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Origin: CHANNEL1 - 0042 - Beyond From: MATTHEW DAVID Public To: ALL Date: 03/02/94 at 13:44 Re: Triad Conference ------------------------------------------------------------------- Original posting by Bill Stanley * * * * * * * * "Do We Have Visitors From the Unknown" (A Scholarly Study of Extraterrestrial Intrusions) a TRIAD RESEARCH CONFERENCE in Tampa, Florida * * * * * * * * This past weekend (Feb. 19-20) I attended the Triad Research Conference Foundation symposium at the Holiday Inn, Clearwater Beach Surfside Hotel. Triad is defined as the union of three-- which describes the partnership among Denise Carpenter, Susan Bedell, and the Bigelow Foundation. The Tampa Conference in- cluded a Pulizter Prize-winning psychiatrist from Harvard Med- ical School, an Emmy Award-winning television journalist, a psychiatric hypnotherapist, a social analyst, a respected hypnotherapist from Los Angeles, an award-winning journalist who investigated Russian cases, and a veteran UFO researcher. Optional events included workshops for mental health profes- sionals on Saturday morning led by John Carpenter and Dr. John Mack, focusing on diagnostics, symptomology, therapeutic stra- tegies, and coping ideas. Keeping notes turned out to be a good idea as the various speak- ers presented compelling fresh information. Item: A television crew from HARDCOPY video-taped the proceedings and this writer understood the show is to be aired in the near future. I'll be contacting Pinellas/Manatee/Hillsborough Counties MUFON Section Director Eugene Brown and post a date for the broadcast when it becomes available. The first presentation was by John Carpenter, one of the leading psychiatric professionals to compile credible case studies of alleged contact with UFO entities while determining the sanity of the witnesses; his emphasis was on the cases in which two or more persons were simultaneously "abducted" but hypnotized later, ind- ependently, for their shared periods of amnesia. Mr. Carpenter related he was currently studying 15 cases where two or more person shared an abduction experience. He termed abduction events Close Encounters of the 4th Kind. His regression techniques involve absolutely no leading questions that might contaminate the subject's responses. The witnesses always describe being in a round room with arched hallways, a platform for the various medical procedures, and a computer-like control panel along a wall, etc.. An item this writer found of interest; Mr. Carpenter said that abductees never mention conventional examinations of the heart or lungs for example. He reported that 85% of these abductions involved the typical 3.5 to 4 ft. "grey" entities and that other alien types were encountered at various times. Of note is the taller grey who at times faced the abductees almost nose to nose to telepathic- ally "calm" the subject. Witnesses with shared amnesia exper- iences uniformly felt this taller grey was female. Abductees report 30% of these entities wear capes or robes; that a triangular emblem and sometimes a "phoenix" emblem on uniformed entities symbolized the rising, joining or rebirth of 2 races. The "nordic" entities were described as having blonde shoulder-length hair, brownish green cat-like or reptilian vertical pupils but otherwise human. Mr. Carpenter also mentioned a genetic hybrid between greys and humans with sparse hair, large heads, and cat eyes. Mr. Carpenter's presentation included a slide show with well done artistic renderings of his subjects' regressions. He con- cluded by showing a recent home video from somewhere in Missouri of an alleged alien face peering in a window while several people watched television. The face appeared to duck down just as a woman turned her head in that direction. The tape was played at different speeds and enlargements and gave this writer the willies. * * * * * * * * At 2:15pm we heard Linda Moulton Howe, author of An Alien Harvest and Glimpses of Other Realities. She has won Emmy Awards for her excellence in television and created the Sightings TV series. Linda examined animal mutilations and a recent series of stunning events from the San Luis Valley in Colorado. She reported that cattle mutilations occurred internationally, and at times on the same date. Microscopic inspection of these animals revealed bloodless, precise, serrated, surgical incisions by a high temperature instrument that could be a laser of some sort. Independent analysis of hide specimens revealed "cooking" of the hemoglobin where cuts were made. She described a dramatic 1993 cattle mutilation event in northeastern Alabama and showed disturbing slides of animals with various body parts removed. It seems mutilations events are occurring in England with regularity, however, she reports that investigators are reluct- ant to let the crop circle phenomena and cattle mutilations become intertwined. Also of interest, Linda stated that a trend toward younger and younger animals becoming victims is apparent. Linda next addressed a startling event that occurred January 12, 1994 3:20 pm near Rock Creek, 6 miles from Monte Vista, Colorado. She reported that a NORAD satellite had detected an infra-red heat signa- ture about three acres in size and assumed it to be an explosion or forest fire. It is customary that the local sheriff be notified and evaluate wildfires when they are spotted from orbit. The sheriff couldn't find evidence of fire or an explosion and informed NORAD of their mistake. Four days later on January 16, a green fireball was sighted near Rock Creek, and soon witnesses reported seeing helicopt- ers and B-52's, and a ground force of some type