23-Jul-87 16:24 MST Sb: APne 07/23 1754 UNL Ghost LS LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - A Lincoln man sa

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23-Jul-87 16:24 MST Sb: APne 07/23 1754 UNL Ghost LS LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- A Lincoln man says a legend of a ghost haunting the third floor of Raymond Hall at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a reality. He swears he saw the ghost. The man, who agreed to talk about the incident on the condition that he not be named, said the ghost scared him so much he has vowed never again to enter Raymond Hall. The man, an employee of Cablevision in Lincoln, said he saw the ghost last week while working with a crew installing cable on the third floor of Raymond Hall, in UNL's Neihardt dormitory. "I kept catching something out of the corner of my eye, and about the fourth time I looked, there it was," he said. "It was staring at me. It was pale. Then it disappeared." He was so upset by the incident that his co-workers begrudgingly have started to believe him. "I honestly believe he thinks he saw something ... He wouldn't go back to work in that building," said Cablevision employee Larry Griffing. "As shook up as he was -- you can't fake that." Griffing said the man first thought members of the Cablevision crew were teasing him. "He thought one of us was ducking in and out of the room," he said. "He was getting real upset at us." Cablevision employee Ray Frohn said it took a while, but he now believes his co-worker saw something. "He was really shook up," Frohn said. "And he doesn't impress me as the type of person who would make something like that up." Griffing said maintenance workers in Raymond Hall seemed almost nonchalant when told about the ghost sighting. "They said, `Oh, he saw the Raymond ghost,"' Griffing said. Former UNL student Jay Curtiss compiled a history of the Neihardt complex that mentions the Raymond ghost. Curtiss said the third floor of Raymond Hall supposedly is haunted by the ghost of a coed who died during a flu epidemic in the 1940s. The room where the woman died later was made into a lounge area because students refused to live in it, according to the legend. Wendy Buettow, assistant complex program director for Neihardt, said several students have reported seeing the ghost through the years. "I've had plenty of residents that would tell you they believe in it," she said. There have been no signs of the ghost since last week's sighting, Griffing said. "But I believe it," he said. "I'd be disappointed if there weren't such things as ghosts."


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