff, president of Gluhareff Helicopter and Airplane Corp. of Manhattan Beach, Calif., has made several theoretical desig n studies of round or saucer-shaped 'vehicles' for travel into outer space..." It might also be of some interest to the reader that thi s author witnessed the late William P. Lear making another nationwide statement on a daytime, American television program in about 1969-70. This later statement was made in response to a question from the emcee who wanted to know what Mr. Lear envisioned the next twenty years pro ducing in new technology. Mr. Lear told him that a person would be able to, say, walk into a New York "travel" booth - somewhat similar to a telephone box in shape; - deposit his fare; push a button; and walk out the other side of the booth in San Francisco - having been "telepor ted" across America in seconds! The studio audience automatically laughed at Mr. Lear - much to their uninformed discredit. Mr. Lear just ga ped at their performance in utter amazement. How painfully sad and lonely he must have felt at that moment when he realized the greatgulf th at separated the viewing audience from the realities he had already witnessed in the laboratory... He was a kind and sincere man; and thisau thor, for one, feels a great loss at Mr. Lear's recent death... Excerpt #2=========== In his book of 1957, entitled, "The Flying Saucer Conspiracy", Donald Keyhoe also mentioned some rather indicting news on pages 200-201: "On 2nd February, while visiting Bogota, Columb ia, William P. Lear manufacturer of aircraft and electronic equipment, told a news conference that the flying saucers are real". "When Lear's story was flashed to the United States by the AP, it was a hard blow for the UFO censors. But this was only the beginning. Within twe nty-four hours Lear amplified his first statement: 'I feel the flying saucers are real', he said, 'because of four points'. First, he said, there have been numerous manifestations over long periods of time. Second, many observations have been made simultaneously by reliable obser vers. Third, there are great possibilities linked with the theory of gravitational fields. Fourth, there are now serious efforts in progress to prove the existence of anti-gravitational forces and to convert atomic energy directly to electricity". "This new AP story dismayed the Pentagon, for it could easily disclose our top-secret research to duplicate the UFO's propulsion. There had already been one hint despi te Pentagon precautions. During a meeting of aviation leaders in New York, on the 25th of January, G.S. Trimble, vice- president of advance design for the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Company, had made an amazing disclosure... "Unlimited power, freedom form gravitational attraction, and infinitely short travel time are now becoming feasible', he told the press. Then he added that eventually all commercial air transpor- t ation would be in vehicles operating on these fantastic principles".


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