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Origin: XBN - 0079 - C:CNSPIRE3 From: A. J. TEEL - SUI JURIS To: ALL Date: 11/19/93 Re: PT 1/4: TREASURYGATE ------------------------------------------------------------------- From: ateel@nyx10.cs.du.edu (A. J. Teel - Sui Juris) Organization: UTexas Mail-to-News Gateway -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Dear Friends: The TreasuryGate scandal has become significantly more complicated since it was first broken. Many legal issues are now involved. The case has been moved to D.C. "with merit". I am including the initial info for those who had not heard of it up to now as well as the new info. I suggest that anyone who finds this of interest call the numbers contained herein. This is a fascinating case that deserves much attention. Please direct any comments or questions to me via email at "ateel@nyx.cs.du.edu" as I cannot read news due to time and energy constraints. Without further ado, "TreasuryGate to date"... Post: "Treasurygate to date" From: A. J. Teel, Sui Juris .............................................................................. For additional information on "Treasurygate" check Glenda Stocks recent post on misc.headlines. This article about "Treasurygate" is taken from the April 19, 1993 issue of the Spotlight. --------------------------------------------------- OILMAN SUES U.S. TREASURY OVER MYSTERY CERTIFICATES Treasurygate, a scandal involving huge amounts of money in certificates of obligation on the Federal Reserve, Swiss and Japanese banks, the existence of which is denied by the big banks and government, was the subject on the April 1 broadcast of The SPOTLIGHT's nightly call-in talk forum, Radio Free America, with host Tom Valentine. Thomas Buckley, an oilman from Amarillo, Texas, has filed a lawsuit against the Fed and the U.S. treasury--the suit was filed February 16, and the deadline for the Fed and government response is April 16. An edited transcript of Buckley's story follows: - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Through my connections in the oil and gas business, I met an Indonesian government official and businessman named Edison Dominic. I dealt with him over a period of time in a cordial, get-acquainted type way. When he began to trust us, in about October of 1989, he presented Swiss banks. A certificate of obligation is like a bond. It represents real cash. It's very much like a certificate of deposit. These are negotiable and belong to the bearer. The certificates were written in U.S. dollars and guaranteed by the Swiss government. The principal amount was around $800 billion. The principal and interest amounted to $1.8 trillion. He asked us to put them in a trust account at Citibank and get them verified and then follow the instructions about getting them cashed. Now we're oil and gas people, and we're used to some big money, but we didn't know what we had our hands on. We had a lot of trouble trying to get them verified and cashed. In late spring of 1991, Mr. Dominic flew from Indonesia into Austin, Texas and brought additional instruments. These were U.S. Federal Reserve bank certificates and a very large group of Japanese certificates. As much trouble as we had with the Swiss certificates, we thought it would be relatively simple with U.S. Federal Resrve instruments. Our plan was to find out whether or not these documents were any good. These U.S. instruments were even larger than the Swiss ones, and they were in the names of people such as Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq; and [Col.] Muammar el-Qadaffi, the leader of Libya; Ferdinand Marcos, leader of the Philippines; and Manuel Noriega, the leader of Panama. We sought out a gentleman in Scottsdale, Arizona named Robert Johnson, a friend and confidant of Ronald Reagan and George Bush. We knew what we had was volatile and we wanted to take precautions. That's why we approached Mr. Johnson. We showed him the documents and he arranged for us to go into the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, Texas. Two of my associates and I had an appointment at 10 am on July 8, 1991. They were expecting us, and we went downstairs to a private meeting room. We spent only about 25 minutes there. The two ladies we met were very nice. We showed them the certificate in Saddam Hussein's name in the amount of $33 billion and told them we were there to try to verify it. They made a photocopy of the certificate and said they were going to fax it to the head office of the Federal Reserve. They asked us where we were staying, saying it would take a few hours for them to get back to us. Then when we were back at the hotel, one of the attorneys for the bank in Dallas called us and said the certificate was good. However, he said, since the United States was in conflict with Saddam Hussein at the time, all of his assets