Note: The following is a transcript of a phone conversation between Tom Mickus and Dr. Eri

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------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: The following is a transcript of a phone conversation between Tom Mickus and Dr. Eric Walker which took place at approximately 10:30am on the morning of August 11, 1989. One word of caution, a transcript of course is not the same as hearing it first-hand. Tone and emphases of speech are not reproduced here, nor are things such as pauses between responses recorded. Therefore those who read the following should be aware of such deficiencies before coming to any conclusions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Good morning, Dr. Walker's office." "Yes, would Dr. Walker be in?" "Yes he is, may I tell him who's calling?" "Yes, this is Tom Mickus phoning, I called yesterday." "Tom Mickus?" "Yes." "Okay, and what company are you with please?" "Actually I'm a university student." "Okay, just a minute please." "Thank you." (20 second pause) "Hello?" "Hello, Mr. Walker?" "Yep." "Yeah, my name is, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tom Mickus, I'm a university student here in Toronto, at the University of Toronto. "Yep." "And I'm phoning from Toronto right now. I'm also a reporter with a computer BBS network. And just recently, actually two days ago, we came into possession of a just released research paper. It was put out by researchers Grant Cameron and T. Scott Crain. You may be familiar with them? The subject matter is quite controversial. The report itself is 180 pages and approximately 80 pages deal with yourself and some of the reputed statements that you've made, etc. And I'm just wondering if you'd be interested in making a comment about the veracity of some of those statements. "I'm not sure I know what you're talking about." "Okay, well..." "Tell me a little bit more." "Yeah, do you remember corresponding with someone by the name of William Steinman?" "No." "...from California." "No." "Or Scott Crain, he supposedly lives close to you there in Pennsylvania?" "You know, I know nothing about this. I'm... Have you got the right Walker, that's the problem . "Well, you're the former President of Penn State University?" "That's correct." "Yes, and you do have a very distinguished background I might say, just from some of the material thats been released. So, I guess assuming this is the right Walker, apparently you've admitted to in the past when dealing with some of these gentlemen, if you maybe forget them (now), about attending Research & Development Board meetings in the early 50's, back when you were a dollar-a-year man. Is that substantially correct? "Well I, huh , the early 50's you know is many years ago and I attended a lot of meetings. Which one was this supposed to be? "I believe this was centered at the Wright-Patterson. Apparently it was to deal with, sensational as it is, crashed flying vehicles of some sort, UFOs if you want to say that. And, like I say, I know its many years ago, but apparently in a phone conversation with William Steinman, he has it down that you admitted attending some of those meetings. Indeed, it was the late Robert Sarbacher actually pointed you out as the person who attended all of those meetings. Now I know that's some 40 yrs ago now. Did you have any comment on that? "(garbled)...well I did attend a lot of meetings, but I can't remember any substantive conclusions or anything like that. "Right, and as far as what was discussed there?" "As far as the what?" "What was discussed, the topic, the subject matter of those meetings?" "No, I couldn't remember that at all." "But, you're saying that it had nothing to do with UFOs or alien bodies, or anything like this?" "Well I don't have any alien bodies in my office, I can tell you that." "Well, its quite extraordinary that this paper has come out, right now its in limited circulation and due to the computer network that I'm associated with, I've managed to obtain a copy. And, like I say, approximately 80 pages deals with material centered around yourself..." "Hmm." "...and, I'm just interested if you'd be interested in seeing some of this, if I could come down and meet you for instance? And you could see some of this stuff first-hand, and comment on it." "Well, I don't think that would be very useful; you might want to send it to me, and I'll see if it reminds me of anything." "Un huh. I guess being, ..from my own disposition here with the Network and stuff, I'd be interested in trying to get a reaction about some of this because..if these authors have engaged in a bit of a fantasy, well then I would like to expose that." "What's the Network, I don't understand." "Its a fairly modest undertaking, but its a group of Bulletin Board Systems linked up here in Canada and in the United States, and that's something which I run, and this subject matter is one of the things we primarily discuss. And so, that's why I'd take the time to talk with you, and come visit you if you wouldn't mind, and get a more in-depth response. "Well, you know , this sounds to me like an awful waste of time and...if people want to diddle around that way, I say let them diddle, but don't involve me." "Right..." "I just don't have time for such crap." "Now, just the fact that they spent so much time in this I say, the paper is 180 pages, the title is 'UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT', and...I mean would you have any reaction as to why they would place you in that context?" "Well I'll tell ya, I'll get interested when I see one of of those little green men they talk about. Until they do, I just couldn't spend any time on it." "So, therefore you deny ever having any relationship whatsoever in your earlier government dealings with the discussion of UFOs or alien bodies, anything like that, you deny that was part of the Research & Development Board meetings and subsequent activities that you may have been involved with?" " You know, you're just wasting your time and money, and I'm sorry but I've got other things to do." "Okay, but if I could just get an on the record comment, response from you on that, because I don't know, I think you may be hearing more about this because if this thing gets in wide circulation you may have other people knocking on your door trying to get a reaction." "I don't have any reaction, I'm sorry." "Do you deny it?" "Thank you." "Mr. Walker..."


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