Transcription of interview on Radio 4 PM. 12.9.90ev 5.20pm Studio.+quot;...Children from R

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Transcription of interview on Radio 4 PM. ---------------------------------------- 12.9.90ev 5.20pm ---------------- Studio."...Children from Rochdale who are involved in allegations of ritualistic child abuse. The children were made wards of court after claims that they had been subjected to emotional and sometimes physical abuse during whats been loosley termed "satanic" rituals. Five children have since been returned to their parents. Meanwhile the director of S.S. in nearby Manchester confirmed today that 13 children there have been taken into care since late last year in connection of similar allegations, though there is no direct link with the Rochdale investigation. P.A.I.N. claim that recommendations in the Buttler-Shloss inquiry into events in Cleavland wernt followed in Rochdale, their chairman, David Monk, outlined his anxieties.. David Monk(PAIN)"it's clearly shown that Cleavland was not a one off. I think following Cleavland the Dept of health issued a guidance document which is called "working together" and whats happend is some local authorities have incorporated those recommenations into their policies, but other authorities have virtually ignored them." Studio "Where do you say Rochdale did'nt follow the Buttler/shloss recommendations?" D.M. "..Well I think there was some fundamental principals inshrined in those recommendations, one of which was that parents should be involved in case conferences. And I understand that in Rochdale they were not notified, either verbally or in writing, or given the right to attend. As a result of that they were, they did'nt infact have their basic human rights of hear the allegations and be able to make reply to those allegation, they did'nt have those met. Secondly,ermm, we are concerned about the length of time that seems to have been taken over the investigaive interviews, ermm, and in fact after six months of the children removed from their parents and not having access to their parents some of those investigative assessements are still taking place, and we would suggest there need to be a time limit on that." Studio." What do you want this enquiry to establish?" D.M. "I think that one of the things we would like from the enquiry is to suggest that some of these guidlines that the dept of health have been laying down need to have some power behind them and perhapes need to be statutory. " Studio "Some of the details of what is alleged to have happend to these children are quite horrific is'nt it of the utmost concern that the children should be protected from parents who may be exposing them to allsorts of..very strange things. Is'nt that the primary concern of S.S.?" D.M." That must be the primary concern, but there is a danger that if you remove children for six months, and not allow them accsess to their parents, and they turn out to have been normal loving parents, the abuse that you will have done to that child could be as great or greater than the abuse you are trying to protect them from. Studio "David Monk, chairman of PAIN. Well Bob Lewis is honorary secretary of the association of directors of social services, and he's taken a close interest in the case. I asked him if he would welcome an official enquiry." Bob Lewis "I think the call is very premature. First of all as I understand it the S.S. committee in Rochdale are to recieve a report tomorrow, and they will have to obviously will have to make a decision as to wether they are satisfied with the way in which their staff have delt with the investigation so far. Secondly I would remind you as against in Cleavland the local authority approching magistrates and obtaining place of safety orders, and interim care orders, which are more difficult, if not immpossible to challenge. In Rochdales case they did go to the high court, they wardship initialy only ran for 21 days and they had to go back to the high court with fer,,, with the evidence that gave them concern and to prove to the judge that they had grounds for their concern. And of course in a wardship case it is possible for a parent or another party to challenge the wardship ruling at any time." Studio "Bob Lewis"


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