Crystal - Eyes Presents The Touchstone Power Pouch This is a once in a lifetime chance to

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Crystal - Eyes Presents The Touchstone Power Pouch ========================== This is a once in a lifetime chance to own your very own pouch of stepping stones to increased health, energy, success, creativity and improved relationships. You'll find 12 GENUINE semi-precious stones in each Touch- stone power pouch. Each stone has an energy that is transferable to YOU for a variety of purposes. Each Hand-Made embroidered pouch contains 12 power stones that you will find useful for almost every part of your life. The semi-precious stones in the touchstone power pouch are: Agate (Blue Lace) - Sky Blue Amethyst - Clear Purple, Violet Aventurine - Light Green with Silver Sparkles Bloodstone - Dark Green, with Red Spots Carnelian - Translucent Red-Orange Crystal (Quartz) - White, Clear as Glass Hematite - Black Diamond, Grey, Metallic Texture Mother Of Pearl - Pearlized White, Biege Streaks Rose Quartz - Soft Translucent Pink Snowflake Obsidian- Black with White Splotches Sodalite - Royal/Navy Blue, with White Streaks Tiger Eye - Satiny Golds and Browns, sometimes Dark Blue You will find all those stones in each Touchstone Power Pouch, complete with a detailed explanation of each stones unique characteristics and what area of your body or life they affect directly. Today's World is moving at an incredible rate with people clamouring to get ahead. Everywhere today people are going to 'Power Lunches'; taking 'Power Snoozes'; or dressing for 'Power'. Now you can carry your own source of 'POWER' right in your pocket, purse, glove box, etc. The ancient use of stone power is being revitalized as today's technology finds more ways of utilizing the energy existing in stones. For example: watches, computers, TV sets, etc., contain quartz crystals. It only seems natural that rock energy or stone power effects our bodies as the interaction with our vibratory energy field (or aura) mixes with the various types of energies in the stones. How can YOU use Stone Power to help 'climb the corporate ladder", "stimulate your creative juices", "promote better personal relationships", "overcome bad habits", "develop confidence in yourself to be assertive - at the right times", or "realize your aspirations and life long goals"? You can start by looking over the stones. Pick the one(s) that match your need(s). Hold it, let your mind drift for a couple of moments during quiet times. Become sensitive to the feelings you receive from it and above all keep an open mind to what may happen. Maybe you're thinking that this whole notion is a bit strange or downright crazy...well you have nothing to lose by trying it out. And if it works for you, perhaps this is just what you needed!! Regardless, you now have a lovely set of polished stones that have been produced just for you with the utmost of LOVE and attention. You can at least enjoy their natural beauty and cool smoothness. Consider them unique and special gifts from Mother Nature. Please think it over and consider this offer. The TouchStone Power Pouches make wonderful gifts. They are truly beautiful to look at and the stones are wonderful and amazingly beautiful. Please contact: Crystal Eyes Box 352 7751 Yonge Street Thornhill, Ontario L3T 4A2 Canada (416) 480-1230 Ask for Melody... Dealer/Distributor Inquiries Welcome. The all important question 'How Much?' You get: Hand-Sewn Embroidered Pouch Stone Explanations 12 Semi-Precious Stones/Polished to Perfection. All for ONLY: $19.95 Thats all, just $19.95 plus shipping and handling. These are truly gifts of love and nature, give yourself the chance to explore them and be one in love and harmony. Remember Contact: Crystal Eyes Box 352 7751 Yonge Street Thornhill, Ontario L3T 4A2 Canada (416) 480-1230 Ask for Melody... or Call ETERNITY (Data Only) (416)833-1422 24 hours/7 days Up to 19.2 v.32 Modems 1.2 Gigs. Fidonet Node - 1:250/902 Feel Free to send Netmail To TONY DEE A complete selection of other fine gems and crystals are also available, including custom made jewelry. Call or Write TODAY! In Love and Light....


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