The Bob Westbrook Saga.... Hi all, I've put together some of the more interesting posts(mo

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The Bob Westbrook Saga.... Hi all, I've put together some of the more interesting posts(most all were interesting) that I have captured from Bob Westbrook. For those who don't know who Bob is, he joined the New Age forum on CIS some time in March of 94 and posted a Farewell message in early August of 94. He is an abductee and has had many prophetic and insightful things to say about UFOs and other subjects. He predicted an earthquake in California and 3 hours later it happened. By reading some of the following posts you will learn about his perspective. Bob's knowledge comes from his personal experiences and his logic is typically very astute. I put this together for those who may have missed these messages or those who joined after Bob left. Bob also has given some time frames on certain events and I can't see any better way to validate his claims than to post these messages in the CIS library. According to Bob in a few months from now (8/8/94) UFOs will be photographed in major cities and within 2 years a war will be fought against the Nordics and/or with other aliens. If your reading this in 1997 or 1998 and this didn't happen then you'll know Bob was full of it. If it has happened, Jesus(or your own personal God) help us all. I may have missed some other good messages and I would definately love to see additions to these messages added to the library. You will also note conspicuous Gaps during June and early July. This was due to my hectic work schedule. I also didn't include some stuff that didn't apply, but I certainly didn't edit anything that was written. Also, if you haven't downloaded Bob's book "A survivors Guide to Armeggedon" also available in this library, I suggest that you do so. Sorry Bob if I've posted something of yours that may be taken out of context, if I did, it was entirely unintentional. Sincerely, Mark Roberts, 8/8/94 7:50 P.M EST. CIS 71563,653 ----------------------------------------- April 12, 1994 Folks: I'd like to be perfectly clear about my purpose in coming to this forum. 1. I've been told by a ufo researcher from the 2020 group that from 1973 to 1976, there were about 30 known cases where people were abducted and imparted massive amounts of information visually. The common denominator was they all ended up with advance knowledge of future events. 2. I am one of these people. 3. I would like to find the others. 4. I am painfully aware that the only way to verify any prediction of future events is when it fades into the shadows of the past. 5. If anyone has any ideas on any other scheme that would do it otherwise, I'm certainly open to any aid you can offer. 6. Based on one abduction experience and the deductions I made over an extended and serious period of study. I have located a Nordic operation in the Los Angeles area. I have visually confirmed the presence of what would be typically thought of as a Nordic. 7. However, as I figure I'm only going to get one shot and my standards of proof must extend beyond what's between my ears, I am in the process of devising a method of testing my theory. a. On 2/27/94. I was abducted. I had prior to that night devised the compass detecter I've already described. It went off. b. Based up the theory that the induction of magnetic energy into my quarters might affect the magnetic compass needle, and having confirmed that fact to my own satisfaction, I am having several similar devices made where a diode is wired into the compass. If the compass needle begins to spin, he diode will over load and act as a circut breaker essentially recording the incident. 8. I intend to place six of these in the immediate area around my suspected Nordic. I am working under the theory that a regular schedule of pick ups and deliveries occur. I hope to identify that time table. 9. The operation is a graveyard operational since 1896. 10. In the hills nearby there is a marker painted on the side of a flood control dam pointing towards the graveyard. It serves no purpose unless seen from the air. 11. This graveyard is within walking distance of where I was first abducted in 1963. 12. The 63 and 73 events are not related. So ladies and gentlemen, while I am arrogant and certain of my point of view, I am here looking for answers to something that is happening in the here and now. I know I am not alone in this respect and seek to deduce and discover that which can. Talk is of no value unless something productive can come of it. Brainstorming is a valuable tool. However, I don't have the time or inclination to make believers of non believers or to debate Roswell or government conspiracies. I need to ascertain whether or not I've got a real ET on the hook. If so, I know what to do. If not, I need to avoid making a rather serious error. To date, I haven't found anyone who can tell me if there are any physical differences between an Nordic and a human. They are blonde, the men 6 foot, the women 5'7", fair skinned and very attractive. The only appreciable difference I can see is that they are perfectly blonde - no dark roots. Most blondes aren't. They are sociopathic and can be quite vicious. Obviously, you won't find Grays living next door to you. There you have it. Bob ------ April 13, 1994 >No, I don't really mean to be sarcastic or disbelieving of your accounts, but >there are just so many farout claims made by people who have "seen" the >future, but always have a Real Good Reason why they cannot share or prove their >knowledge. Alain, You've got to remember something. I don't claim to be a seer, prophet or anything of that sort. I've said I was given X amount of information. It is not all inclusive and I can't tell you where the next Elvis sighting is going to be. However, if you check the time of my post