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====================================================================== <> * 416-237-1204 * PC-Pursuitable * File Requestable * HST * 24 Hour Operation * Sysop - Tom Mickus * Toronto * FREE ====================================================================== ====================================================================== TRANSMIT.TXT - Text file typed in by <>, and made available ^^^^^^^^^^^^ by the UFO Research Institute of Canada (UFORIC). ====================================================================== ====================================================================== Note: What follows are typed in portions of four pages of text. The first two pages, are medical reports from the University of California Medical Center, San Diego. The third page is a letter from Dr. P.A. Lindstrom to Robert Naeslund. The last page is a brief summary of the brain transmitter experiments as compiled by R. Naeslund and friends. At the end of the third and fourth pages, there are several paragraphs of commentary, attributed to someone by the name of "Koski". This file begins with a few observations made by UFORIC Director Lorne Goldfeather as to the implications of the Swedish brain transmitter experiments on the subject of brain implants being performed during "alien abductions". ====================================================================== ====================================================================== -- Human implantations are not only possible but have been done years ago and documented in studies. Therefore it is quite conceivable and closer to reality than science fiction that if aliens are abducting humans, they could indeed be implanting a sophisticated monitoring device. ====================================================================== UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL University of California Medical Center, San Diego PROGRESS RECORD (Typewriter Copy) --------------------------------------------------------------------- TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Recently I reviewed a skull film marked: NASLUND, ROBERT and dated 26-11, 1981. That film shows a couple of unusual foreign bodies at the base of the skull, possibly some form of brain transmitters. However, I have not examined or talked to this patient and do not know the pertinent history. San Diego, CA October 6, 1983 (signed) Ingmar Wickbom Ingmar Wickbom, M.D. Professor of Radiology U.C.S.D. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= DEPARTMENT RADIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA MEDICAL CENTER --------- SAN DIEGO UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 225 DICKSON STREET SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92103-9781 Radiological report regarding a skull film marked: KABOLLYSKA 26-11-1981 NASLUND, ROBERT This film demonstrates at the skull base an unusual implanted foreign body about 1 cm in diameter. This foreign body appears to be some form of transmitter. October 10, 1983 (signed) Ricardo Centeno Ricardo Centeno, M.D. Assistant Professor of Radiology UCSD Medical Center San Diego, CA ======================================================================= ======================================================================= P.A. LINDSTROM, M.D. 1005 Calle Delicada La Jolla, CA 82031 (714) 210-1220 July 27, 1983 Mr. Robert Naeslund Ervallakroken 27 S-12443 Bandhagen SWEDEN Dear Mr. Naeslund: In response to your most recent letter regardging the roentgen films, I can only confirm that some foreign objects, most likely brain transmitters, have been implanted at the base of your frontal brain and in the skull. The risk of such implantations is considerable and the risk of chronic infections and meningitis when the implantation has been made through the nose or the sinuses are real issues. In my opinion, there is no excuse for such implantations if the patient has not been fully informed about the procedures, the purposes, the risks, the method of anesthesia, etc, and then gives a clear written consent. I fully agree with Lincoln Lawrence, who in his book on page 27 wrote: "There are two particularly dreadful procedures which have been developed. Those working and playing with them secretly call them R.H.I.C. and E.D.O.M. -- Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory." Many years ago I had some discussions with Delgado. He asked me to apply my ultrasonic technique for his particular purpose of altering patient's behaviour but I declined because we had entirely different airs and approaches. However, I found Delgado to be an intelligent but somewhat strange man. Best wishes, (signed) P. Lindstrom Lincoln Lawrence: WERE WE P.A. Lindstrom, M.D. CONTROLLED, The Assassination of President Kennedy. New York, 1967 PAL/mjt (NOTE: The following two comments were handwritten by two different persons previously reviewing this document.) "Lincoln Lawrence" is a pseudonym, his real name is Arthur J. Ford (an ex-FBI man). KOSKI'S COMMENTARY, APPARENTLY (he is one of the victims referred to below) (I THINK KOSKI IS THE ONE DISTRIBUTING THIS MATERIAL) Robert Naeslund is one of the victims of Swedish brain-research. On 15th January 1985 Robert Naeslund and 49 other people send a petition to Magnus Sjberg, the Director of Public Prosecutions of Sweden. The 49 people who had signed the petition varied for professor of physics to journalists and human rights activists. In petition they demanded investigation about braintransmitters that are implanted in heads of people without their knowledge and consent. The director of public prosecutions who haven't earlier answered Robert Naeslund's letters didn't answered this time either. His subordinate, Chief Prosecutor Jonny Jarnefelt made his decision after 3 months waiting that there is no reason to believe that crime which may lead legal action has been committed and therefore no investigation will be made. This in spite of three professors testimony that certifies presence of strange foreign objects in Robert Naeslund's skull. ==================================================================== ==================================================================== On 1985. I got contact for R. Naeslund who is a victim of Swedish brain-research. This yellow leaf is compiled from information R. Naeslund and his friends have gathered. (NOTE: Article follows) BRAIN TRANSMITTER Device which stream through the brain with a frequency that picks up the sensory functions of the brain by means of a transmitted wave length, which is transmitted to a receiver. Vision, thoughts, images, hearing, etc are completely obvious to the person who has the receiver connected to his head. Vision can even be transmitted to a screen. The eyes of the person with an installed brain transmitter function in this case the equivalent of the lens of a camera. (NOTE: comment on the margin - This is _not_ fantasy. Read J.M.R. Delgado's "Physical Control Of The Mind.") The brain transmitter is the size of about half of a cigarette filter. The shell is manufactured of optical fibre, and teh contents of liquid chrystals. The brain transmitter is inserted into the head through the nose. During its first experimental period the brain transmitter was implanted in patients under general or local anesthesia during hospital operations. The police began to use brain transmitters around 1972. During the early 70's, the police instigated illegal use of brain transmitters. People under arrest and in detention were anaesthetized by mixing somnisacients in food and drink. The apparatus was then inserted. A doctor at one of the larger hospitals in Stockholm has also mentioned that young children were also used for these experiments in order to evaluate thought activity and reactions in children. (NOTE: comment on the margin - They start young. They (the victims) are "visited" regularly throughout their lives by the controllers.) According to information from a person close to Department Head Falkenstam at the National Swedish Police Board, Swedish Prime Minister Palme gave the police the rights in 1973 to insert brain transmitters into the heads of human beings. It has been verified by people in official positions that the brain transmitter is used both in the Soviet Union and the United States, as well as in countries such as Sweden. One of the brain transmiiter centre in Sweden is known to be located at the police headquarters at Kungsholmen, Stockholm. (NOTE: end of article) Some of the victims of Swedish brain-manipulation are dead, some alive. According to Robert Naeslund, the last victim who died was Edward Kelly. He died for cancer on 28, May 1985. United Nations Center of Human Rights, Chief for communications unit, Jacob T.H. Muller answered on 14th August for a complaint made for Swedish government illegal use of brainstransmitters: "I regret having to inform you that the United Nations cannot be of any assistance to you in the matter which you have raised." With the exception of a few free newspapers, Swedish media have exercised total silence about this matter ======================================================================= =============================== *EOF* =================================


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