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FROM THE SACRED HINDU TEXT ATHARVA-VEDA A SAMPLE OF AMULETS AND SPELLS THE PEARL AND ITS SHELL AS AMULET: Born of the wind, the atmosphere, the lightning and the light, may this pearl shell, born of gold, protect us from straits! With the shell which was born in the sea at the head of bright substances, we slay the Raksas (*vampiric demons*) and conquer the Atrins (*devouring demons*). With the shell we conquer disease and poverty; with the shell, too, the Sadanvas (*vampiric female demons*). The shell is our universal remedy; the pearl shall protect us from straights! Born in the heavens, born in the sea, brought on from the river, this shell, born of gold, is our life-prolonging amulet. The amulet, born from the sea, a sun, born from the cloud, shall on all sides protect us from the missles of the gods and the Asuras! Thou art one of the golden substances, thou art born from the moon. Thou art sightly on the chariot, thou art brilliant on the quiver. The bone of the gods turned into pearl; that, animated, dwells in the waters. That do I fasten upon thee unto life, luster, strength, longevity, unto a life lasting. May the amulet of pearl protect thee! (NOTE: The above may be spoken by the one charging the amulet or by his/her Guru. The pearl and its shell should be placed upon the alter, the four directions saluted. The elements should be offered upon the alter: Fire, in the form of red and white candles; Water, pure, in a sacramental vessel or brass chalice; Earth, in the form of rocks, wood, flowers; and Ether in the form of Jasmine or Sandalwood incense. After the charm is spoken, the pearl and its shell have been charged with protective power. The water should be drunk, the candles and incense extinguished, the four directions saluted. The participant then performs the Namaste gesture, bows and receives the amulet of protection.) CHARM TO AROUSE THE PASSIONATE LOVE OF A WOMAN: May love, the disquieter, disquiet thee; do not hold out upon my bed! With the terrible arrow of Kama (*god of love*) do I pierce thy heart! The arrow, winged with longing, barbed with love, whose shaft is undeviating desire, with that, well-aimed, Kama shall pierce thy heart! With that well-aimed arrow of Kama which parches the spleen, whose plumes fly forward, which burns up, do I pierce thy heart. Consumed by burning ardor, with parched mouth, do thou, woman, come to me, thy pride laid aside, mine alone, speaking sweetly and to me devoted! I drive thee with a goad from thy mother and thy father, so that thou shalt be in my power, shalt come up to my wish. All her thoughts do ye, O Mitra (*Vedic god of power*) and Varuna (*Vedic god of cosmology*), drive out of her! Then, having deprived her of her will, put her under my Will alone! (NOTE: The lover should prepare for the above charm by meditating and chanting mantras to Kama and Rati, his wife, visualizing them in their forms: Kama eternally young and beautiful, Rati, black hair flowing, nude and the embodiment of erotic love and devotion. Incense should be lit, garlands of flowers offered, as well as offerings of food and non-intoxicating drink. When the lover has meditated and chanted *to his sufficiency* he recites the above charm, asking for the boon of his beloved. The incense should be allowed to burn down, the flowers left in place for 24 hours, the food and drink consumed, symbolic of the Oneness of Kama/Rati and the lover/his beloved.) A PRAYER FOR SUCCESS IN GAMBLING: The successful, victorious, skillfully gaming Aspara (*female demi-divinity; Hindu ‘nymph’*), that Aspara who makes the winnings in the games of dice, do I call hither. The skillfully gaming Aspara who sweeps and heaps up the stakes, that Aspara who takes the winnings in the game of dice, do I call hither. May She, who danced about with the dice, when she takes the stakes from the game of dice, when she desires to win for us, obtain the advantage by her magic! May she come to us full of abundance! Let them not win this wealth of ours! The Asparas who rejoice in dice, who carry grief and wrath—that joyful and exulting Aspara, do I call hither.


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