re: earthquake against the news of the day - my credibility might be a little better established > and flies in the face of your "not indexed by date". I rate the date a lucky guess. Wrong on the magnitude but close. Correct on the occurrence. > Unless you wish to qualify this ("I meant NEXT term") No qualification offered. Try this one - Clinton is an abductee. Q. Who is the Anti-Christ? There are more than one anti-christ. Answer = those still possessing free will. Clarification = The god of Abraham was not a god. <> ----- April 14, 1994 Gee, Too common. Guess what folks, the earth doesn't shake here everyday. And no one else called the shot. AND it was reported in the news. So much for the proof mongers. Bob ------ April 15, 1994 Todd: You asked for something a little more immediate and I gave it to you 3 hours before it occurred. Check the time stamps on the post. Your flippant dismissals based on daily quakes in the 3 to 4 magnitude in LA are false and inaccurate. I live here and I know when it jumps. The news was and nbc. Furthermore, I've already said I don't claim to be a prophet or anything of the sort. Yet, you seem to have ignored that. The fact is, you asked, and I delivered. If you think quakes are easy to nail down. Why don't YOU replicate the feat. Name locale within 50 miles, day, magnitude. Now if you really want to impress me - stich in the time. You think that playing mathematical probibilites is the name of the game. Dig up the stats to support your opinion. I have the advantage of living in the area for 35 years and while there are earthquakes in CA every day, they are less than 2.0 range and are all centered 700 miles from LA in the Mammoth Lakes region. Your stats and your opinion fall short. Naturally, we can't consider the impossible. Perhaps what I've said is true and correct. Nahhhhhhhhhh. Bob ---- : 217609 S16/UFOlogy/Contacts 24-Apr-94 01:57:53 Sb: #217168-books and ufos Fm: Dean Miller 75110,3417 To: westbrook 71705,262 My understanding from one of your messages here a few weeks ago is that you were shown highlights of national (USA) news shows that covered 30 years from the time of your abduction (during Watergate -- about 1972). This would put the limit at about 2002. Do you know any reason why the time was 30 years? >Yes, I was relevent to the period of time in which I was/am to be personally active as a player in the Armageddon scenerio. Also it was deemed necessary for me to be comfortable with the reliability of the data. This has been achieved over a long period of time and resulted in a track record of me being ahead of trends by at least two years. This resulted in some advantages re: business. Did any of the highlights give an indication that where you live (Southern California) might become unsafe during those 30 years? >Yes, Los Angeles will face near total destruction during the next five years. There have been several military "actions" during the 30 years, so far. Can you identify any military actions from the highlights that may not yet have happened? >Yes, As I've said in my book, China will invade the middle east using a one million man cavalry. They will do so with the aid of Iran. They will move into the region by traveling the borders of Islamic countries. Was there anything of a religious or philosophical nature in the news highlights? >Yes, towards the end of Armagedon when people believe the return of Jesus is at hand, they will voluntarily walk into collection centers for extermination thinking they're on their way to heaven. The premise is false. Was there any news affecting the whole world (other than the military stuff)? > Yes, Natural disturbances of 'biblical' scale will plague most areas of the planet. The 500 year flood and the Northridge earthquake are the beginning of much larger episodes. The comet fragments that will collide with Jupiter will have dramatic effects on our weather systems. The collision is not an accidental occurence from the Ort cloud but a deliberate action. > Did the news highlights have any astronomical or "cosmic" items? See above Bob ------ April 25, 1994 #: 217830 S16/UFOlogy/Contacts 24-Apr-94 15:13:49 Sb: #217167-books and ufos Fm: Peter Partridge/ASYSOP 70762,1512 To: westbrook 71705,262 why would the ET include such a minor event in that summary? > Various reasons 1. Like the mountain - it was there. 2. My possession of this data is the result of one individual ex parte from the group. He is operating unilaterally, without official sanction and is dedicated to the overthrow of the Nordic empire. 3. Life is comprised of a series of little events. Recording only the major events without the detail of the lessers would be illogical. Or are you accessing hard data directly now by ET contact in *addition* to the 30-year news summary you were shown? >No. The data was provided in 1973. A one shot deal. IOW - are you in ongoing direct communication with the abductor group? >No - I am not receiving information from any of the groups doing abductions. >Yes, I am in contact. To be exact, they are in contact with me as they come after me occasionally. I am not considered a friendly and they 'give' me nothing. Was this how you extracted an immediate but relatively minor publicized event to prove your point? >No. I've found that it's easier for me to access the base if I do it by writing. I sat down at my terminal and typed out my response without giving it much thought except to the extent that I would look like a bonafide jerk if I was wrong. To tell the truth, I was as surprised as you. others I have since read about also attribute the "future show" component to Greys, not "Nordics" or "Pleiadeans". >Greys are the lowest visible element of the brave new world and possess an average iq of 80. The browns, larger grays top out at 125. The Nordics are around 190. I have no direct information on the Pleiadeans although