+quot; T H E J O U R N E Y O F A W I Z A R D +quot; A Visualization Exercise by Ariel INTR

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" T H E J O U R N E Y O F A W I Z A R D " A Visualization Exercise by Ariel INTRODUCTION I have often wondered how I came to choose this path I've taken. Many times wondering if these things I experience are real, or imaginary. Some may say, this depends on what you perceive as reality. I tend to consider all paths of higher learning our main goal in life, thus wanting to experience all that I can.... This document reflects some very personal places of consciousness that I've visited, and some that I would really love to be able to stay within. Alas, my mortal body is not able to justify a path that isn't taking it along, hence we as mortals have to maintain the physical self while in this plane of consciousness. As you read through this document, imagine yourself within this dominion. Allow yourself to utilize all of your senses, especially those involving touch, and smell. If you notice a rock, make a mental note of its shape, weight, size, and feel, as these are all important steps during the experience. It is important that you prepare yourself with some kind of relaxation technique. There are many available, so use which ever works best for you. Perhaps in time, we all can make these places of power a conscious reality, and enable both the physical and spiritual bodys to occupy both levels. However, until then we must continue to search onward. This may help you to reach those levels that you seek. THE WIZARDS STAFF OF POWER I have invisioned several places of power within my studies, but none as enlightening as the following. This is as close to the feeling as I can get, using words to describe the power and feeling of enchantment that I've received from this journey. Read on, as it explains the symbol of the Wizards power staff.... I dream of a place where the air is pure, and spring is constant..with fragrant flowers of every hue around me. I dream of this place having several shades of aqua, blue, violet, and the purest white light surrounding me, with vast rivers and wide open valleys of ever changing shades of green and amber. Within this place, all are welcome to admire its beauty, and absorb the energies that surround its presence. Within this place, one is at peace with winged creatures of every shape and size.., for this is my place of power where my staff resides, and my spirit is one with every part of its existence. Once in this place of power, you are visited by several creatures, each with a unique story to share of life. How you are so welcomed within this place, that you are embraced by each creatures spirit which tend to make you learn from each of them. You grow from sharing their experiences, and they grow simply because you are there to listen. What a wonderful feeling you have... You begin to sense the presence of others of your kind within this dominion, yet you are not afraid. Each of these individuals are there for the same purpose... to learn, and share from each other. This place holds no grief, or sorrow. No worry or want, not even jealousy, or hatred. Lower vibrations are not within this realm. You begin to sense the warmth of the light that is emanating from this place of power. It fills your very soul with radiance, and light of pure truth. You are perhaps a bit drunk with the radiant power that is collected within your staff, yet you feel warm, loved and secure...as you should, as you have just been through your own presence as others see you! You are instructed to collect several things from mother Earth while in this special place. Allow the creatures to show you the specific methods and impliments needed to complete this magickal staff. Behold a rod of Birch, Cedar, or Elm, of approximately sixteen hands high. Touch this staff, and allow your inner being to flow within its very core. Behold, you are given insight to the location of your stone of power. Create a mounting for this stone in the highest nest of the staff. Feel the energy pass through the staff into the stone, as you secure it into place. You absorb this energy as your staff is energized by the creatures that you encounter, and they in turn, are energized by the radiance you give off to the others. You are the key to the existence of this place of power. Call upon your staff to change what is necessary to help others complete their journeys, and return them to their mortal plane of consciousness. Now, allow the staff to rest..as this magickal connection will take time to become one with each other. You may continue to study this place of power that surrounds you. Perhaps tell of your life here on Earth, to the others that occupy this land. You will move into several other dominions..each having their own unique mysteries to tap. Collect items of power from each of the creatures that you come into contact with. Allow them to give you insight to things that you may add to this magickal staff. In turn thank them for their time, and patience. I have been known to share experiences with every creature within the various dominions. This is quite interesting to them, as they are usually trapped within one or two spheres of consciousness, and desire further contact with others. Fear not, as you are guided by this staff of light, as it is your link to this place of power that the creatures there have intrusted to you. Use it wisely, my friend, and give back what you have taken with something of equal or greater value. Follow what you have learned, allow others to experience the joy that you have given back, and your powers will increase three fold as it is a gift from those in the world that you have created. This cycle which is endless, but must have your presence to survive. You are the key.. the one.. This power yours, given out of love... THE CREATION OF SANCTUARY Sanctuary is a special place that everyone needs... Imagine a place that is yours, built to suit your own needs, by your own hand. It can be as simple as a meadow surrounded by trees, or as complex as a fortress, guarded by a wall of energy.. inpenetrable to those that are not welcome. It is a plane of consciousness where you are able to release all of your frustration caused by living day by day in the mundane world. A place you can go for protection, conteplation, study, and rest. Consider these options prior to building your Sanctuary, and your experience will be truly enlightening! Hail the elements, call upon the forces of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Each in their own way is uniquely independent of the other, yet may be called upon to serve as you command. Allow your inner strength to come forth, and begin to create the stone, wood, and other materials needed to construct this Sanctuary. Cleanse this area with the purity of white light, and cast your staff downward to ground your lifeforce within this timeless place. You may begin to see a beautiful forest, covered with willow, and birch, or perhaps it is filled with fragrant blossoms of honeysuckle, hyicenth, or iris. Perhaps a land filled with sweetgrass, or rolling meadows of herb and shrub, also may be within your mind's eye. Condition this space with your very presence, as you open your mind to the wonders that are around you. Begin to sense each creature, rock, and tree around you. Explain that you are here to create a protective place of power. Each of the creatures herin will obey your commands, as you are the one that will allows them to begin to flourish and blossom. Allow