JP For example, a certain specific category of human social behavior JP may be seen to exi

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JP> For example, a certain specific category of human social behavior JP> may be seen to exist based on statistical evidence humans make contact with aliens when they gather in groups for the sole purpose of making contact. JP> but it won't gain widespread acceptance until it "matures" beyond JP> the statistical data Experiments must be done to test the hypothesis. JP> and an example would be establishing the framework for predicting JP> the postulated specific human social behavior The framework would include: the people must expect contact. JP> and then repeatedly documenting that behavior as predicted within JP> the predefined framework. Run the experiment 100 times, with observers and recording devices. JP> This has not happenned yet but we are closer to the first part of JP> this. Now, this is my idea of what is needed to settle this question of whether non-Earth beings are visiting us. People make contact when they gather for the sole purpose of making contact; that was the first part, the hypothesis, the anecdotal observation. It seems to me, that a natural outgrowth of people who gather to discuss U.F.O.'s is that they also gather in places to observe the skies, in hopes of seeing one. Therefore, if there were a way to INCREASE the number of people who are interested in U.F.O.'s, then the number of UFO clubs and organizations would increase, and the number of groups of people gathering together, searching the skies, HOPING to see a UFO would increase.... AND... if the original hypothesis is correct, then more people would make contact. Now, it is possible that the beginnings of this testing of the hypothesis may already be happening. The number of people interested in UFO's may be increasing because there has been more UFO related media available; and most recently on television. If it should, with time, become fashionable to discuss UFO's, then people will begin to form assocations with others who have the same interests. Also, more books will be written and sold, more TV shows will be produced and seen. More groups will gather to view the skies, and if the hypothesis is correct, then more sightings and contact will be made. Now, begs the question, how will you get hard evidence? One would expect that at least some sound and video recordings would be made, and verified not to have been hoaxed. If that is so, then my next question would simply be, "So what?" So, at that point, we would have people's testimonies of contact, sound recordings, and video recordings. We may even have proof, not only of UFO spacecraft, but also of their occupants. At that point, what would we do? What is the original REASON for pursuing this experiment in the first place? To settle once and for all, whether there are non-Earth originated beings visiting Earth in spacecraft, seems to be the goal. It seems to me, that, that goal, is not enough. Here is an anology. Let's say Mr. Jones flies a small plane over a remote part of South America, and reports that there are 8 foot tall humans living there. So, we want to know if he is lying. "Are they 8 foot tall humans living in that area?" So we setup an experiment and send 100 flights over the area, taking video recordings. We evaluate the videos and testimonies of witnesses, and VERIFY, that, YES, there are 8 foot tall humans living in that area. Great! So we all go home and say, well that is all settled. Oh. Then to me, the next idea would be to make contact with the 8 foot tall humans; to communicate with them. So, it seems to me, that the goal should NOT be to PROVE the existence of extra-terrestrial beings and their spacecraft, but to make full, communicative, contact with extra-terrestrial beings. This goal should be the first one, then watch the experiment that is already happening around the world, with that goal in mind.


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