there are evidencary footprints to the existence of a power greater than the abuductors, I am unable to verify or even confirm their identity. >Some people have been given information as a plan of misinformation and misdirection. Religion, in large part, serves this end. Those who have received their info from Greys or Nordics should be suspicious of the accuracy until they've been able to confirm it over an extended period of time. My information was received from one Nordic who at one time was homo sapien and then converted into homo superior. Bob ----- April 29, 1994 Folks: The lady who started this thread proffered a subject for discussion and all you guys are doing is talking about whether or not it should have it's own forum. I think this is rude, poor manners, and a disservice to the users. In answer to the question - Is God An Alien? The answer is NO - I'm living in Los Angeles. Bob ---- April 29, 1994 Jan: God is a 5th dimensional creature with rather widespread influence. He has the bad habit though of not wanting to get his hands dirty and expects us to wipe our own backsides. Bob ----- April 29, 1994 How does one develope their own opinion without plagerizing other people's. You're kidding aren't you? If you aren't, the answer is. You collect the facts, think about them, and then bring your experience and intellect to bear on the subject. When you read my book, you should be aware that I deliberate didn't read other people's material so as not to pollute my ideas with theirs. God doesn't have a hidden agenda, we lack an understanding of it. Bob ----- May 4, 1994 Dean: I don't think you got my point. I do accept outside reference sources. My book is filled with research on historical facts etc. No one person can know everything. However, I've noted that people assume others opinions without giving them much thought. A fact is a fact and given some sort of evidence and be infered to be a fact. Opinions are much more nebulous. Books citing other's opinions have the same value as an oral contract. They aren't worth the paper they're printed on. In my work, I've laid a foundation of fact as the basis for MY opinion. Everyone and their mother is free to disagree. Now if someone cites my opinion as a source, it is flimsy and not evidencary. So it is with the works of others. The reader in search of the truth must glean the facts from the opinions and develope his own. Otherwise, he is little more than a follower looking for the leader of the week. Bob ----- May 5, 1994 In my book I've said that Clinton and Hillary are abductees. Ufos aided in Clinton's election and expect him to crash and burn. In doing so, he pulls the thread that unravels world stability - setting the stage and atmosphere of Armageddon. Following him will be chaos. Bob ----- May 31, 1994 Michael: In answer to your questions. 1. I would not charge anyone for help on the subject of ufo's or abductions. Obviously, I do charge for services or I wouldn't be able to feed my face. 2. The purpose of my Ruth post was not to villify the person but to notice others that they may wish to think twice before sharing personal information with her. 3. What I really think about the woman - has been said to her face. Re: Phone tapping. People do not tape phones without a reason. Do you have a reason that someone would find your communications of interest? a. You'll never notice a legal tap. It's done at the phone company as the result of a search warrant or other court order. b. Amatuer equipment produces better results than the ones you describe. c. The easiest way to tap a line is at the box on the back of the house. There a pair of allegator clips and a small fm transmitter would be found. Within a 1/4 mile radius the receiver and a voice activated taped recorder would be stashed. d. No private party would attempt to tap in at the junction box down the street. e. Alternatives are small fm xmiters in the phone set itself. It means the person has access to your house. f. Another alternative is that you're unnecessarily paranoid. g. Or the copper wire in your area is in decay. These cables should last a couple of decades. More if the weather conditions are ideal. h. There is a fault at the trunk resulting in bad connections. i. Gripe at the telco and see if there's an improvement. j. If none of these things produce satisfaction, contact a PI who has experience with the subject. He'll sweep your house and check for evidence. Bob ----- June, 2, 1994 Michael: If u suspect you're being screwed with by ufos - the usual questions arise. 1. R U now or have you ever been abducted? 2. If you don't know - do you have reason to suspect? 3. Do you wake up in the morning with cuts, scratches or nicks you didn't go to bed with? 4. Have u noticed unusual growth in your fingernails. 5. Do you a period of 'missing time' somewhere in your life. 6. Do you suffer from any mental illness or is there a history of illness in your family. 7. What is your racial background? 8. Do you have dreams of future events that ALWAYS come true. 9. Where do you live? Bob ----- June 27, 1994 Nick: Why is it that every Greek named Nick is 'Nick the Greek'? Nordics are the alien bad guys who perform abductions of humans, steal genetic material from their gonads and create artificial life forms with them. They're sociopathic, sometimes mistake for angels or messengers from God and generally are not very nice people (emphasis added). The are blonde - human in appearance - very good looking. Although very bright (IQ - 190) they are emotionally deficient and view us as little more than insects. They have plagued this planet for AT LEAST the last 6,000 years and probably longer. As to can you help. Indeed you can. Under the heading of Gray Defense, I left instructions on how to build a shield that if placed around your bed will prevent abductions. It has been tested in battle AND it works! The more sophisticated a technology gets, the easier it is to monkey wrench it. I and another user here, both abductees, noted that the Nordics never use their dimensional door on sections of wall wherein there is electrical wiring. It was unknown at that moment whether or not the magnetic field of the electricity disrupted the field or it was the wire itself. To be safe, I purchased 200 feet of electrical cable, 4 ceiling hooks and a fan and constructed five sides of a cube around my bed. Each size has an X in the middle. My abduction problems immediately ceased. I later learned in a real time abduction that the following sequence of events and limitations occur. 