here were frozen. About mid-afternoon eight Secret Service agents, guns drawn, burst in, demanding to know wehre our guns were. We said we didn't have any and we were there on business. There was a fourth man in our group, and this surprised the agents, since he hadn't come down to the Federal Reserve bank with us. Their objective when they came into the room was to make sure we were all dead and then take the certificates we had. End of story. But the fourth man was in the room. They took us down to the federal building and [we] gave statements over a period of six hours, after which time we learned we were under arrest. We were put in jail at a maximum security prison for a week and denied bond. I begged for the right to call an attorney for hours and hours, but they denied me that right, even when we went to court the next morning. We were never charged with a crime. We were put in jail on the basis of a complaint that we intentionally tried to defraud the United States government out of $33 billion-plus. That's what the Secret Service testified to on the stand at the hearing. We were not allowed to speak at the hearing. After a week, finally they released us on our own recognizance even though we were alleged to have tried to perpetrate the greatest fraud in the history of the U.S. government. Not a single journalist (except for Radio Free America) would touch the story when I tried to bring it to their attention. Our associate, Mr. Dominic, was also arrested in Austin on the same day we were. They went to his hotel room to take him since I had been truthful and just told the whole story of my association with Mr. Dominic. He stayed in jail for about 70 days. Nobody from the Indonesian government would touch him now. He finally got out on bail, and a trial date was set, but we knew all along it would never go to trial, for the same reason they dropped the charges against me: They didn't want it to all come out. As I've uncovered it, Mr. Dominic had a job to do. His job was to come over here and force these certificates to be acknowledged by the United States. The Indonesian government's finance minister had attracted the foreign certificates. You see, for about 30 years, Indonesia had been the head of the so-called non-aligned countries. The CIA knew all of that, and they wanted to bring Indonesia and its allies into the CIA's fold. To co-opt Indonesia, the CIA helped Indonesia attract the U.S. Federal Reserve certificates and the Japanese certificates, and the Marcos, Noriega, Qadaffi certificates etc. The CIA helped the Indonesians get them. However, the Indonesians told the CIA to get lost after they got these certificates of obligation. While Dominic was in jail, I was able to get a lot of documentation from him. He put in writing what he wanted Congress to do with the funds. He wanted to retire the national debt of the United States. He wanted to fund the supercollider. He wanted to provide and adequate amount of money to reform public education in America and to provide better health care in this country. He wanted to make loans and grants to small-businesses and farmers. We took it to Washington. Rep. Charles Rose (D-N.C.) actually invited Mr. Dominic, in writing, to come to Washington to testify before the Agriculture Committee. However, Sharon Pierce, the U.S. prosecutor in Dallas, called the congressman's office and said she would not allow Dominic to go to Washington unless she was present during the meeting. That disturbed Rose and his people, and the congressman went to the counsel for the speaker of the House. The speaker's attorney, Steven Ross, said, "Well, we can handle this. We will just declare this a technical congressional investigation. That way the prosecutor cannot subpoena anybody in Washington." However, while Dominic finally got on the plane to come to Washington, the federal judge's clerk called Rose's office and said, "You don't want to meet Mr. Dominic. He's highly contagious with tuberculosis. This scared Rose and his office to death. Congressman Rose and his office received from me one of the original Swiss certificates and the endorsement of that certificate over to Congress for the benefit of the United States. This would be done gradually to avoid runaway inflation. I have filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Amarillo, Texas against the Federal Reserve and Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen. Attached to the suit is one copy of one certificate: a $278 billion certificate made out to the shah of Iran. The suit is asking for 3 percent of that amount. My arrangement with Mr. Dominic was that I would get a 3 percent commission on the certificates when cashed. The suit alleges that the U.S. government, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, has already resolved 97 percent of it. By the suit, we are mandating that