Magic, ver1.01 or The inner world according to Thingol. To the person that is reading this

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Magic, ver1.01 or The inner world according to Thingol. To the person that is reading this: you may or may not believe in the phenomena known as magic. I do not personally care, one way or the other, but by reading this it is indicating to me that you do. That's good. because this is one of those "faith" things (you have to believe in it for it to work for you). But, unlike the primary purveyors of "faith", i.e. the Christian-based church, what you are doing with magic is affecting the world around you. So, if it works, it's not faith, its fact; if it does not work for you it is just faith, something you can keep or just toss out the door if you are tired of it. But, in order to make magic work for you, at one time or the other you must have faith, complete trust, that magic WORKS. There can be no doubt within your own mind of this. I realize this gives cynics an opening a mile wide, but it cannot be helped. The next thing I will cover is the various forms of magic. This is a heck of a lot easier than it sounds, because most established forms of magic, no matter what they teach about themselves, have pretty firm similarities. INVOCATION Invocation is, put simply, using an outside source of energy to do your will. Whether you are standing in a Judeo-Christian church praying, or kneeling in front of a alter with an upside down cross behind it, you are invoking, with most likely similar wording, a being greater than yourself to do your will. No kidding. Look up the definition in a good dictionary. EVOCATION Evocation, once again put simply, is using the power within yourself or a object to do your will. ESP is Evocation, as is crystal-use. These types of magic are not exclusive of each other. In some forms of white magic i've run across, you invoke a lesser entity or force, and evoke the power from within yourself to control it. Or you may use both at the same time to further amplify the effect of what you are doing. Whatever it is you are doing, the concept of evocation obviously assumes hidden "power" within a person. I do not know if every human has this power; I have not met every human. But all that I have met and worked with have had power to some degree, whether they were able to utilize it effectively or not. So, the object of this file series as I see it, is to teach people to use their own personal power of Evocation. As to invocation, there are enough people and organizations teaching that; choose one that sounds good to you and give it a try. If you are unable to find one, let me know and i'll see what I can do to help. One final note: I am not personally going to put down any particular form of faith if I can help it; they do a good enough job of that, themselves. If you catch me doing it, let me know! Also, remember this is just one way of viewing evocation; it may not be right for you. As to credentials, I have been a member of 2 "black" cults; 1 La Vey based, 1 not, was raised a baptist, have been a member of a Wiccan coven, and have been practicing magic for 16 years and interacting with other practi- tioners the whole time. And I know Magic works. SECTION 1: EVOCATION OVERVIEW Evoking the power within your self is not easy; most people have been raised to think that such things as a intangible force within one's self that can affect the physical world is improbable, at best. However, this is not the case; modern-day research has verified the phenomena of ESP as being real, or at least unexplainable, so there is no reason to dwell on this point. What evocative magic users do is not complex, and is much like performing a task, such as for example picking up a glass. You identify the problem (the glass needs to move), choose an option to solve the problem (using an appendage of your body to defy the force of gravity which holds the glass down), and perform the chosen option, solving the problem. But when you move the glass with your arm, you are performing a task more complex than a shuttle launch; you are coordinating thousands of muscles, feedback sensors, nerves and other components of your body; and the only way you are able to perform this miraculous task is because your brain knows how, through past experience, to exert the precise control necessary. Ok, I've established that the brain is able to perform amazing feats without a person having any idea how they are actually doing it; and that there is good reason to suspect that "power" resides within some, if not all, of humanity. Obviously, in those people able to exercise power, the firing of each neuron that controls this effect is not known, the brain just somehow does it. But, also obviously, if you are reading this you have yet to teach your brain how to handle your personal power, at least not as proficiently as you might like. So the problem you face is to teach your mind how to handle power. There are several known methods, most of them centering around something known as "visualization", where you teach yourself to "see" power, and the effects of it. There are as many ways of doing this taught as there are books on the subject in print, but we will try to stick to as basic a method as possible. SECTION II: PREPARATION As mentioned before, you must believe in magic for it to work for you; this perhaps the hardest thing to learn. In order to overcome your preconceptions, it is usually necessary to place yourself in something resembling a self-hypnotic state, basically telling the logical side of your brain to take a break for a while. To those of you without the ability to do this, I will outline a two basic methods. 1] Candle burning. There are multiple volumes on the magic power of candles written, but that's for a different file; this is just a aid to concentration. Get a comfortable chair that can be placed against a table, and 2 candles. Place the candles on the table, about 4-6" apart, light the candles and extinguish any external light source. Sit in the chair, assuming as relaxed a position as possible, and mentally find the center-point between the 2 flames. Take deep, even breaths; in through your nose, out through the mouth, until it is natural. After a minute or two, you should see a "ball" floating between the flames (no, you have not become a wizard, this is a optical illusion that serves as a great tool). Try to keep your mind as blank as possible. After a time period that varies with person to person, you will begin to feel a "floating" sensation, and a general distancing from your body. This state is considered the first level of trance and is your target state. WARNING: if you should happen to feel a great distancing, or even SEE your body, immediately stop the exercise. Astral projection should never be attempted without a assistant on hand, and can be dangerous even then. With practice, this target state can be attained without the use of props. 2] Meditation. This method is the one used most often by experienced practitioners of magic, and is usable by anyone with training in zen or yoga. This method is covered in to many disparate sources to repeat here. 3] Just give it a try. pretty self explanatory, huh? SECTION III: VISUALIZATION At this point you should have yourself in a relaxed, comfortable state. whether you use any form of intoxicant to achieve this state or not, is up to you, but I would not reccomend it initially. Turn the lights down, and find a comfortable position, with no outside distractions to bother you. Position your body so that you can easily see your hands; try resting them on your knees, with the palms facing up. Now, pick a color that you like, preferably in a lighter shade. While looking at the palm of your hand, form a mental picture of a ball of light in this color, floating in the palm of your hand, without touching; do this by envisioning the energy flowing from your hand slowly to form a sphere approximatly the size of a golf ball. After you have formed the sphere, just hold it in place for a few seconds, if you are having problems maintaining a certain color or size, do not be concerned, just try to keep the mental picture as steady as you can. When you scense that the image is getting hard to maintain, either reverse the first step (slowly picture the ball shrinking, as the light flows into your hand), or try allowing the ball to float slowly down to, and in to, the ground. Most people are able to accomplish this little exercise. What most people are also doing in the process, is opening up the pathways for use of their own inner energies; when you, in a meditative/relaxed state, envision a non-substansive ball of light, you are also calling up the dormant portions of your mind to accomplish what you are making yourself see. NOTE: it is very important that you either re-absorb or ground-out this energy; you never can tell, there might be something that is called to this like a shark is to blood, but more on that later. This is visualization. making your internal energy visible to yourself is the first step in using this energy to a constructive end; continue to practice this exercise until the ball forms effortlessly in your hands, and dissappears just as easily, with no change of color or size. This will effectivly "teach" your brain confidence in its use of magic, and widen the pathways where it flows. next section: the practice of visualization. laters


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