1. They WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES enter the house while anyone is awake. 2. They hit the house with an energy beam that will cause fans to turn even though they are off at the time. 3. This beam will sedate you and put you into a comatose sleep. 4. It will do so with your animals as well. 5. Once these conditions are met, they will use dimensional shifting to either send Grays thru the walls to haul you out or to open the dimensional door and use a white tractor beam to levitate you out of the bed and thru the door - into their ship. 6. The dimensional door is typcially used on interior walls in crowded urban areas. In sparcely populated areas they will use it on an exterior wall. In a bedroom, the wall of choice must be in line of sight with the bed. If there is no wall in allowing this facility, then they send in a team of Grays. They typically use closets. The 'cage' or 'shield' works when the energy from their beam moves across the wire. the movement creates a small electric charge that is grounded out. Essentially, you are intercepting and grounding enough of the energy directed at you and grounding it. Thus making their effort ineffectual. What can u do to help yourself? 1. Protect yourself. 2. Protect your loved ones. 3. Educate others. IF they want you bad enough, they will have to physcially materialize and put their slimy hands on you AND you will not have been sedated. This is pretty risky when confronted with someone like me who kills Grays (and I'd love to get my hands on the Nordic sob that sent them in too). For more info - download the bit of my book in the library. Scan on Armageddon. Bob ----- June 29,1994 Dean: What if they cut the power to the cage. That exact thing did occur. When I initially noted that the bad guys never come thru the wall where there's wiring, I speculated that it was the magnetic field from the juice in the wire that was disruptive. However, in a real time encounter here thru CIS, wherein Angelfish was the objective of the abduction attempt, I had her grab any electical cord she had available and to wrap it around her. During the encounter, her ceiling fan - while turned off was spinning. This indicated the presence of moving energy that was being coverted into electricity by the coil in the motor - thus causing the fan to rotate. She also, developed a hot spot on one of her legs. The wire was not grounded so it was grounding thru her leg. During that portion of the event - she was not snatched. However, after things settled down, she took the cabling off. When she did, the power to her entire house went out. The phone went dead and try as she might to stay awake she couldn't. She awoke the next morning the painful bruises and sore ribs - indicating she put up a fight. The transcript of the beginning of the event was posted here on the forum. The bottom line is - it is the WIRE itself and not any current that disables their beam. It is noteworthy that there was another quirk of the evening. When she received her power bill - it was much higher than the ability of all her appliances to consume energy. The power company agreed and is going to give her credit on the bill. The Nordics are dependent upon their technology and they are not inclined to taking risks. If, in the presense of the shield, they wish to perform an abduction - they will have to drop all em camoflauge and physcially put their hands on you the same as anyone else would have to do AND they aren't willing to do this. For those of you with a mathematical bent, you might be able to make a reasonable guesstimate of the amount of energy going thru Angel's place. The fan is a standard ceiling model and I figured it was doing something like 35 to 50 rpm's. She reported it took 30 minutes for her to 'fall asleep'. With regards to her electrical consumption - assuming the electric meter did not do a flat spin and go haywire on it's own, and allowing that it is clearly impossible for the appliances in the house to consume energy beyond their engineering - I have an interesting speculation - Time. We know that there are difference in time when identical time pieces are held in the area of a landing zone and outside the area. This would be consistent with a power supply that utilized dimensional physics to function. If relative time was accelerated within the beam shot into Angel's house, then not only the machines in the house would move in an accelerated fashion - but so would her biomechanics. In speeding her up, it's possible her natural sleep periods were quickened for a sleep period faster than she would have had if she'd stayed in normal time. Due to the relativity factor - not of the devices nor her body would exceed design limitations. I consider it no small coincidence that the Nordics and Gray jumpsuits have several useful purposes. They are reported to have a wire mesh woven into the material making the suits not only bullet proof, but immune to sound or light weaponry. IE: the beam would not work on them as the energy would be converted to simple electricity and grounded out. The cage uses the same principle but is admittedly cruder. The ideal human wear would be a poncho with a grounded wire built in somewhere. Bob ----- June 30, 1994 Dean: 1. I've asked Angel to provide a copy of the bill. She will be back on line here soon. 2. Wire Mesh is better than cabling. However, as I was born with ten thumbs, I tend to do things the easiest way possible. 