securing a large area. NORAD's Nelson McCouch called it an unsolved mystery and Linda said the entire matter is now classified. She then discussed briefly intra dimensional penetrations, and the history of green fireballs in the southwest United States. She also said the greys are androids or workers designed to perform chores; that they have a yellow iris and vertical pupils under dark glasses; that the triangle and phoenix emblems represented "the merging of two worlds." * * * * * * * * At 4:00pm Yvonne Smith spoke to us about "UFO Abductions: Files of a Hypnotherapist." She is a certified hypnotherapist, who works full-time in Los Angeles with UFO abductees, providing hypnosis and essential support. In 1991 she founded CERO, the Close Encounters Research Organization, and has personally regressed 80 individuals. Her "nuts and bolts" presentation was accompanied by a first rate slide show with a police artist's depictions (pastels on black back- ground) of a typical abduction sequence. She reports that bedside abductions usually involve a bluish beam or light; that the greys seem "come through the walls", and the abductee feels a tingling or vibration before they are floated to a waiting ship. I believe it was John Carpenter who earlier in the day mentioned that the greys always appear in threes or fours; as if they needed a small team to perform these abductee floating duties. Yvonne described the compelling similarities abductees recall during regression therapy. The standard circular room without distinct walls or light sources; a spoon-like instrument, a needle-like probe to implant BB-like objects inside the nose, in and around the ear, and deep into the scalp; and a hand held "welding instrument" that pro- duced a blue flash or spark from its tip. Her eerie slide show depicted the numerous greys performing the intru- sive procedures we've heard so much about. For the male abductees it was a tube-like device for sperm extraction and some type of anal pro- cedure. Female abductees reported invasive gynecological procedures to harvest eggs and fetuses. At all times a tall female grey appears to oversee the goings on. The men are sometimes shown the grey female who bears his hybrid offspring. It seems there are limited parenting duties abductees are required to perform. Yvonne said her subjects recall being led to a room with rectangular tanks housing hybrid alien fetuses suspended in a viscous fluid. Abductees at times are positioned in front of a viewer or screen of some sort to interact with symbols and shapes that appear. She said it was a "game or test" the abductees apparently "knew" how to operate. At times, pictures of devastation and beauty (the slide depicted the earth blowing to pieces) are shown by the greys to elicit and monitor emotional responses. When returned, some abductees say they were floated right through the ceiling or walls. Yvonne showed photographs of subjects with triang- ular bruises around the naval area, with needle-like marks in the middle. She said some implants are crystalline in nature with a honey-combed texture. When encountered, the nordic or blonde entities seem to be in charge. Their blue uniforms have white "V" shaped stripes that start from the shoulders. Yvonne concluded her presentation with a brief Q & A session, then everyone headed off to dinner. * * * * * * * * At 7:30pm we listened to the witty, entertaining, matter-of-fact pre- sentation of George Knapp. His topic "Unveiling The Secret UFO Files of the Former Soviet Union" was soundly documented by the hard-nosed research he's done as an award-winning journalist and film maker. George Knapp returned from the former Soviet Union with classified Russian documents indicating undeniable acceptance and investigation of UFO's as real. He emphatically opened his comments by stating that 1994 will be a "watershed year." In late April, the television show 48 Hours is to air an investigative UFO program. The BBC is to broadcast a world UFO special on shortwave. He described the government's $34 billion black budget and how it related to above top-secret military projects at Groom Lake in Nevada. Mr. Knapp said various aircraft were developed at Groom Lake in 1960's that the U.S. Air Force truly didn't know about. When the USAF said "we don't have planes like that" they weren't lying. He said that exotic black-budget projects continue at Area 51 to this day. Mr. Knapp then related to us his trip to Russia where he investigated and filmed (for an upcoming documentary) large scale research done by the KGB and Soviet military. In 1978, the Russians had a spectacular UFO sighting near the Finnish boarder. Evidently their forces had a chance to get a few shots off (with no effect). The incident prompted an order in 1980 that UFO's be "fully investigated." The following decade, top scientists, the KGB, and the military were doing the hard science their counterparts in America were brushing off. He mentioned a secret project Thread 3, which was a Russian attempt to duplicate UFO technology. We periodically viewed excerpts from Mr. Knapp's documentary; one seg- ment detailed a Russian scientist's discovery of tiny red globules obtained from lifeless soil samples at a UFO landing site. The Russians allowed Mr. Knapp's team to take a small sample of the substance back with them and an analysis is expected soon. The Russians say clocks speed up measurably at UFO landing sites. They also said they never bought the notion of the Roswell Incident being a weather balloon, and that NASA was "told" not to return to the moon. In conclusion Mr. Knapp stated that access to former Soviet Union UFO files is narrowing but he hoped to return