the Federal Reserve open its books to prove we are wrong. I intend to file a separate suit against only the Federal Reserve, using a majority of the balance of the certificates. This suit is designed to accomplish all of the things Mr. Dominic wanted: retirement of the national debt, funding the supercollider etc. About an hour before I appeared on Radio Free America the last time [Oct.7, 1992], I received a call from one of my associates. He has a lot of high-level contacts, and one of them was one of our current, sitting U.S. Supreme Court justices. This justice got in touch with the CIA and asked if all of this was real. The CIA asked the justice to ask me to back off until Oct. 28. The Federal Reserve has been moving gold into the Federal Reserve bank in Dallas in order to be able to back up these certificates. That Supreme Court justice will be called to testify in our case. We have a telephone number people can call for taped information: 1-806-788-1177. -------o-----O-----o------- Taken from The SPOTLIGHT April 19, 1993 Subscription Information 1-800-522-6292 or if in Maryland, 301-951-6292 - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This article about "Treasurygate" is taken from the May 10, 1993 issue of the Spotlight. --------------------------------------------------- TREASURY, FED FIGHT OVER 'TREASURYGATE' LAWSUIT BY THE SPOTLIGHT STAFF The Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury had until Monday, May 3 to respond to the trillion-dollar "Treasurygate" lawsuit filed by Tommy Buckley of Amarillo, Texas on February 16 (see The Spotlight, April 19). Federal Reserve attorneys Sharon Sweeney and Jane Ann Schmoker of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank gave a clear indication of the Fed's approach April 28 when they contacted Buckley's attorney, Gary Ward of Lobbock, Texas, and threatened him with "sanctions" for filing a nuisance suit. Ward, a quiet man, grew uncharacteristically angry at the arrogance and was not intinimidated. Since the Fed is not a part of the government, it would have to respond to the lawsuit in 30 days like everyone else. But they asked to be included with the Treasury Department, which gets 60 days to respond. Leaks from inside Washington indicate there is infighting between the U.S. Treasury, which wants to settle the suit, and the Fed, which wants to ignore it and quash the action with sheer power. This suit versus the banksters appears to have more evidence and more guts behind it than the power brokers are accustomed to handing. It is in Federal District Court in Amarillo, Judge Mary Lou Robinson presiding. The U.S. attorney representing the government is Gordon Bryant. (While the editor's feel Treasurygate is a big story, there is no opportunity for investors. The SPOTLIGHT has learned that scammers are asking people to invest in Treasurygate. Do not do so. - Ed.) -------o-----O-----o------- Taken from The SPOTLIGHT April 19, 1993 Subscription Information 1-800-522-6292 or if in Maryland, 301-951-6292 - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Again, I do not know whether the information printed below is true or not. For all I know, it could be one big lie...but I was wondering if anyone who knew about this courtcase or is involved politically, in this situation, could verify this message from a recent newszine (Orvotron): "Unauthorized money transfers have been appropriated from the treasury by 5 presidents and treasury officers and given to all sorts of dignitaries around the world -- trillions of dollars, never reported as a debt of the treasury and never authorized by any law. These were like "checks" -- when the checks were received by the various dignitaries, they would sell them or trade them for goods from others. Indonesia, over time, has collected these checks, by bartering or buying them. If Indonesia were to "cash" them, the amount is SEVEN TIMES THE NATIONAL DEBT. Instead, Indonesia wants to give the checks to the U.S. Treasury, but that would result in us not only having NO NATIONAL DEBT, but 7 times the money we now owe as a debt, as a credit! This information came to us via one of our computer information officers who spoke to Bill Griffith with the CFA (Constitution Fundamental Association -- the group David Koresh asked to come in when the sheet was hung outside Waco). His information is that Supreme Court Justice Byron White resigned to work on Treasury Gate: Tommy L. Buckley has over 700 hours of recordings with federal, state, judicial, congressional, and administrative officials as well as international leaders. Those tapes are entered as evidence in the NW Texas Federal Court where a lawsuit against Lloyd Benson, Secretary of the Treasury: Alan Greenspan, Head of the Federal Reserve; the Dallas Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank; the United States; and others. All of