Imagine, if you would, that time passes, during which more people become interested in UFO

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Imagine, if you would, that time passes, during which more people become interested in UFO's. It becomes a fad or a craze. There are books, magazines, TV shows, clubs, get-togethers. There are experiments done worldwide, with differing methodologies, hoping to make contact and communicate with aliens. Then, one day, contact is made. The kind of contact, where a ship lands, aliens disembark, and they meet a group of humans conducting an experiment. Observers are in place. Sound and video equipment is recording. The humans and aliens attempt to communicate. The aliens remain. They dont re-enter the ship and leave. They stay. Other humans come to the scene, the next day, and the next day. Headlines in the papers appear with pictures. Video is shown on worldwide television. Humans are all excited, because now we have finally made full contact. Rudimentary communication results in the aliens agreeing to return to the same place, and more meetings with humans are engaged. In the above scenario, both believers and skeptics, realize their goals. The believers make contact and communicate. The skeptics can stand next to and touch an alien spacecraft, and an alien body. The most important part of the above scenario is the goal that the humans had. The goal was to make contact and communicate. The goal was NOT to have at their disposal and handling, a spacecraft and alien bodies. If you were an alien, which goal would more likely result in YOU making full contact with a species on another world? Sincerely, to all people who are interested in the UFO phenomenon. GLENDA STOCKS | FidoNet 1:330/201.0 SearchNet HeadQuarters | InterNet Snet Mailing List info, Send | Data: 508-586-6977 / 617-961-4865 info snet-l | Download SEARCHNT.ZIP For Info! | Voicemail: +1-617-341-6114 | FidoNet CHANNELS I_UFO moderator


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