A SCRIPT FOR GETTING TO THE TRUTH October 9, 1989 Right at this moment, surely, you have a

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A SCRIPT FOR GETTING TO THE TRUTH October 9, 1989 Right at this moment, surely, you have an odd or current anger or resentment which runs through your mind. Either it continually preoccupies you, or it pops up just at the moment when you want nothing more than to have a good night's rest. To help yourself move through and let go of it, try this visualization script... ========================================================= Picture the word that is most applicable to the problem you now have, and see it clearly in huge block letters marked on a door. Pick the door carefully and note the details of it. Perhaps it is an ornately carved antique door or it is a very simple wooden or painted door. Now see the word you've chosen standing out clearly on that door. Very gently open that door and look in front of you, to the left and to the right to see what is there, just as you would if you went into a room you had never been in before. If you see a person, begin to talk with that person about your problem. If you see nothing but a vast horizon, continue on and see another door, and go through that one until you can find a person or an animal with whom you can talk about your problem or a place where you can be alone with it. Give yourself time to be with the problem. Then give yourself time to see what the truth about the situation is. Old memories and people associated with them may come into your mental screen (or picture). See how they relate to it. See them as they "ARE", even if it's different from the way "YOU THINK" they are. * * * * * * * * * * Now open your eyes and put your left-brain to work by deliberately figuring out what the images are saying to you. You can now take those insights into your life and put them to work for you. What they've told you is what you need to know. Only "YOU" know what's true for you. And only by going beneath what you "BELIEVE" to be true, and being willing to "EXPERIENCE" what's true for you at the moment, can you really "KNOW" what the truth is... May you find the joy and peace that you deserve, and may this text assist you in your quest for the truth... The Wizard Ariel> EOF>


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