Date: 12-31-88 00:58 To: All Subj: poetry EID:96ab 119f0747 A VICTIM OF IDEOLOGIES PLACE

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Date: 12-31-88 00:58 From: Jeff Bordeaux To: All Subj: poetry EID:96ab 119f0747 A VICTIM OF IDEOLOGIES - PLACE was just a place. without form or future, barren of inhabitants. - Then RAIN appeared - and gave PLACE moisture. And SUN lent PLACE light. And EARTH molded PLACE into form. And WIND and BREEZE breathed sweet airs into PLACE. - And CLOUD smiled and MOON shone. And STAR brought forth beauty, wonder, magic. - And PLACE awakened. And grew trees, and grass. Animals appeared. And PLACE was graced with lakes, and ponds, and light, and shadow. - 'Thank you!', cried PLACE. 'I am alive. Thank you.' - And the elements conferred among themselves, And preened, and swelled, and gloated. 'See!', cried SUN. 'We are all powerful-' 'we have a RIGHT to be proud!' - 'Ah!', said RAIN. 'But I was the first!' 'And without me', said EARTH, 'PLACE would be shapeless!' - And the elements fought, and argued, and battled RAIN and WIND changed to STORM, killing, ripping trees asunder. EARTH shook, imposing vast destruction. CLOUD, MOON and STAR retreated, while SUN flared, burning all to ruin. - And angered, with bruised pride, the elements departed. Only BREEZE remained upon this barren, blackened desert that was PLACE. - 'Oh cruel brethren! What have we done?' and BREEZE tried to resurrect PLACE, but it's power was too weak. - And so dead PLACE remains the mournful cry of BREEZE it's only voice. - -:Jeff A. Bordeaux 26 June 1988 --- * Origin: IBM_Tech_Fido (Opus 1:322/1)


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