3. As for making the trap you visualize. I have not conceived of a switch that will work. I did come up with a compass and magnet gig that did successfully alert me to the opening of the dimensional door. However, as soon as they saw the rig, they stopped using it and instead send one Gray in to do surveillance. The Gray's gear is not sufficient to trip the compass needle. So - if you can come up with a switch - you'll be able to bag some Grays. Bob ---- July 10, Re: Intelligence. Mine is not relative. Your's has yet to be determined. Re: Coming thru the floor. No, they do not. Re: RF energy. A bad choice of terms. ANY magetic energy crossing a wire will produce a small electrical charge. I did not mean to imply Radio Frequency as they address only a very small portion of the frequency band available. However, as we lack a better term, it'll have to do. Therefore, dimensional interaction is achieved by manipulating energy (magnetic). Re: Rotating Reality 90 degrees. 1. Yes there are books on the subject. 2. We know thru theoretical mathematics that rotating magnetic reality 90 degrees would open a doorway to the next dimension. Re: Opening in the shield. I have the openings in the shield, down on the surface of the mattress confined to 3 foot by 2 foot. It does not provide an opening sufficent to move my 3 D carcass thru the wires without hitting a wire. As this appears to be a destabilizing factor, they don't do it. Re: Oscillating field. I have no information on the subject. It suffices that my experiement achieved results. The logic of 'how' it happened remains mildly speculative. It is enough that the conclusions drawn have had the desired results. I am not being abducted. Re: Adaptive alarm switch. I too have played with this idea. I noted that after my gizmo tripped two times, they quit using the wall beam. I assume they saw the device and figured it's purpose. From this point on, I received personal visits by Grays. I am uncertain that there is enough energy in the room to trip a switch. The only reasonable trap that could be laid would be to put the detecting equipment under the run and around the entire flooring. As they never entrance through the floor, it might be feasible. Re: Grays, sheild and walls. You misunderstand. The purpose of the tractor beam is to preclude sending Grays in. Therefore, Grays do not enter in conjuction with the beam but INSTEAD OF the beam. Re: What's to keep them from knocking me out? 1. They have dimensional shifting equipment built into their portable gear. 2. While you can observe the effects of their presence and even smell them, you can't see them. 3. As they are dimensionally shifted, they would have to drop their sheilding to get through the wires on the shield. Ie: they'd have to go 3D. Doing so makes them visible and handleable. They do not, will not, assume this risk. In cases where they do go in and get you, they do knock you out, pick u up and haul you off BUT they are 4D while they do it. Re: Common Sense If you can't understand why someone would be disinclined to yell UFO! at the power company - there's nothing I can say that will help you. Re: Does it happen often? I don't know. I am not a ufo researcher and don't collect that data. Re: Logic Your examples of emotional readings by Kirk or McCoy does not justify an irrational approach to ufos. I will repeat myself. This is not a subject you can address by any other means than logic and rational thinking. If you can not or will not avail yourself of these tools, you are performing mental masturbation. You think something is happening but all you end up with is a mess. Re: Proven to the degree a court would accept? You blew it on this one buddy. You're talking to a man with over 400 hours in court rooms, much of it as an expert witness. What you THINK on the subject is irrelevant and immaterial as you have no evidence to support your thoughts. I will tell you this, I COULD MAKE A CASE for the existence of ufos by the standards of logic required by a court. These standards would hold for either civil or criminal. Again, you use irrational logic to support irrational opinions - none of which have any foundation in fact. I will agree that NO ONE WILL EVER CONVINCE a closed mind of anything. Such a mind refuses to accept logic as a tool of anything but might even refer to emotional examples like Kirk and McCoy to support arguements why emotions are a better analytical tool than logic. As far as your speculations on who would accept an alibi (misspelled), I submit you don't have the knowledge or experience to even know what constitutes a legal alibi. Re: Elvis sightings. Your flippant comment indicates an immature mind who does not care to deal with the subject seriously. Therefore, this will be my last post to you. Your statement that mesh will intercept a RF wave but not a magnetic wave and further pontification that the subject as RUBBISH. I'd point out to you that an RF wave IS A MAGNETIC WAVE. Your science is unsound, without foundation, and inaccurate. Have you seen Elvis lately? The End ----- July 20, 1994 Dean: I will agree with you about the creation of momentary thought forms. However, the practicalities of the human mind are such that we typically don't generate sufficient power to make them of any long duration. When they do hang around for a while, it is usually the byproduct of extreme and intense emotion - usually generated from the darkside of our natures. If it were possible to flippantly create thought forms, most of the divorced people in the world would be dead from the hostility being directed at them during the proceedings. The inability to control our thoughts and emotions is the reason, I believe, we are limited to only 10% usage of our brains. Otherwise, we'd be wrecking havoc on the universe. Bob ----- July 20, 1994 Don > Assuming that the visitors were "thought forms" generated by a larger body of consciousness (the mind of man, just for instance. Or perhaps the earth mind at large [Gaia principle]) Why?