Note: The following article is to appear in this month's issue of the CUFORN Bulletin. In

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==================================================== Note: The following article is to appear in this month's issue of the CUFORN Bulletin. ==================================================== In last month's _Bulletin_, Larry Fenwick brought out some tantalizing details involving the possible involvement of Dr. Eric Walker with the study and analysis of a crashed UFO, with probable alien occupants, during the early 1950's. Since that article was published, more information has come to light, particulary with the long awaited publication of researcher's Grant Cameron and T. Scott Crain Jr.'s "Preliminary Report Of The Government's Involvement Into UFO Crash Retrievals" entitled, "UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT". This research paper is now in limited circulation amongst a handful of interested parties. I'm grateful that the UFONET BBS Network was also sent a copy. I have read it, and what follows is in part, both an assessment, and a recap of some of the highlights. Soon the paper will be ready for public distribution, so it won't be long before you can read and assess it for yourself. Dr. Eric Walker has an impressive background, and one which would make even Stanton Friedman envious of. He's listed in certain "Who's Who" type compendiums, so a quick visit to the Library might be in order for those of you wishing to see a chronological listing of this man's accomplishments. Credit for "discovering" him goes to Bill Steinman, co-author of "UFO Crash At Aztec". It was in a phone conversation with the late Dr. Robert Sarbacher (of Wilbur Smith memo fame), that Steinman got the break he needed in order to crack the identity of another one of those scientists who attended the Research & Development Board meeetings in the early '50s, within the time frame of the much hypothesized UFO crash/retrievals which were said to have occurred back then. Sarbacher, not remembering the name, alluded to a prominent individual from Pennsylvannia who, unlike himself, attended all of the Research and Development Board meetings held at Wright Field. Shortly thereafter, in response to an inquiry by Steinman, he received a letter from Fred Darwin, Executive Director of the Guided Missile Committee for the Dept. of Defense's Research & Development Board from 1949 to 1954. In the letter, six names were listed as possible candidates for a "hypothesized" Flying Saucer recovery operation. The list was composed in early 1984, before the release of the controversial MJ-12 documents. Five of the names matched names on the yet to be released MJ-12 listing. One name didn't, that of Eric Arthur Walker...the person who most definitely fit the description given by Sarbacher. Later research revealed that Walker was at one time the Executive Secretary for the Research and Development Board during the time in question. Along with other influential positions held by Walker, one of the most prominent, and secretive, concerns his relationship with the "Institute for Defense Analysis", of which Paul Dickson, author of "Think Tanks" had this to say, "In the hierarchy of military tanks, none ranks higher than the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA)." Walker joined in 1958, and never looked back. He was elected chairman to the IDA in 1981, and became Chairman Emeritus in 1986, upon his official retirement. So, what is most problematic when it comes to trying to get Walker to talk, is that not only is this man privy to UFO secrets, but countless military secrets as well, which in this instance are no doubt viewed as one and the same. However, Walker is most vunerable when it comes to his involvement in the early '50s, before the "security lid" started to clamp down on this subject. From the Cameron/Crain research paper, we learn little of what Walker's possible UFO related activities were in the period after this, although there is speculation. From their research, it is clear that if Walker were to be involved in the aftermath of a UFO crash, and possible U.S. government study thereof, he was in the right places at the right times. Along with this, there is the body of material, consisting of phone conversations and letter exchanges, between Walker and certain UFO researchers, the primary one being of course Steinman. Most damning, are Walker's admissions to Steinman (in a phone conversation written down 10 minutes after the call) that he knew of MJ-12. Says Walker, "Yes, I know of MJ-12. I have known of them for 40 years. I believe that you're chasing after and fighting with windmills!!". Along with this, its become apparent that Walker is engaged in playing a most peculiar "game" of some sort. One letter of Steinman's was returned by Walker with this statement type-written at the end of his