I've spent a lot of time on the nets, scouring bulletin boards for information about such

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I've spent a lot of time on the nets, scouring bulletin boards for information about such "fringe" subjects as: UFO's, abductions, psychic phenomenom, the occult, conspiracy theories, strange animal sightings, fortean phenomenom, cattle mutilations, witchcraft, and a plethora of others. It ocurred to me that it was time to contribute some first hand information of my own. I worked for the Air Force on a Nevada test range for a period of about three years. In that time I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people who had a lot of strange stories to tell. I had a few odd experiences myself. This document will outline some of these tales. Some of them are of the "friend-of-a-friend" variety and their accuracy is suspect at the very least. Some of them are, to the best of my knowledge, totally true. With that caveat, I serve forth this, my offering to the table of esoteric knowledge. SECURITY AT DREAMLAND Dreamland is a highly classified, range complex somewhere in the Nevada desert where the military tests some of it's more outre projects. We're talking about particle cannons, anti-gravity, anti- matter, flying captured UFO's, and so forth. According to various authorities on the subject it may, or may not, be part of Groom Lake and/or Area 51. What I was told was that, wherever it was, it was HEAVILY guarded. Multiple perimeters, motion-sensors, land mines, and armed guards under orders to use "deadly force" if necessary. I hope this will discourage any adventurous investigator from attempting to infiltrate this installation. Intruders will be shot. THE ANTI-MATTER LAB Supposedly one of the many projects out at Dreamland was an attempt to generate and contain large quantities of antimatter. Large being a pretty subjective term since a few grams of antimatter could make a bang like a tactical nuke As the story goes the contaiment field failed. The lab and everyone in it were vaporized in the resultant explosion. Somewhere out in that desert is a large area where the tremendous heat of that failed experiment fused the desert sand to glass. GUARDING CRATERS Some experimental weapons tests are so secret that they actually leave SPs (Security Police) to guard the craters until they can be filled in. A friend of mine, we'll call him "Al", was guarding such a crater one night with his friend "Bill". Al went behind some rocks to pee. Suddenly, he heard Bill shouting, "You out there, freeze!" A pause and then, "I said freeze!" Then Al heard Bill open fire with his M-16 followed by his .45 Colt. By the time Al managed to regain his composure and run around the rocks, Bill was standing there, looking terrified, his M-16 smoking on the ground, his empty .45 pointed shakily into the night. Al asked his friend what happened. Bill said, "I saw a vehicle coming and I told them to stop. Their headlights rushed towards me so I opened fire. I hit them with everything. Then the headlights split apart and flew soundlessly past me on either side." Bill was relieved of duty and subsequently discharged. THE NEVADA TEST SITE As part of my job, I was given a tour of the Nevada Test Site, where our nuclear weapons are tested, researched, and built. We were told that nothing larger that 100 kilotons was being tested underground anymore in accordance with various laws, regulations, and treaties. Later, during a slide presentation, I saw a blueprint for one of the shafts wherein the underground nukes are detonated. An attached equation showed how the engineers determined shaft depth based on expected bomb yield. Earlier in the day we had been shown some shafts under construction. The foreman had told us how deep they were. I plugged this figure into the aforementioned equation and did a little quick mental math. "Hey!" I said, "That would mean that on shaft such-and-such you're expecting a yield of 20 Meg..." At which point the lecturer interrupted me and reminded me that they, "...did not discuss the yield figures of specific projects." 100 kilotons maximum - yeah, right. INADVERTENT PHOTOGRAPHY One of the members of our photographic team had a similar brush with secrecy back in the early 80's. He was running a maintenance test of a tracking camera. As part of the test he had to shoot some film. As he panned the camera across the hills, he caught the reflection of a distant aircraft, so he tracked it. The aircraft began exhibiting "non-aerodynamic properties". In other words, stopping in mid-air, making ninety degree turns, and so forth. Not wanting to cause an incident, he filed a report and developed the film. The next day a full-bird colonel came to visit. The colonel took the film, all the associated paperwork, and gave my friend the old, "I wasn't here, this never happened" line. A UFO? Maybe. Or maybe you should read the November 1993 Popular Science article on next generation jump jets. And keep in mind, when the press gets wind of something, it's usually been flying for 5-10 years already. THE "SOLAR POWER" PROJECT One of my instructors in tech school told me this story. Perhaps you recall a series of tests early in the space program where metalized balloons were released in low earth orbit as "radar testing targets". It's not much of a leap from that to put a huge mirror into orbit. This was in fact actually done and under the auspices of the Department of Energy. The idea was to focus a beam of sunlight on a mercury filled target on the ground and use this superheated mercury in a heat exchanger to drive a steam turbine and subsequently generate electricity. During the initial tests the beam missed the target by a few feet and drilled a six-foot deep hole into the concrete support pad. The military calmly shut down the project, fired all the civilians, and the project "went black". No one has heard of it since. Those are my stories. I'm sorry I can't be more specific with some of the details. Some of this is deliberate and some is due to the apocryphal nature of some of the stories. As for myself, I choose to remain anonymous. There are those in the military who would not find the disclosures in this document amusing, regardless of their "authenticity" Hopefully you will be intrigued enough to want to find out more. There is a world of electronic information out there for those who seek it. I cannot say that all of these stories represent the absolute and complete truth. But, as one friend said, "If one-tenth of these stories are true, there's some wierd stuff going on in Nevada". And that is true.


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