+quot;VIRGIN+quot; Was she or was she not, Websters defines +quot;VIRGIN+quot; as one not

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"VIRGIN" Was she or was she not, Websters defines "VIRGIN" as one not having sexual intercourse. Josseph and mary were to be married. The HEYMAN can remain intact, but still has a small hole in the middle. There have been many "VIRGIN" births, a young boy and girl starts messing around, the young boy EJACULATES into the pubic hairs of the young girl, those fast traveling little semen, sees the opening in the haymen, and bingo, the girl is pregnant with out ever bein penetrated. There have been many "VIRGIN BIRTHS" in this manner, so Mary the mother of Jesus can't claim the title of the first or the last. The "ANGEL" said"FEAR NOT", how many young boys or men have put their arm around the shoulder of some young girl and said"Don't be afraid, we're just going to mess around" or "FEAR NOT" Now lets put ourself in Mary's shoes, she is engaged to Mary Joseph the carpenter. Now joseph being a god fearing man is'nt going to question the word of a woman that he know he never had sex with when she tells him that she is pregnant with the son of god . Joseph is the one to feel sorry for, he appearently could not control Jesus when he was a small boy, he was typical of some of the teenagers of today. The UNIQUE thing about Christanity is it is the only relegion in the world that claims a "VIRGIN BIRTH" but was it a virgin birth ? Dec.25 is probably not Christs birthday, Dec.22 is Candlemas so the Christian heirarcy decided to make Dec.25 a celebration in honor of his birth. He could have been born on the fourth of July as far as the historians know. copyright 1991 Charles Clanton jr.


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