letter, "STOP!DON'T TRY TO FIND ME I CAME ON THAT MACHINE I WILL LEAVE MAY 15 ERGOT QUIET QUIET QUIET". Another letter was returned with numerals inscribed on top of various letters throughout. This is the so-called "code letter". Another piece of documentary evidence, is the type-written letter by Walker to Steinman, signed by Walker, describing how 4 alien bodies were recovered, alive, from a downed UFO. However, this is so sensationally written that researchers Cameron and Crain have labelled this as a poor attempt at disinformation...or perhaps a continuation of Walker's "game" with the researchers. However, in the past year or so, Walker seems to have have taken a new tact. Over the phone, he now denies _ever even knowing who Steinman is_. This occured in a Dec/88 call to Walker by Steinman. Walker had evidently clammed up, and was now even trying to deny ever having dealt with Steinman, let alone the allegations relating to his UFO involvement. Something indeed strange is going on. Most recently, I learned that a photo-copy of the original "code letter" was mailed to researcher Scott Crain in a SASE Crain provided in a much earlier letter sent to Walker. Evidently, the "game" has resumed. Crain received this in late August, after I had spoken with Walker himself in a phone conversation on August 11th. Although cordial throughout, Walker lived up to his billing as both evasive in answering questions, and one who it seems, experiences convenient memory loss. Witness the following exchange, which took place mid-way through our phone conversation: "(garbled)...well I did attend a lot of meetings, but I can't remember any substantive conclusions or anything like that." "Right, and as far as what was discussed there?" "As far as the what?" "What was discussed, the topic, the subject matter of those meetings?" "No, I couldn't remember that at all." "But, you're saying that it had nothing to with UFOs or alien bodies, or anything like this?" "Well I don't have any alien bodies in my office, I can tell you that." In his own limited conversations with Walker back in 1984, Stanton Friedman referred to Walker as "cagey and careful", and stated that "My reaction to how he answered the various questions was that he knew a great deal". Five years later, I concur. Currently underway, researchers Cameron and Crain are trying to enlist the aid of several media outlets, including some within Pennsylvannia itself. Sadly, and not surprisingly, in the hands of the media, their report is going nowhere fast. At this point, most promising in this regard, is the involvement of a slick on-campus magazine, who currently are sitting on this story, and if all goes according to plan, will confront Walker in the next couple of weeks. Both UFONET, and CUFORN will be following all the developments as they occur, and will be updating this in the next issue of the _CUFORN Bulletin_. So far, I've only touched on a few of the facts, made clear in the Cameron/Crain report. However, I would be amiss if I didn't mention that their report covers more than just the story of Eric Walker, which takes up about 80 pp. There are also interesting pieces of information, also related to Walker, describing the U.S. military/intelligence complex. And along with information on DARPA, the Jason Group, and other such institutions, there are tidbits of information, much of it documented, regarding a whole bevy of UFOlogy figures. Included, are Wilbur Smith, Bill Moore, Richard Doty, Linda Howe, Stanton Friedman, Todd Zechel, Lee Graham, Bill Cooper, and several others. If any criticism can be made of the report, and their are a few, its that it was too wide in its scope, and as a consequence, particular sections didn't get dealt with adequately. Thus, the enormity of the task, coupled with the constant influx of new information, were in large measure responsible for the delay in having this paper published. As I alluded to earlier, this paper will be made publicly available soon. If you're at all interested in the subject, you'll want to read it for yourself. Its one more contribution to the amassing body of evidence, that the U.S. government is indeed covering up its knowledge and activities with regard to the subject of UFOs. Tom Mickus, 24, is currently attending the University of Toronto. In addition to this, he also is Moderator of a UFO oriented computer Bulletin Board Service (BBS) Network, entitled UFONET. Unlike Paranet, which I am no longer affiliated with, we are a 100% UFO subject related network. We have affiliates in both Canada and the U.S. For more information, you can phone Tom at 416/239-1094, or connect directly with UFONET via your computer and modem by calling 416/237-1204. You may also write him at: Tom A. Mickus UFONET BBS Network Box 388, Station W Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M6M 5C1


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