< I discount the 'thought form' theory. The historical evidence indicates this has been around for thousands of years. Is it possible for prehistoric man to conceive of a ufo? Not likely, he was preoccupied with fire. Or even in the time of Moses? No, even then we have only one solid similarity - 'they came from the skies'. Further, these thought forms were solid (angels) and had physical substance. The evidence does not support thought forms as the ufo perpetrators. One must remember that the form we are talking about is 4 dimensional - not three. Now you will argue that Phillip could move objects. When he lands a ufo in front of witnesses - then you've got a point. Further, In my own case, the ufo thought form as made out of hard metal had stairs, different levels and was quite physical. > Another question I have not seen posed to you Robert.. Why you? Why Angelfish? Is there anything in your backround that primed you for what has happened? < Yes, however, I'm not prepared to deliver up the answer at this time. >[Please note that I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that it did really happen].< There's no need to give me the benefit of any doubt. My skin isn't so thin that I can't stand in the light of day on my own. >Since "they" also engage in OBE activity, is this event limited to "this lifetime" or are you involved in an ongoing multi lifetime training program of some sort.< You don't note which 'they' you are talking about. Never the less, the universe's program of evolved personality is multi life time. Every human on earth is involved in that process AND a few non humans as well. Bob ----- July 23, 1994 Mike: I too looked thru the book for this info but didn't care enough to follow it up. They have a phone number and fax line, why don't you contact them and ask. Better from the horse's mouth than the other end. I've always take 'channeled' info with a BIG GRAIN OF SALT and still do. I can't speak to the accuracy of other's encounters. Of my own (and this is new to me), I can say that the Nohsaimus are in nearly constant contact with me and I am in contact (through abductees other than myself) with Nordics. Preparations are being made for a face to face meeting between Nohsaimus representatives (human) and the Nordics. Bob ----- July 23, 1994 Don: I like my version of reality if for no other reason it's simple and not convolulted by extraneous thought. Essentially you're saying we make our own reality AND to degree that is true. Logically, however, it presupposes that we are number one on the food chain AND are the absolute masters of our destiny. If, on the other hand, we find ourselves one notch down on the chain and subject to the whim of another party, the logic follows that we are the masters of our destinies to the limit permitted by the imposed structure. As an example. In my book, I noted that for a variety of reasons, Africa would be hardest hit by Armageddon. I pointed to a historical foundation of material indicating the many of the manmade disasters (war) was the product of covert manipulations (presumably Nordic) for the purpose of generating the products they desired (corpses). I also noted a historical periodicity in the 'great' disasters and plagues - 700 years and point out that (guess what boys and girls ) we are near the 700 year marker. Your concept of anchoring is valid ONLY IF we are the dominant force in the food chain. The evidence is massive towards the opposite conclusion. EVEN SO, we are the final arbiters of whether or not we CHOOSE to allow ourselves to be the objects of these manipulations and whether or not we will go along. We don't have to do it. Back on the other side of the scale we have a plantary history of leaders and individuals falling prey to the seven deadly sins with no indicator that human nature is suddenly going to change. MY MAJOR POINT IS..... We can change ourselves individually and the rewards for doing so will present themselves. We are not judged as a species, or by form of government, nor by race or religion. Judgement is personal and rendered per individual and based upon the implimentation of our personal free wills. This is the message of the Nohsaimus (one of them anyway). There are no deep dark secrets here. Bob ----- July 24, 1994 Don: I don't agree with the 'law of synchronicity. As my counterpart is ahead of me in this - she says that to communicate with these people, you must first learn to listen. Therefore, you go into the theta zone and wait for them to contact you. Your presence there attracts immediate attention. After you've learned to hear, then you can learn to talk. Actually, the process is nearly the same as with a newborn. First they hear and later learn to formulate words. I agree that interest attracts but feel it is more than that too. I suspect you have to be of a genre an angel would WANT to associate with you. I am far from a goody goody but am amazed at the acceptance I have received. Bob ----- July 25, 1994 Ian: The Term "Gray" is generic. There are three kinds and I dislike them all. The little 3.5 footer only has an IQ of about 80. Worker bee. The 4 footer is a little smarter. There is a 4.5 foot Gray that weighs in with an IQ of about 125. Next up the ladder is the Brown. IQ 135-145, stands about 5 foot. One critter that seems rare (in as much as I've never heard about it) is a Red. I saw this guy in 1963. He stands about 7 foot and appears insect like. He isn't. His arms and legs are