the certifi- cates issued by the Treasury seen by Mr. Bill Griffith have come through the Dallas branch of the federal reserve. In 1947, there was a treaty agreed to by 13 international leaders and since that time, practically every international nation has used that treaty for transfer of funds at their dis- cretion. These funds all bear the treaty number of this one treaty. To Bill Griffith's knowledge, the only nations that have not signed the treaty have been Indonesia, the Soviet Union, and Israel. Trillions of dollars from the U.S. have been issued through the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, Texas to many people. Bill Griffith has copies of 16 instruments drawn on the U.S. Treasury citin the authority of this treaty, but no house of government of any nation has ever ratified this treaty. Only 2-3 people in each country even knew of the existence of the treaty until the lawsuit made it public. A copy of the treaty is in the hands of Indonesia and it will be entered as evidence if the US Government does not settle this suit and use the money to pay the US debt. This treaty has been cited to authorize money to be sent to various persons, such as Idi Amin, the Shah of Iran, in appropri- ations from the U.S. Treasury, such as a certificate for 278 BILLION dollars to Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, ID 11GL59, international private bank account number at the time, Tehren, 66JK, international banking code VLJ.67550497798, from the Treasurer of the U.S., James Baker -- completely without lawful authority. These certificates were gathered over the last 50 years by Indonesia, the only nation that has been totally neutral in its dealings with other nations. The U.S. Judge has already advised that if the US doesn't respond to the suit, that warrants will issue, citing treason, against Lloyd Benson and others. For more information contact: Tommy L. Buckley, 2607 Wol- flin, Suite 104, Amarillo, TX 79109; Tel: 806-355-1178; Hot- line: 806-372-4301 (changes every 2-3 days, handled by Buckley)" If this is true, then why doesn't any news channel respond to such important news? And why would anyone want the US to have a national debt in the first place? Could someone verify this information? If it is false, then I'm sure that it could be easily resolved by some authority figure in the justice system of Texas. - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The mail door here is no resetting properly so I'm responding on line briefly: I too did not believe the TreasuryGate post when I first saw it and found it interesting to log it. When the 2nd post containing the purported update came, my curiosity was peaked and I spoke with counsel in the case - something I am not prone to doing. Std stuff about non-disclosure and commenting when on trial etc. The facts, as alleged, are truly mind-bogling. Nevertheless, replies have been filed and oral argument has been requested and there is an expected conference to schedule discovery - so it appears less fantastic than might appear. I also invited counsel to join in the net and if you have an access point for Lubbock/Amarillo, I will see it forwarded. - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: TREASURYGATE - your money makes some new friends! From: financial.opportunities@CANREM.COM (Financial Opportunities) Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1993 12:19:00 -0500 I read A.J.'s appeal for more information on TREASURYGATE this morning, and happened to have the whole thing stored on my hard drive in the form of faxes I'd sent down to the TORONTO STAR's Linda Diebel, in Washington, to try to persuade her to break the media boycott on this story. I've left them in chronological order - it's easier that way to follow the story as it unfolds. It's something to take your minds off NAFTA, anyway, so read and enjoy! And, remember, this expensive and entertaining drama was scripted and paid for by the U.S. government with *your* tax dollars! When you read it, you'll see that it was money well spent - - if this ever makes it to the movie houses, it'll rake in *billions*! 1st April, 1993. Hope you're not missing the story of the decade! "Treasurygate" is about to break in Amarillo, Texas and it's going to rock Washington! An oil man named Thomas Buckley went looking for international financing for a natural gas venture a few years ago. A Mr. Edison Dominic, representing the Indonesian Government, handed over to him USFRB's worth $1 TRILLION dollars, with a promise of 3% for him if he could get the Federal Reserve to honour them! He got the best advice he could, then trustingly went to his friendly local Federal Reserve branch in Dallas and showed them one worth 33 BILLION[!], made out to a certain "SADAM HUSSEIN" [that's how Sadam actually spells"Saddam" himself!]