Note: The following is a 3 page excerpt from the paper entitled, +quot;UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE

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-------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: The following is a 3 page excerpt from the paper entitled, "UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT", which is co-authored by researchers Grant Cameron and T. Scott Crain Jr. This brief excerpt gives additional background information on Dr. Eric Walker's professional activities during the last 60 yrs, along with a short example of one of Dr. Walkers' initial responses to correspondence from UFO researcher, William Steinman. - Tom Mickus <> --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- Enter Dr. Eric A. Walker. Dr. Walker's name was deliberately kept secret by a small group of investigators, the authors of this paper included, in hopes that Dr. Walker would discuss his past association with MJ-12, the research and development hierarchy they directed, and the set of Top Secret meetings held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base dealing with a recovered flying saucer. Researcher Stanton Friedman in speaking of Dr. Walker stated "he has all the credentials" and Dr. Walker's credentials are indeed impressive. Born in England in 1910, he received his B.S. degree in Engineering in 1932, his M.B.A. degree in 1933 and D.Sc. degree in 1935, all from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr. Walker taught mathematics and electrical engineering, and for two years was chairman of the department of electrical engineering at Tufts College. He then joined the University of Conneticut where he taught electrical engineering and established courses for a special war training program. Once the U.S.A. had entered WWII, Dr. Walker joined the Under- water Sound Laboratory at Harvard University. He was promoted to assistant director, and then associate director, where he was in charge of ordnance weapons. Dr. Walker had studied the industrial use of acoustics. These studies were applied to the homing torpedo, which was successfully used against the German submarines. For his work Dr. Walker was awarded the Naval Ordnance Development Award, and also a Presidential Certificate of Merit. In 1944 Dr. Walker was a civilian with the Office of Scientific Research and Development. In 1945 Dr. Walker was persuaded by the Dean of Engineering at Penn State University to accept at Penn State, the position of head of the department of electrical engineering. In addition, the ordnance section of the Harvard Underwater Sound Laboratory was transferred to Penn State, and became the Ordnance Research Laboratory with Dr. Walker as director. This move involved moving most of the staff (200) and their families, building a laboratory building and family housing. In 1951 Dr. Walker became Dean of Engineering and Architecture where he directed the construction of a research reactor on the campus. In 1956 Dr. Milton Eisenhower, then the President of Penn State, named Dr. Walker as Vice-President. Part of Dr. Walker's job would be to coordinate and stimulate research on the Penn State campus. Dr. Walker's term as Vice-President would actually be minus two days as he became President before Vice-President because of the resignation of Dr. Eisenhower who moved to John Hopkins University. In addition to his earned degrees, Dr. Walker has honorary degrees from Temple, Lehigh, Hofstra, Lafayette College, University of Pennsylvannia, University of Rhode Island, Elizabethtown College, Jefferson Medical College, Wayne State University, Thiel College, University of Notre Dame, and the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Eric Walker wrote two prize papers for the AIEE, and was inventor of the coliolithophone which is a device for the acoustical detection of gallstones. Dr. Walker's awards include the Navy Distinguished Public Service Awared; American Legion Distinguished Service Award; Fellow, Institute of Radio Engineers; Benjamin Franklin Fellow; Fellow, American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Fellow, Royal Society of Arts (London); Fellow, American Physical Society; Fellow, American Acoustical Society; Horatio Alger Award; Tasker H. Bliss Award of the American Society of Military Engineers, Golden Omega Award of the Electrical Insulation Industry; Lamme Award and honorary member from the American Society for Electrical Education; the White House Citation from President Nixon; and Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Medal. Dr. Walker's professional activities include: member of the Army's Scientific Advisory Panel, member and chairman of the Naval Research Advisory Committee, Vice-Chairman of the President's Committee for Scientists and Engineers, member and former Chairman of the National Research Council's Committee on Undersea Warfare, Executive Secretary of the former Research and Development Board, Chairman of the National Science Foundation's Committee for Engineering; Chairman, Engineering College Research Council; President, Engineers Joint Council; appointed in 1957 by President Dwight Eisenhower as General Chairman of the Conference on Technical and Distribution Research for the Benefit of Small Business; member of the board of visitors, Naval Academy; member of the board of visitors, U.S. Military Academy; trustee for the Institute for Defense Analysis starting in 1958; elected to the chairman of the board at IDA in 1981, retiring in 1986 to become Chairman Emeritus; President Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities; member, Advisory Committee on Higher Education; member, Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools: Vice-President and President of the American Society for Engineering Education, Chairman National Science Board of The National Science Foundation. Dr. Walker was one of the founding members of the National Academy of Engineering. He served as Vice-President and President. He was a member of the Board of the Engineering Foundation; member of the board of trustees, Science Service; President, Commonwealth Industrial Research Corp; Board of Directors, Mid-State Bank and Trust Company; Board of Directors, Girard Trust Company; Board of Directors, Westinghouse Air Brake Co.; Chairman, Board of Directors, Melpar, Inc.; consultant on research and engineering to Koppers Corp., Borg-Warner, Bendix Aviation, Hughes Aircraft, IBM, and others. Dr. Walker initiated the Conference on The Administration of Research in 1947. He has published numerous articles in various periodicals and co-authored a book entitled "The Physical Bases of Electrical Engineering". Dr. Walker wrote a column for "The Center Daily Times" in the early 70's. Dr. Walker directed a nation wide study for the ASEE on the "Goals of Engineering Education." Dr. Walker's first reference to UFOs came in a speech he made in 1969 at the Franklin Lectures (Approaching the Benign Enviroment, Eric A. Walker, Franklin Lectures in the Science and Humanities, First series, @1970 lectures April 1969 at Auburn U.) "We will soon spend millions to probe the atmosphere of Venus and Mars, while here on earth it remains polluted with dust and heat with which we cannot cope. Indeed it may be a good thing that ships from another planet are not sampling our atmosphere - the conclusion might be that life cannot possibly exist on earth." Researcher William Steinman was not given Walker's phone number by researcher Stanton Friedman, so his first attempt to contact Dr. Walker came in the form of a letter, dated March 19, 1984. He got a response, but not what he expected. Steinman explained how Dr. Walker responded in a letter to Grant Cameron, dated September 8, 1987. Steinman writes: "The answer to my correspondence was very strange; it stated "STOP! DON'T TRY TO FIND ME I CAME ON THAT MACHINE I WILL LEAVE MAY 15 ERGOT QUIET QUIET QUIET." The above was typed on the lower portion of my letter that I sent to Walker, as evidence by my signature and "very sincerely yours." My return address was cut from the upper portion of my own letter to Dr. Walker and was taped to the front of his stamped envelope to me!" ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------


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