long and thin like a preying mantis with the radical joints of an insect. He is very smart, IQ 200+. The Nordics who picked me up were subject to his command and he was really pissed they'd put the snatch on me. He's the top end model of the Gray. Even so - they did what they do. Generally, speaking though - the Nordics are top at the top of the food chain. They are homo superior - human. To answer your question. Nordics are the bosses. Grays are artificially engineered life forms designed for the sole purpose of serving Nordic interests. As for Nohsaimus - they don't abduct and are completely benign. You won't hear much about them from abductees. It is only AFTER I managed to control Nordic involvement in my life AND divorce myself of the fear that had been programmed into me via the abduction processes that they sought me out. People who run into them usually feel they've had spiritual encounters as they belong to a race we call angels. Incidentally, the wings were for our benefit. They don't like them cause they itch. <> ------ July 29, 1994 Brian: No not a Republican or a Democrat. Winston Churchill was once quoted as saying, "If in your 20's you aren't liberal, you have no heart. If in your 30's your aren't conservative, you have no brains." I have no political agenda and have no need to waste time on a system that is going to collapse no matter what I do or don't do. Instead, I'd rather focus on that which is salvagable - people. Not just any people. I have no use for those that don't take responsibility for their own actions. Nor for those who won't work. Nor for those who think the world owes them a living etc. etc. etc. doo dah doo dah dayyyyyyyy. The liberal agenda demands victims - I won't be anyone's victim. The conservative ticket demands responsibility. Victims are never responsible because "Someone else did it to me - IT'S NOT MY FAULT". The Victimization of America over the last 50 years of social fraud has produced a system wherein the non-producing victims out breed the producers (tax base) at a rate of 4 to 1. In a system where he who screws the most gets all the votes, the non producers end up with most the power and vote away the rights of those who do produce the wealth the jobs and the tax base. Such a system will decay and fall in on itself and the lesson has been taught in history many times. This is nothing new. My agenda? Survival! Bob -----July 30, 1994 Re: Warding off abductions with your mind. It depends on what you call your mind, it can be a pretty big subject. In my case, pre-shield, I alter my schedule to vampire hours, staying up all night (with two pots of coffee) and going to bed at sunrise. You can will your way thru it but it's a real pain in the a$$. I work 9 to 5 and had to divide my sleeping schedule up into 2 4 hour chunks with the workday in the middle. On the subject of abductions. We have in your mythology the story of those who sell their souls to the devil and, in return, receive wealth and fame. The concept isn't new and has been around for a long time. The Nordics are, if anything, organized and logical. They have a management structure that works. Now, having gone to the trouble to solicit people to work your agenda - it is nothing less than stupid to propose they would not have a way to manage or to contact those who were volutarily working with them. Therefore, the idea of little parties on ships for the purposes of business and pleasure. The practicalities of managing human resources isn't going to be that different for Nordics OR Xerox. As to why you haven't read about Nordics, I guess you're reading the wrong material. You could get a subscription Mufon's monthly rag, they're mentioned occasionally. Unfortunately, as the worker bees, Grays are seen most often and become the point of debate. As they reflect the will of their master's, one would better focus on the horse's head than the other end. Bob ----- July 30, 1994 Chris: It makes a lot of sense if you stop and think about it. 1. There are reams of evidence that abductees are given suggestions that they later follow. Ie: programmed. 2. It follows, logically, that if this ability exists, our ufo types could exert influence over elements that would promote conditions the consider desireable. 3. Furthermore, they could manipulate peoples and events to their own ends. In my book, I give numerous examples of this, the results and plenty of historical foundation to prove the premise. 4. In our society, you have 2 major elements that control what happens in the United States, the media (in all forms) and politicians. Both are of a liberal bent and have controlled most of the doings in the U.S. for the last 50 years. 5. If you wish to see the product of liberal rule, you have only to read the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. The corruption and decadence we are currently experiencing, as well as the general feeling of impotence and hopelessness, is nothing new. 6. The principles that founded this country are no longer operative. Liberalism creates dependancy and destroys the incentive to achieve. It rewards non productivity and eventually destroys countries and civilizations. 