. They confirmed that it was genuine, smiled, sent him back to his hotel room "to await a phone call", and then sent four armed Secret Service agents to "get him". Perhaps they misunderstood, but instead of "getting him", they actually arrested him for attempting to defraud the U.S. Government of $33 billion, read him his rights, then carted him off to a maximum security prison where he was held incommunicado for 6 days, then released on his own recognizance! Buckley, like a good Texan, decided that, having whipped the international Communist conspiracy and won the Cold War, he wasn't going to take this kind of socialist repartee from his own government, and promptly sued! Here it gets really interesting! He sued Lloyd Benson, as Secretary of the Treasury [as his predecessor, James Baker, had countersigned a number of these USFRB's], and he sued, jointly, the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK! These two defendants have until 16th April to answer this lawsuit, presently lodged in the District Court at Amarillo, Texas. There is a problem, though: the 16 USFRB's are made out to people like Ghaddafi, Castro, Hussein, Marcos, Noriega etc. and the U.S. Government will have a hard job publicly explaining how they came to be issued in the first place! The Indonesian Government was aided in its hobby of collecting them by THE CIA [who couldn't let THIS labyrinthine opportunity to draw the "nonaligned" Indonesia into their fold pass by]; they were helped in this by the fact that they were the agency which had distributed them to the original recipients in the first place! If the Government decides to let the case go into a default judgement against themselves by not defending it, he just goes to the Fed in Dallas and picks up whatever the judge awards him. But he has 15 more USFRB's to present to them, one at a time, later! If they DON'T pay them, it will cause massive hyperinflation, because Mr. Dominic wants to use the proceeds of any future judgements to help pay off the National Debt, provide free U.S. health care, reform the U.S educational system etc. Neat bargaining ploy, don't you think? If they DO pay them, they'll have to publicly 'fess up, AND it will put a crimp in the Fed's own plans to finance a New World Order. So the other option is that the Fed, as a private, uninsured bank, may go BANKRUPT, and its responsibilities devolve back to the Treasury Dept. [the original 1913 Federal Reserve legislation makes provision for this]! THAT would scuttle a LOT of Establishment plans, so as April 16th approaches, there must be quiet panic in certain Washington circles! Isn't Providence delightfully ironic? It doesn't stop there, though: a Rep. Charlie Rose was presented with one of these USFRB's [as evidence, not as a bribe - that's not a story!] and expressed a willingness to investigate. He was scared off by a "highly contagious T.B. "warning, re. Mr. Dominic, who was in U.S. custody. Congress was informed of this generous offer to pay off the Debt, etc. and studiously ignored it! A Supreme Court Judge, hearing of these events, went to the CIA and asked if they had issued these USFRB's, was it all true, and did they intend to honour them. They said:"Yes, Yes, Yes". He has assured Buckley that, if the case goes to trial, he will take the stand on Buckley's behalf! Buckley had previously informed all the journalists who represented major national newspapers, but they uniformly told him that they wouldn't touch the story. Now the WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE WASHINGTON POST [did you know that that esteemed, august journal was once known unofficially as "THE WASHINGTON DAILY WORKER?"], U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT etc. have all been calling him in the last day or so so, desperate for background information! However, I'll bet that if the Government settles or allows it to go to default, not a word will be printed in any of these fearless and crusading Establishment tree-eaters! I saved the best til last: Tommy Buckley is setting up 24-hour automated and computerised fax and voice lines, commencing NEXT MONDAY, to give daily updates on this. The computerised FAX number will be 1-806-788 1177; the VOICE number will be 1-806-372 4301. 10th April, 1993. I'm just taking a moment to send you a very fast supplementary up-date on "TREASURYGATE". Tommy L. Buckley, the hero of this Western saga, had all charges dropped against him by the Government [or, more accurately, was never actually charged with anything]. He's retained one of the finest Texas law firms [presumably on a contingency basis!] in Lubbock, Texas to handle his law suit against Lloyd Benson and the Fed. He received the first group of bonds from Mr. Dominic in October, 1989, which were Swiss Bank Certificates of Obligation written in U.S. dollars, guaranteed by the Swiss Government; he was asked to put them into a Trust account at Citibank, L.A., have them verified, and follow the instructions about getting them cashed. These were worth $800 billion [original face value]. It took a year to even get close to getting acceptance of them, by which time the principal and interest totalled $1.8 TRILLION! [pretty much the budget of the United States, right there!]