TRUE WILL RITUAL After doing a strong purification, casting a circle, calling the quarters

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TRUE WILL RITUAL After doing a strong purification, casting a circle, calling the quarters, and doing a strong "tree meditation" (as in Starhawk's Spiral Dance): o Visualize the essence of each of the elemental energies within and say affirmations identifying with each of the elements, and with what you affirm: - "I am Earth, I am centered and strong. I am the vessel through which my True Will manifests. - I am Air, I am focused. My mind is keen and tuned to reveal my True Will. - I am Fire, I have the power within to know my True Will and to act upon it. - I am Water, I am sensitive, intuitive, and magickal. The waters of my inner consciousness are calm, clear and clean. I am able to see into my depths and to know my True Will. - I am Spirit. I am all that is. I am Balance and Unity. I am that from which my True Will comes." o Consecrate a candle with five elemental tools and do a free form chant to dedicate the candle to aid in knowing your true will. o Light the candle and place it in front of you. o Gazing at the candle, meditate on the following, one at a time: Know thyself, areas where your are uncertain of your true will, your commitment to act on your True Will when you know it, and spiritual growth from knowledge of self. o Then chant until you feel unity with the light from the flame "Candle light, candle glow, inner sight, will to know." o You should then go into a trance and get direct messages from deep within. o When you have received what you need, tell yourself to remember your insights and take a few deep breaths and return to the circle. o Then say something like "though I extinguish this candle flame and end this rite, may I always be aware of the flame of will that burns within me, and may I always act according to my True Will, born of Spirit. So mote it be" and blow out the candle. o Do cakes and wine, ground, and dismiss the quarters and spirit. Selena Fox published it in Circle Network News several years ago. Subscriptions to Circle Network News cost $9 per year ($13 first class) and can be obtained by writing to Circle, P.O. Box 219,


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