7. The Nordics are, and have been for 10,000 years, the prime beneficiaries of chaos. Every 700 years we have a version of the Black Plague that have wiped out over 100 million on two occasions. Is it odd that we have new killer viruses coming out of no where at this particular moment in time? I think not. The Nordics promote their own agenda and have demonstrated a solid historical ability to manipulate peoples and governments. All of this can be found and reasoned from only two sources. The Bible and an Encylopedia. The rest can be assembled with logic and reason. I will point out one vital point lest the liberal whiners of the forum find reasons to justify their ineptitude. To be manipulated, one must agree to do what they know to be wrong. No human being that adheres to the principles of civilized behavior can be directed into any Nordic related destructive activity. It is a question of free will. However, as a matter of historical fact, there are always those who can be bought but you can't cheat an honest man. Does it make more sense now? Bob ----- July 31, 1994 Neil: You question imposed a time frame, and I ignored it as I wasn't willing to open research material and look up time periods. Liberalism produces a period of long term decay that culminates in the collapse of the system promoting it. In this we are agreed. Re: The games. Gladiator games were traditional. The death spectacles of mass execution were not. Fascist is a political extreme. Liberalism, in it's extreme produces a fascist state (ask any smoker). Actually, these forms of government are not off the topic of ufos. The governments reflect the attitudes of the controlling entities. In my book, I noted that the Nordic agenda has always been one that culminates in death and destruction (emphasis added). If you care not whether or genetic material comes from the living or the dead, then death would be a goal to be achieved. It follows that the more deaths the greater the achievement of that goal. However, it is noteworthy that, like good herders, they never decimate the herd beyond it's ability to reproduce itself. Bob ---- July 31, 1994 Chris: I can't help what you've 'heard', however, my experience is that they will make no move unless every living creature, capable of harming them, is sedated to the point of being lobomized. To do otherwise places them in lethal danger and they won't do it (as a rule). There may be some exception out there I don't know about, but it is ex parte from their standard modus operandi. It also doesn't hurt that there is a loaded pistol next to my bed and each bullet has the name of a Gray on it. Bob ----- July 31, 1994 Sara: My problem with your scenario is the same as I have with Chris'. If 'beliefs' were functional here, people would have believed them away a long time ago. Consider the prodcedure used in an abduction. 1. Sedate every living thing in the house. 2. Open dimensional doorway. 3. Activate tractor beam and take abductee out of bed and into ship. 4. Perform genetic extractions. 5. Reverse procedure and put abductee back in bed. It is noteworthy that #1 is to give electronic lobotomies to everything in the house. This makes them incapable of voluntary actions. Ergo, you have to conscious control. It is a rare individual who can take subconscious control under these circumstances. I have only been able to 'become aware' AFTER they've had me on the ship, butt naked and on the table. Then I can start fighting. The metaphysical and occult overtones of your post make for good reading, but based on my experience I can tell you that you have a negligble chance of success. You fight technology with technology. Bob ------ August 5, 1994 Folks: I have completed the tasks I came here to perform. These were to 1. Inform as to the nature and purpose of ufos and those who operate them. 2. Inform as to a defense against these intrusions. 3. Inform as to the nature of our universe, our places in it and future events. For myself personally, I came to seek out 40 special people with whom I must make contact. In this effort, I have located 2. The others are scattered around the planet and the means for locating them has only recently surfaced. I've attempted to convey the ideas of free will and choices. If tried to proffer the idea that fear can be conquered by rational thought and intellect. It is with these tools alone that we will survive the coming years, individually and collectively. I am aware that I have inspired some people to considerable extremes. Consider that this reaction belies the fact that I have hit a nerve, one that inspires considerable emotional responses both postive and negative. This fact alone should demonstrate, if nothing else, that something is going on. I will not be posting any more material on this forum. I have reached a point where the nature of the material is too sensitive to commit to a public forum. However, I will say this: The lid is going to blow off the subject of ufos in the next few months. A ship will appear and will slowly cruise the major cities on the globe allowing itself to be photographed and documented. This craft will be manned by humans and renegade hybrids in revolt against the Nordic regime. If you read Revelations, you will note a passage about a pregnant woman who crushes Satan. That woman is alive and is pregnant with a hybrid implanted during an abduction. The Nordics can't harvest the fetus due to the protection of my shield. Revelations further states she will flee the Earth to a place of refuge. This too is in progress. Also, that the child will become a great future leader. That remains to be seen. The truths of my writings will become self evident as these events occur. The Nohsaimus are training humans (obe) with the skills necessary to deal with the upcoming war. The battle for Earth will be fought in space with humans and hybrids working side by side using a combination of stolen Nordic technology and Nohsaimus techonology. Satan and his Nordics will not stand in the face of this hurricaine. The bulk of the humans utilized in this war will be taken from the ranks of those taken in the Rapture, approximately 2 years from now. All will serve voluntarily and willingly. All will represent the best of what lives in the hearts of man. We're in for some interesting times. While I will not be posting here, I will still be available in email for a while for those who wish to seek me out. I wish you all well and good luck for the future. Bob Westbrook ------That's all I have Folks.....


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