TID-BITS OF TRASH: We sincerely hope all our loyal and semi-loyal non-subscribers had a Co

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TID-BITS OF TRASH: We sincerely hope all our loyal and semi-loyal non-subscribers had a Cool Yule.... Tom Brown, new director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF), is still interested in the late George Van Tassel's never-finished Integretron, sitting by itself out on the California desert. Writing in a recent issue of the Journal of Borderland Research, Tom enthuses: "The Integretron is a perfect workplace to study the science of the ethers. It is an all wood apparatus and is presently being wired by BSRF and associates. We don't know if it will be a rejuvenation machine, or a time-travel vortex, but by golly - we'll find out and publish the news in our Journal". Way to go, Tom Brown!...And, on the more nearly serious side - Mississippi inventor Joe Newman continues his battle with the U. S. Patent Office, in regard to his invention which the Government suspects of being a dreaded "Perpetual Motion Machine". More about this in our next ish... On Page 2 of the last "Smear" we wondered out loud if Col. Wendelle Stevens of Pleaides fame had been released prematurely from prison. Alas, the truth is otherwise. From a trusted overseas correspondent we learn that not only hasn't Wendelle been released, he has been transferred to a maximum security unit, "for no apparent reason, he says." Thos wishing to write to the Colonel can reach him at: ASPC - Douglas; Pima Unit (E-14 #2); PO Box 5003; Douglas, AZ 85608-5003 Martin Kottmeyer, that genial madman from Carlyle, IL, who in the past has charted the connection between rabbits and UFOs, now comes up with the fact that roughly ten percent of the names of extraterrestrials in UFO literature end in the letter O. Says he: "This is roughly 3 to 5 times the number you'd find in a random phone directory. This needs explaining, doesn't it?" Yes Martin, it does!....


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