Origin: XBN - 0035 - M:MUFONET To: RICH BOYLAN Date: 05/12/94 at 07:07 Re: PROBABILITY OF

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Origin: XBN - 0035 - M:MUFONET From: JOHN POWELL Public To: RICH BOYLAN Date: 05/12/94 at 07:07 Re: PROBABILITY OF LIFE OFF-PLANET Glenda's comments below: It seems to me that the nature of alien contact is not verifiable by so-called hard science. How does one setup an experiment that can be tested many times, to see the results? RB> But to critique behavioral or social science data using physical RB> science criteria is off the mark. JP> I agree. Even after solid statistical evidence from the softer JP> sciences there is still the requirement for a "reality check" and JP> the harder sciences provide this by way of various elements. For JP> example, a certain specific category of human social behavior may JP> be seen to exist based on statistical evidence but it won't gain JP> widespread acceptance until it "matures" beyond the statistical JP> data and an example would be establishing the framework for JP> predicting the postulated specific human social behavior and then JP> repeatedly documenting that behavior as predicted within the JP> predefined framework. This has not happenned yet but we are JP> closer to the first part of this. So, then, one way to use this hard science approach, would be to get several people, and/or groups of people in different places around the world, to plan to "call on" the aliens. Each person or group would be a separate experiment to see whether calling for contact results in contact being made. To verfiy the results, you would need an impartial observer or observers. From reports of similar cases, having technical recording equipment available might not be useful; i.e. they malfunction during the contact period. Therefore, the impartial observer can VERIFY whether contact was made. Let's say that this was done. Let's say there were 100 groups, of various sizes, from one person to 20 people who meet in designated places for the sole purpose of hoping for alien contact. Let's say that results of these 100 experiments is that 30 of them result in contact being witnessed by the observer. And let's further say, that of those 30, 20 also had cameras and sound recording devices, but in all 20 they malfunctioned. In this hypothetical scenario, you will end up with 30 observers who... claim that contact was made. Of course you would have the members of the 30 groups who would also claim that contact was made. Now if anyone reading this, thought that these experiments might be a good idea to at least try, then think again. Because if you end up with any impartial observers, claiming that contact was made, you will still NOT HAVE PROOF.


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