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Origin: XBN - 0001 - F:I_UFO From: GLENDA STOCKS Public To: ALL Date: 12/07/94 at 14:59 Re: PUBLIC UFO ANNOUNCEMENT ------------------------------------------------------------------- GS> This is an _excerpt_ of a _message_ posted by Rich Boylan GS> about a recent UFO conference. The portions of the message GS> that I deleted were not about the conference. Please share GS> this information widely; this is good news for UFOlogy! GS> (some paragraph breaks are mine) ....................................................... From Conference : 0036 - F:BAMA Forwarded on : Wednesday, December 7, 1994, at 15:06 Original From : RICH BOYLAN Addressed to : JOHN POWELL Originally on : 12/05/94 at 11:12 Regarding topic : PUBLIC UFO ANNOUNCEMENT ....................................................... [Begin Message] [ deletia ] ***************************************************************** At the suggestion of Don Ware, I followed-on his closed, invitational UFO researchers private meeting adjacent to the Gulf Breeze UFO Conference with a similar, closed, invitation-only UFO researchers roundtable dialogue at Mesquite, NV, Friday night, 6:30 pm-1:00 am, in "an undisclosed subterranean facility in the Nevada desert". What distinguished this history-making meeting is that besides a world-class gathering of UFO researchers, (Michael Hesseman of Germany, A. E. Gevaerd of Brazil, Anthony Dodd and George Wingfield of Great Britain, [Professor Sun Shi-Li of PRO China was invited but was at Area 51 and could not attend], Jorge and Marlin Martin of Puerto Rico, USAF Col. Don Ware (Ret.), Martin Keller, Secretary of CSETI, Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute (temporary general counsel for the UFO Un-Cover-Up), Bob and Cecilia Dean, Jiles Hamilton, CHT, Virginia Bennett, CCHT and Board Member of ACCET, Barbara Lamb, MFCC, Mark Davenport, Editor of Contact Forum, Leah Haley, [USAF Col. Wendelle Stevens, (Ret.) could not attend, because he had to moderate the pro-forma UFO Congress activities "upstairs"], Bob and Terri Brown, etc.), I facilitated the attendance of Dan Smith as "official" cut-out communications intermediary for the Central Intelligence Agency's Deputy Director of Intelligence for Science and Technology, Ron Pandolfi, (and those within the Intelligence hierarchy with whom he communicates who direct the controlled release of UFO information). I chaired the meeting. The meeting was a success, cordial and very productive, in the opinion of all who attended. We tackled the most difficult issues remaining before the open acknowledgment of UFO/ET reality can occur: the metaphysical and religious/spiritual challenges to conventional perceptions presented by the extraterrestrial reality and presence). In my opinion and that of most attendees, we developed more consensus than division, and created a climate for cooperation and collective action in unfolding the Un-Cover-Up. Dan Smith appreciated the cordiality extended a semi-official intermediary for the CIA/UFO Cover-Up group. To be sure, most participants felt that the initiative for bringing the news of UFO/ET reality to the people will be done by a professional/scientific group representing genuine UFO research. Many also agreed that the timetable for "announcement" is a handful of years. When I gave the estimate 1995-1997, it was not generally disputed. No, this does NOT mean that I have "sold out". No, this does NOT mean that I am a conscious or unconscious tool/operative/asset/agent/dupe of the Intelligence community or the National Security State. On the contrary. (If they only knew....) :-) [Cf. ISF-CCI/EHLO.] Perhaps it was not therefore coincidental that I was afterwards slipped an advance notice of a May, 1995 International Conference in Washington, D.C., entitled "When Cosmic Cultures Meet". This Conference is being sponsored by world-class power and influence brokers. Invitees include: President and Mrs. Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Rev. Billy Graham, Thomas Kuhn (of paradigm fame), Michael Zimerman, Arthur C. Clarke, Dr. John Mack, Paula Spencer, Elizabeth Sahtouris (of Gaia consciousness theory), "and others". This will be a three-day Conference, where international speakers will discuss "preparations, implications and responses for the time when ... extraterrestrial cultures come into open contact with cultures of Earth." Will I attend? Is the Pope Catholic? Is Daniel Sheehan ex-Catholic? Is Marty Keller of CSETI ex-Catholic? :-) I request, as a personal favor, and in the general public interest, (pro bono cosmico), that you re-post this text on EVERY ECHO you have access to. I know this is work, but it is very urgent that everyone know "stat" what is going on, and at what speed events are cascading. You will receive your reward in due time, comrade. :-) [ deletia ] Obviously, more information will follow. If you wish a personal copy of the Mesquite UFO Researchers[-CIA] Roundtable Dialogue, I will, as a personal favor, mail you one. [Don't everybody ask!!!] Pax. - Rich Boylan --- SuperBBS 1.17-3 (Reg) * Origin: QST 2 / MUFONET / Sacramento, CA - V22 916 922-1288 (1:203/731) * RM 1.3 00257 * Telepathy is minding someone else's <*>


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