. He got constantly stonewalled, however. In late Spring, early Summer of '91 Mr. Dominic flew in from Jakarta to Austin, Texas and brought with him a group of additional instruments, the now temporarily "orphaned" USFRB Certificates and a very large group of Japanese Certificates. The amounts on the U.S. Certificates were so great and the names on them so "hot" that he decided to get EXPERT, expert advice [i.e. not from his local bank manager!]. So he sought out Robert Johnson in Scottsville, Arizona, who was a close friend and confidante, and who sat on the Republican finance committee for Bush and Reagan, and he arranged for Buckley to go into the Fed. Bank in Dallas, Texas at 10 a.m. on July 8th, 1991. They examined and verified one certificate, worth $33 Billion, made out to Sadam Hussein, then advised them to go back to their hotel room while they faxed a copy of the Certificate to the head office of the Fed. in Washington. One of the attorneys for the Fed. called them there and said: "Yes, the Certificate is good but, since we have a problem with Mr. Hussein right now, all of his assets in this country are frozen"; then the Secret Service arrived and seized them [not "arrested" them!] at gun point, took them to the Federal Building [where they were questioned for 6 hours], arrested them, put them in the County Jail that night, and the next day denied them any bond and put them in the local maximum security prison for a week. He wasn't permitted to call his wife or an attorney. He was never charged; he was put in jail on a "complaint" of fraud. The local press were given a press release by the Secret Service, and that's all they printed - no follow-up or investigation! Buckley wasn't permitted to speak at the initial hearing, either. Mr. Dominic was arrested also, in Austin [at the Embassy Suites hotel], at midnight on July 8th. He was held in jail for 70 days. The Indonesian authorities disowned him, and he had a court-appointed attorney! [his job had been to force payment on these Certificates, but they did not want it to be government-to-government]. He was an Assistant Monitor in the Indonesian Finance Ministry, and an ex-field grade military officer. They'd been buying and trading for the old, foreign U.S. Certificates since the end of WW2. The CIA helped because "enemy" states held some of these Certificates and because they wanted to ingratiate themselves with "nonaligned" Indonesia. Dominic was finally released on $50,000 bail and a trial date was set, which was delayed by continuance after continuance. It never came to trial, of course! In fact, they finally pressured him into a plea-agreement, I believe. While the two were in jail, Buckley learned the background of all this from Dominic through surreptitious communication. Dominic asked Buckley to go to Congress and take a "commitment" to them. Rep. CHARLIE ROSE of N. CAROLINA, invited Mr. Dominic in writing via the Federal Judge in Austin to come up and be interviewed by his Agricultural Committee on the USFRB notes [he was released and restrained to a small area around Austin, at this time]. Before he flew to D.C., the prosecuting [U.S.] attorney in Austin, Sharon Pierce, called Rose and said that he would not be allowed to meet with Mr. Dominic unless she was there. Rose went to the Speaker of the House's attorney, and he [Stephen Ross] said: "We'll just declare this a technical Congressional investigation; she can't subpoena any of us for any information, so he can come and he can talk". Then the Federal Judge's Clerk [overseeing Dominic's case] called and said: "You don't want to meet with Mr. Dominic; he's highly contagious with tuberculosis"! The government currently holds the 16 USFRB Certificates; Tom Buckley holds the others. He gets three percent of everything as soon as they are honoured and put into the banking system [a LOT of money!]