Astrology? +quot;This is a joke, right?+quot; someone asked me when I showed him the label

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Astrology? "This is a joke, right?" someone asked me when I showed him the labels I developed for Astr-4.0. I had said that I planned on mailing a copy to President Ronald Reagan and Wife. After assuring him that my many months of hard work on this program was no joke, I started to wonder. Is Astrology valid? How in the hell can it be, when no logical scientific vehicle can be found to account for an alleged astrological influence? This question has been asked by thousands of men and women throughout history, with few receiving an answer they can be comfortable with. "It's synchronism, like Jung taught," some opinion. "As Above, so below," others say. "On Earth as it is in Heaven," Jesus was said to tell us. Many have offered opinions such as different dimensions, ethers, subtle radiation, gravity waves, and propagating vectors. Most look for a physical means by which to prove astrological influences. But can astrology be proven as valid? The mind of humankind often holds onto ideas and beliefs long after they are obsolete or no longer valid (bigotry, over compensatory defence mechanisms, religious intolerance, etc.). This tends to invalidate the argument that "If it wasn't valid Astrology wouldn't have lasted 5,000 years." Humans have been killing each other for sport for at least that long, which seems rather anti-survival, so the age of an event or belief cannot make it a viable one. "I know it works. My clients are very satisfied with the results," is a major argument made for astrology. But valid though it may be for the individual, it does not offer any means for proof. Satisfaction cannot be placed on a scale to be weighed and measured. It only offers subjective opinion at best, where the mind is fraught with mental gymnastics consciously or otherwise. These days there are very many astrologers doing "research." I put the word between quotes because their methods show a very poor understanding of scientific inquiry and methodology at best for the most part. Some "researchers" into astrology often have "significant results" at times, only to have duplication by another team fail. Homosexuality and astrological indicators of homosexuality has been sought for hundreds of years. There have been many astrologers who have come up with indicators that "prove" their method works, only to have their method fail when another astrologer tries it. (Most astrologers now know that homosexuality cannot be deduced from the chart, but some still try.) Astrology is NOT predictive. An astrologer cannot say "You have Sun in the XII and Venus in the IX Square Mars in the VI, so you're going to be fat and bald by age 32." There is a story told by an astrologer about a client who came to her for advice. The client had never been to an astrologer, and expected the astrologer to know all about her (the client) just by reading her chart. After the client said several times "Well, can't you tell?" the astrologer called for a break to give her client a short spill about astrology. "Astrology cannot tell me that your husband's name was John, and that he died in the Navy in 1943, and that you have a son who's in the army over seas, and that your son is getting married next week. It just isn't possible." The client looked up at the astrologer and said "But all that's correct. . . ." This story may or may not be true. The point is, astrology is not predictive. It only suggests, and points a direction for further questing. Astrology is an art form. As such, the astrologer may make up her or his own rules, and apply them as she or he sees fit. What works for one astrologer may not work for another. That's why there are so many house systems, and even zodiacs! One's reality is up to one's self, and what one makes of it. There are no rules to astrology. If you don't like the way something is done, try something new. The houses don't have to be numbered counter clockwise. If you, the astrologer, want the houses to go clockwise, that's fine. It's up to you. I don't presume to tell an artist to use the colors and tools I prefer. If you don't want houses, leave them out. If you don't like Virgo, leave it out too. See what I mean? Your craft, your rules. I had written an article called "Asteroids I'd Like To See." I gave them a name, a suggested meaning, and a suggested interpretation. "RAMBO" of course meaning that anyone with it on their Moon likes to sweat a lot and shoot people, preferable many, many times. "STUPIDITY" is an asteroid whose meaning, no doubt, you can probably figure out, unless it's on your Sun. The point? If I had given these made up asteroids ephemerides of their own, I feel they would be valid in every chart I draw up! They would be valid for me, and they could take directions, progressions, etc., and accurately time events. They might even work in your charts as well, if you like them. If you didn't like them, and thought they couldn't possibly "work," they wouldn't. They'd just sit there like an ink smudge on your chart and refuse to perform. And this is the heart of why astrology cannot be proven. Art, as is life and love, is always and forever only in the mind of humankind. It cannot be measured, sliced, examined, or put under a microscope. Indeed, it cannot even be taught. Astrology is an art form, and as such is beyond laws, rules, and restrictions. With Astr-4.0 you have the brush and canvas. Please, go paint. David Rice Document 2 Astr-4.0


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