each stone, or piece of wood to take root in this special place. Direct your staff to each object, and command that they change to fit what ever shape or form you desire. This is the beginning of your sanctuary, a dwelling of such power that no one will enter without your permission. There is safety, and solitude as you notice the powers within your staff and amulet are reborn, and you feel a wonderous charge around you! The power here is so intense that you are compelled to raise your voice as you speak the name you have chosen, for all to hear. You notice how each creature, now knowing your power name will tend to assist you in the preparation of all things to come. Hark, the feeling of inner peace is overwhelming, and tends to overflow to each of them, as they do your bidding with great care, and harmony. Do realize that this sanctuary, and the creatures that inhabit the dominion with you, are not within the plane of consciousness that you visited when you created your staff of power. These creatures were manifested to assist you in the building of Sanctuary, and nothing more. They cannot give you any further help, unless you command them too. Do realize that you are the sole lifeforce that dominates this place. While the other creatures seem to be of the physical body, they are in fact entities, reborn to hail at your command. Try not to accomplish too much within this first trip, as this magickal place is newly born, and needs time to settle. You may want to command the creatures to protect this place, until such time you can come back and build some more. Fear not, as your spirit has been instilled within each of them. Provide them with additional strength, by creating food, and shelter for each to rest within. Explain to them that you will return, refreshed and with great solitude. By then you should have an idea of the structure that you want to place here. Now, allow rest to both the creatures that have assisted you, as well as yourself. Be at peace with them, be kind to them, and in return they will once again come to life when called by you. THE BUILDING OF SANCTUARY Cleanse yourself, and allow yourself to enter unto your Sanctuary. Command your staff to transport you to this magickal location, that only you know about. Separate the lower vibrations of Earthly origin from your Ethereal body, and allow yourself to draw strength and power from your magickal staff. Call upon the powers of Sanctuary, and the forces of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, to fill this place with harmony. Announce your chosen name to all that may hear, and command them to materialize, and they will. Welcome each creature as they become apparent to you and listen to anything they may tell you. They may possibly tell you of others that have tried to visit this place, due to the radiance that this place gives off. Call upon your staff to energize the materials that you have collected in past visitations. Now that you have an idea in mind, of how your Sanctuary will look, proceed to build it... stone by stone. Again, allow the creatures there to assist you in your work. Notice how content they are to help, and thank them out of courtesy and respect. You will need to rest occationally, as Sanctuary draws much energy to itself. Being that you have complete much, create a spring from which you and the creatures may drink. Cast your staff down, and command the element of Water to appear before you. Do not expend much energy on designing this spring with garnishments at this time. You may however, notice vast changes in the conditions and terrain once the magickal waters behold each blade of grass, rock, or wood. Once you have designed your Sanctuary, raise your staff up, and outward to seal its design. Next, say this phrase.. "Hail, the Sanctuary of _________", the Wizard. Admire the work that you and the creatures have done, for it is of your design. Gaze at its beauty, for it is a direct reflection of its creator. Allow your inner being to become charged to the point that you feel a tingling sensation all around your ethereal body. Allow your inner being to glow with the radiance that you have summoned, and give that energy back to the creatures that have assisted you, as they too have worked hard to accomplish this task. Now rest within your place of power, with the creatures that have assisted you. Do not be alarmed if you notice some are no longer with you, as their tasks are complete. Only your "power" animals will remain after the cleansing of your Sanctuary, and this is normal. Allow other allow visions or magickal changes to become apparent to you while in this dream-like state. Each time you come to Sanctuary, bring a new magickal gift, and allow it to become part of the scenery. This will only give Sanctuary more energy, and will continue to refresh your being with the peace that is necessary. You may visit Sanctuary as many times as you wish, and even bring others with you. The choice is yours, and only yours. THE OBLISQUE The Wizard's Oblisque, is a tool of great importance. It is usually made of crystal, or precious stone, fashioned in any form that is desired. It is always both physical and etheric, a bridge to both worlds, and others. It is usually located within Sanctuary, in a central location, while its physical counterpart is placed in the physical realm, usually in a room, on an alter, and is usually found to be close to the Wizards color of strength. Some may have chosen an Oblisque with the power color inside. As mentioned, this varies to personal preferences. Both the Staff, and Oblisque are used as a standard...a mark of his power, and are usually consecrated by another of his kind while in the physical plane of consciousness. The function of the Oblisque is to tie the earthly plane to the spiritual plane, with Sanctuary being the connecting point. However, many choose to utilize the power of the Oblisque for healing, defense, and to simply charge the earthly plane with ungrounded power. This enables the Wizard to call upon the powers of Sanctuary at any given time, to utilize (although limited while in the earthly plane) at will. Although the Oblisque is usually stationary, its powers are directed through the staff. Think of the staff as a collector and the Oblisque, as a place to deposit the energy, once collected, thus the ability of the Wizard to renew his strength is unmatched to my knowledge. Your next task is to create your own Oblisque within Sanctuary. Be sure to have a working idea of what you wish the oblisque to look like prior to it being received within the Sanctuary. This will omit the wasted time of designing a special room to house the oblisque, something that you will do while in Sanctuary anyway. Learn from each visitation while in Sanctuary. Allow your power animals to inform you of changes, or other important events, or knowledge obtained during your absence. Some of you who have studied Shamanistic techniques should really be able to understand this concept. (There are many ways a person can create places of power. Utilizing tools to accomplish this task is merely, my method only. You may try this method yourself, but understand...it's not the only way to achieve balance and harmony.) For more information please utilize the "Self Heal" series found on The Astralite BBS (619)276-7623. You will find that most methods are somewhat like the others. However, use the method that works for you. Blessings to each of you..live in light and love The Wizard Ariel>


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