There is a profound difference between the two goals. The one, to prove the existence of E

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There is a profound difference between the two goals. The one, to prove the existence of E.T.'s, the other, to communicate with them, if they exist. Because of the 'unknown' nature of these supposed E.T.'s, it is difficult to devise scientific experiments to PROVE their existence. You don't know how to set parameters, because your subject is 'unknown'. Because of all the unknown factors, 'assumptions' have to be made. If our theory is that there 'might' be E.T.'s visiting Earth in their spacecraft, then we might 'assume' that they are intelligent. If we assume that they are intelligent, then we could also assume that an attempt to communicate with them would be worthwhile. Another analogy: A strange looking, heretofore unknown animal, has been reported in the area. It has been sighted by farmers, at night. Experiments are setup to verify the existence of the animal. The results of the experiments verify that the animal does indeed exist. Furthermore, one is captured and studied. Now, would we assume that communicating with an animal would be worthwhile? Probably not. We would probably try to observe it, in it's natural habitat, and do experiments on some of them, etc. etc. But, we would probably not 'attempt' to communicate with the animal via language, gestures, sound, writing, etc. But, we would assume that the supposed space aliens, might be intelligent enough to communicate, since we assume they might be intelligent, because they are visiting us in spacecraft. To hope to communicate with E.T.'s is a worthwhile assumption. Just as, it was to do so with apes, because we assumed that they were very much like humans, and we observed their social structure and tested their intelligence. But we havent exactly been able to get apes to communicate TO us about their ape lives, nor have we seen them produce spaceships :) On the other hand, to make as our goal, to prove the existence of E.T.s, is unrealistic, once the goal is reached. That goal is pointless. A non-sequitur, since the next stop would be to communicate. My point, is that there is a 'significant' difference between the goals of proving existence, and communicating. That difference would also be reflected in different approaches to reach the goal. So far, the main approach has been to prove the aliens' existence. Let's change the goal to communicating with aliens. Instead of hoping that someone who has a sighting, just happened to have a video camera, and that his pictures will be proven, not to have been hoaxed, let's have people purposely gather to make contact, in order to communicate with aliens. Also, the ways we think about the entire UFO phenomenon would be different with a view to communication. Why think about how to prove that aliens exist? What is there to consider? Consider ways to capture an alien, or it's craft. Consider ways to perhaps, shoot down one of their craft, and study the remains. These kinds of thoughts seem silly to me, yet, it seems that only TANGIBLE items will PROVE that they exist. These tangible items are their craft and their bodies. Where has this kind of thinking led us? In circles. And, even if a spacecraft were found and put on display, or alien bodies recovered and shown to the public; then what? Would we ask for PROOF that it is indeed a spacecraft and that they are indeed alien bodies? Will the testimonies of the people who recovered the craft and bodies, be proof enough? No, I didnt think so. So, I maintain that this approach, this goal of proving the existence of aliens, is simply, FUTILE. But rather, how would we think about the UFO phenomenon, if we wanted to communicate with aliens? This goal might lead to more useful considerations. And if you have read this essay this far, and you are 'brainwashed' about me, Glenda Stocks, then I will tell you now, that this goal is not about channelling aliens. This goal is about eventually standing next to a physical alien, 'attempting' to find a way to communicate with it. With the goal explained, now, what would we consider? Let us consider how their spacecraft travels, where they come from, what they want, how do they communicate, how can we bridge any gaps in communication that may exist between us. We have been trying radio waves, and we have video technology. Yet, we have not seen aliens transmitting their visage on TV, or heard aliens broadcasting their voices on radio. Have we considered this whole phenomenon from the aliens' standpoint? How do they view us? Why are they visiting us?


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