. The Indonesians knew that they were going up against a huge banking monopoly; Dominic explained how this monopoly started and the "Secret Treaty" which governs it [Buckley has located a copy of this Treaty, and is ready to introduce it into evidence]; it was originally signed by 23 countries' Finance Ministers, with the balance later entering through the World Bank and IMF. This treaty has never been ratified by the U.S. Senate, and is "the mother of all Treaties!" Cashing these Certificates would break the bank [the Fed.] by breaking THEIR U.S. banking monopoly and literally bankrupting them! Dominic wanted to retire the stated National Debt of Italy and the U.S, he wanted to finance the reformulation of the U.S. public education system and make it work, he wanted to fund a universal National Health Care system in the U.S., he wanted to provide many thousands of loans and grants to small businesses who can't get aid from the SBA and the banks now, and much more! That was the "trigger" to hook in Congress and provide a "no way out" scenario: they either had to deal with him and his government [to do what the Indonesians wanted done], or else! Congressman Rose holds one of these Certificates already endorsed over to the United States for this purpose, for the benefit of the people of the United States: he was given this in Fall, 1991. To avoid inflation, Dominic wanted to do all of this gradually, year by year. Congress AND Clinton have ignored this offer! So have the press! No one has heard from Robert Johnson in a long time, by the way. He may have proven TOO helpful for his own good. However, Buckley's attorneys are trying to track and subpoena him [if he's still around]. The lawsuit which Buckley filed on 16th February in Amarillo is a simple, 7 or 8 page, affair; but carefully crafted on the basis of research into 438 previous cases involving both the Fed. and the Treasury, correct both in form and technically. Only one copy of one Certificate was attached, for $278 Billion, made out to the Shah of Iran. The suit is for 3% of that amount, and it alleges that the Fed. and the U.S. government has already utilized 97% of it, so the suit is mandating that THE FEDERAL RESERVE OPEN ITS BOOKS IN COURT TO PROVE THAT THE PLAINTIFF IS WRONG! Buckley has reserved the right to add [parties and allegations] to this complaint; he can name a lot of people! For more information, call his computerized FAXback System next Monday at 1-806-788 1177. This will give verbal information, plus a catalogue of documents pertaining to this case, which it will fax back to you! Or call the verbal "hotline" at 1-806-372 4301. Buckley also wants to involve a lot of Americans in a class action suit against the same defendants! [this gets better and better!], so he's holding back some other Certificates. He intends also to file a separate suit with the majority [but not all] of the other Certificates, AGAINST ONLY THE FEDERAL RESERVE! This will force them to answer in 30 days, then he'll look to the ORIGINAL suit for data, discovery and facts to back up this action! This suit is designed to recover the National Debt from the supervision of the Fed. The CIA had hoped that Indonesia would lead the other "non-aligned" countries into the U.S. fold, and thus enthusiastically helped them obtain these Certificates; once they had them, however, the Indonesians said that they'd use them the way THEY wanted to use them, and told the CIA to get lost! The bearer holds the rules on these Certificates of Obligation, so this gave them great freedom. Buckley has an audio and a video tape outlining the whole affair in detail; you might want to get hold of a copy. The House leadership etc. all have received copies already. The CIA, in the meantime, has been busy moving gold, gold credits and gold certificates into the Federal Reserve in Dallas to potentially cover these Certificates! The CIA also apparently has a number of fraudulently run schemes which have allegedly led to murders in France ["IPI" etc], plus this is connected to BCCI; so the spooks must REALLY be shivering over this one! I'll leave you to dig out the rest yourself, including the original sources of the money Sadam Hussein stole to obtain that Fed. Certificate for $33 billion! 4th April, 1993. I've tried to include sources for follow-up on the following items; you might want to check them on LEXIS\NEXIS or the UPI data base, but to my knowledge none of them have surfaced there... re. "TREASURYGATE": the Clinton Administration decided to adopt a tougher stance on human rights violations by INDONESIAN authorities in East Timor "in a little-noticed action when the United States joined in supporting a resolution of the U.N. Human Rights Commission expressing "deep regrets" over rights violations in East Timor, a former Portuguese colony annexed by Indonesia in 1976 ...Indonesian government officials were reported to be "stunned" by Asian diplomats by the Clinton Administration shift". ["Scuttle the Fed, would you? Take THAT!"]. Reagan and Bush had blocked two similar previous U.N. resolutions! It might just be a coincidence, but this "policy shift" occurred about a week after Tom Buckley filed his first lawsuit in Amarillo to force the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve to honour INDONESIAN OWNED USFRB's worth $1.8 TRILLION!. The original report on this policy change was printed in THE LOS ANGELES TIMES. It looks as though they are going to try to throttle off this lawsuit at the Indonesian end before April 16th; in which case not a word of it will finally appear in the public press [unless, that is, YOU want to earn a Pulitzer and go into hiding for life!]. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: TREASURYGATE - your money makessome new friends [2] From: financial.opportunities@canrem.com (Financial Opportunities) Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1993 12:21:00 -0500 6th April, 1993. Some quick up-dates on "TREASURYGATE": * the "special projects" reporter for the AMARILLO GLOBE-NEWS, named JIM McBRIDE, [at 1-806-376 4488] has been following this story, but apparently this newspaper has published NOTHING on it so far! I didn't speak to Mr. McBride, who wasn't there when I called, but the reporter on the city desk whom I did speak to sounded very uncomfortable speaking about the story; he said he knew about it but that he didn't want to say anything! He referred me to McBride. He wouldn't even comment on what local opinion was concerning this [hardly inconspicuous] lawsuit! * I understand that the Indonesian Government has been running a financial-assistance-for-small-businesses programme in Britain, similar to the one Mr. Dominic offered the American people through Congress, under which they've made hundreds [if not thousands] of loans to British businesses. This gets more and more interesting! 15th June, 1993. Just a short follow-up on Treasurygate: you're about to lose the print scoop on this staggering CIA/Federal Reserve financial scandal, as the AMARILLO GLOBE-NEWS is going to break it with a full page story this Sunday. Tommy Buckley's case against the Treasury Department and the Fed was transferred WITH MERIT to the Federal Court of Claims in Washington, D.C. where it will be heard by a panel of judges. The paperwork will take several weeks to transfer. A British intelligence source says that the Amarillo judge was "touched" - not threatened or coerced, but just told what the US government DIDN'T want to see happen. She was supposed to dismiss the case, with sanctions [if she had dismissed the case, however, it would have gone to the appeal court and got even wider publicity!]. She courageously added the rider "with merit", however, when she transferred it to Washington. Among its massive ramifications, it includes connections to BCCI, SPC/Charco, BBC, ITI, and the James Gilmore scandal. These were all reputed CIA "extracurricular" fundraising operations [all fraudulent]; Gilmore, of Atlanta, Georgia, was a CIA operative who has since left the country and will, in all probability, never return [the FCC gave him 20 days in mid-May to "justify" himself, or bring forward the millions of dollars he'd taken from investors; it was then that he realized that he was overdue for a vacation!]. An arrest warrant has now been issued for him. There also appears to be a connection to the Vietnam-era Nugent Hand bank scandal in Australia, also apparently CIA-inspired; Nugent is dead, and Michael Hand is missing. The CIA had a similar "front" in Hawaii called Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong, which lifted $21 million from investors all over the US before its cover was blown. Ron Rewald was scapegoated with an 80-year sentence, and none of the money was recovered. Every Congressman is aware of Treasurygate: reactions have varied from those of the chairman of the Banking Committee, who is carrying out his own characteristically quiet and methodical investigation, to that of Phil Graham, who has been publicly accused by Buckley of asking for 70% of any future court judgement! The major media are also well aware of it; the AMARILLO GLOBE-NEWS article will be the first crack in the "fraudulent" facade erected by the establishment to screen it from public view. It would have been great if you'd been able to check it out and break it two months ago; it would have fit exactly with your interest in, and knowledge of, CIA activities. And it will probably turn out to be THE story of the decade! Some interesting questions: if this is a brilliant and intricate "scam", why did the Federal Judge in Amarillo send it to the Federal Court of Claims in Washington, "with merit"?; why is Tommy Buckley, who has the "threat" of unspecified future legal action against him, aggressively sueing the government instead of just keeping quiet and making himself as inconspicuous as possible?; how come Mr. Dominic not only was forced into signing a plea-bargain agreement before he left the country, but also had to declare in writing that he forever surrendered ownership of these "worthless" certificates and would never attempt to reclaim them?; how come the US government, having confiscated them, refuses to produce them for technical and physical [abruptly cut off in transmission...] .............................................................................. 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