soon. After a lively Q & A this writer decided it was time for a cold beer. * * * * * * * * The final speaker Saturday was Michael Lindemann who discussed the "Politics of Human--Alien Contact." Mr. Lindemann is a social analyst, futurist, and an authority on political psychology. He has investi- gated government secrecy and the impact of this phenomena on our society and the planet. Mr. Lindemann open his presentation by stating UFO's are the most important conversation of this era; that he hoped to arm conference attendees with facts to confidently discuss UFO's; that it's time to "alter the politics of UFO's." In 1989 he became involved with UFO research and has studied the government cover-up aggressively. He said alien entities have "affected human development into deep antiquity." He explained that governmentally and psychologically, "secrets can be kept." He detailed the military's absurd account of the Roswell Incident and subsequent cover-up, and a mass abduction at an AT&T switching station in Atlanta, Georgia. Landing sites were paved over within days and astonishingly, AT&T magazine ads had an extraterrestrial theme (we were shown the slides) in the months that followed. He related that aliens were diverse, and humans are genetic relatives. The government was "in no hurry to come clean"; and everyone should accept the challenge--learn all you can; and share what you know. * * * * * * * * Luckily, Forest Crawford's Sunday morning presentation started at 8:30am which enabled us to grab parking spaces on Clearwater Beach before the sun worshippers arrived. Forest Crawford is a chemist, and Illinois State Director for the Mutual UFO Network. His discus- sion entitled "Fascinating Correlations in UFO Research" took an intriguing look at correlations in research as well as with our own history. Mr. Crawford endeavored to explain a "model of the holographic uni- verse." He demonstrated how a laser uses wave patterns to form holo- grams, and how recently, the human brain was shown to receive and record information as a wave analyzer. He spoke of thought influenc- ing matter on the sub-atomic level; that matter may be solidified thought, and everything in the universe is connected and made of pure energy. He used a chart to detail the "seven levels of reality", and the life- forms that exist within these realities. He returned to more convent- ional topics and said he believes the MIB work with the greys; that the greys "need something from us" that account for their long term genetic studies. Mr. Crawford said the nordics were ancestors of the greys; the greys are a species genetically damaged in wars with the nordics; that earth was seeded by blonde Rigelians; and more than one alien species is interbreeding with humans. * * * * * * * * After a break we heard John Mack discuss "Abductions: A New Paradigm For Our World." John Mack is a Pulizter Prize-winning Harvard Psychi- atrist who has forged ahead in the field of psychiatry, boldly treat- ing cases of UFO abductions and facing the skeptics with confidence. John Mack is currently working with 86 abduction cases, and has had multiple hypnotic sessions with 50 of these cases up to 9 times. He stated he was a relative newcomer to the UFO inquiry, and that the past 4 years have been both stimulating and frightening. He feels that "fantasy is individualized" making it impossible for abductees to imagine intimate details identical to other experiencers. He said the emotional responses he's encountered in case after case is not rooted in fantasy. Mr. Mack told us about Peter, a 34 year old abductee who started hypnotic regression in 1992. Peter said the aliens need our evolution of consciousness; there would be a hybrid repopulation of the world after the current human for fails; and that he was involved with alien "parenting" that has taken his attention away from his own human family. Peter said the merging of two species is something both need; the species were divided or split away from a single primal source long ago; and that humans are only temporary stewards of the planet. Mr. Mack finished by stating "skeptics are malignant doubters" and that we should re-experience the universe as sacred. He entertained questions briefly as the conference was running over time. I did note the HARDCOPY guy cornering him in the lobby, so everyone should get a good look at the Harvard professor and other speakers soon. * * * * * * * * Skye Ambrose was the final speaker who discussed her "Experiences With the Unknown: A New View of the Universe." Skye Ambrose had her 1989 abduction experience featured in USA Today. She and a friend were abducted late at night while driving a secluded stretch of highway near the Colorado, Kansas border. She underwent regression 5 days later with the help of John Carpenter. Her friend "Jennifer" recalled her experience more vividly than Skye but chose to remain anonymous. Skye feels that the aliens are imparting valuable knowledge to her telepathically from time to time. She says the aliens are "caretakers" of earth, and are here to make sure humans don't destroy a valuable planet. The purpose of the implants they both received (and still have) is to open latent areas of the brain; the implants have a time release mechanism; and the people with implants are forerunners of a new breed or race. The conference ended around 2:00pm when the wedding reception on the other side of a thin partition started getting loud. This writer con- sidered the weekend informative and enlightening. For information on future Triad Research Conferences write TRIAD, 4033 S. Belvedere Ct., Springfield, MO 65807.


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