Transcription of the Voynich Manuscript David Kahn describes the history of the Voynich Ma

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Transcription of the Voynich Manuscript David Kahn describes the history of the Voynich Manuscript in "The Codebreakers", pp. 863ff. It is written in a mysterious script, and has defied solution by some of the most accomplished cryptanalysts in the world. There have been several purported breaks, including one rather recent one, but none has been widely accepted. The attached transcription was done by Mary D'Imperio, author of "The Voynich Manuscript: An Elegant Enigma" (1978), the most detailed and scholarly study to date of this document (reprint available from Aegean Park Press). It uses Prescott Currier's notation, which is described in her monograph. To connect you quickly with it, here is an example from the middle. These are the first few lines of the example given on page 865 of "The Codebreakers." 15201B 4CPC89/ZC89/4OPOE/O8AE/SAE/8AD/4OBZC89/4OPC89/4OPC89/4OFC89/8AE- 15202B CEZC89/4OEZCC89/49RS2/98CC89/OFC89/EZC89/SR/Z8AE/SC89/4OEF9- 15203B 4/FCCC9/ZC89/4OFCC89/4O89FC9/4OFC89/2ZCC89/PA3/ZCOE/PCC89/9R9- 15204B 8SCOE/FZC9/4OESZ9/SCOE/OESC89/OES2/OEZCC89/4OFC89/SC89- 15205B PSC8AR/AEAN/SCX9/2AE/ZC89/4OFAE/SC89/4OFC89/4OE/ZC89/EOE- 152 is the page number, 01-05 are line numbers, and B signifies that it's written in the second (of 2) different handwriting styles. Slashes separate words, - indicates the end of the line. Note that the isolated words scattered through the pictures at the top are not transcribed. If you use this work in your analysis, please be sure to give credit to D'Imperio for this transcription. Jim Gillogly 18 Nov 1991


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