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Directory of ARTICLES FILES For The Mountain Oracle (301/9, Albuquerque, New Mexico) ******** NOTE: ALL FILES USE PKZIP101 ******* 2DEGREE.ZIP 2nd Degree Initiation 2POLICE.ZIP WHAT POLICE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WITCHES AADL.ZIP Aquarian Anti-Defamation League info. ABBREV.ZIP THE ABBREVIATED LAWS ALCHEMY.ZIP INTRO TO ALCHEMY ALTERED.ZIP ALTERED BIBLE TEXT ANCNTART.ZIP YOU GOT ME HERE ANIMALS.ZIP ANIMALS AND ESP ANSWER.ZIP HOW TO FIND A MENTAL ANSWER APORRH5.ZIP FURNISHED BY JUDY HARROWS ASTR50.PAK Great Astrology Program!(must use pak16.exe) ASTROL95.INF Information on ASTROL95.PAK ASTROL95.PAK One of the best graphics astrology programs! BALANCE.ZIP Comments on "Gender Balance" in Circle BARD1.ZIP SCA Ballads Collection from The Bard BASIC.ZIP Basic Precepts for Astrology BASIC.ZIP Basics of a Circle Ritual BELIEF.ZIP Belief and customs of WICCA (COG) BELTAINE.ZIP Beltaine Ritual BIGTIME.ZIP Is Wicca a "Bigtime Religion?" BLACKMAG.ZIP Article on Wrongful Workings BURNTIME.ZIP Ballad by L.A. Hussey CALENDAR.ZIP 1989 Events (National) CANDLE2.ZIP ABOUT CANDLE USE IN RITUALS CANDLES.ZIP Basics of Candle Magic CANDLMAS.ZIP SELF EXPLANITORY CAND_SBT.ZIP A Candlemas Essay by Mike Nichols CATHARSI.ZIP NOTES ON SAFE CATHARTIC RITUAL CATHRSIS.ZIP A Ritual for Catharsis CHAKRA.ZIP MYSTIC PENTAGRAM-- PAGAN CHAKRA MEDITATION CHANNEL.ZIP Intro to Channeling CIABWASH.ZIP METHODS OF BRAIN WASH USED BY CIA CIRCDNCE.ZIP A Song for a Circle Dance CIRCLE.ZIP Collection of "channelings" from Starseed CIRCRIT.ZIP Opening Circle Ritual by Paul Seymour CLIP88.ZIP List of Craft Clippings in Media 1988 CLIP89.ZIP List of Craft Clippings in Media 1989 CLIPPING.ZIP LIST OF CLIPPINGS FROM ROWAN MOONSTONE CLOSING.ZIP Closing the circle CNEW0989.ZIP Cassandra News Journal (Pagan) 9/89 CNEW1089.ZIP " " " " 10/89 CNEW1189.ZIP " " " " 11/89 COBC.ZIP The "Church of Beaver Cleaver" CODE.ZIP Code of Ethics from I.A.M.'s COG.ZIP Covenant Of the Godess COMPARE.ZIP Christianity vs. Wicca CONV.ZIP ABOUT THE CONVERGENCE (Astrology) COURSE.ZIP Basic Course on WICCA COVEN.ZIP Why do you want to lead a Coven? CREED2.ZIP The Autarchic Creed CRISTD&D.ZIP "Dangers of Christianity" for AD&D players CWR1989.ZIP "Cult Watch Response" Magazine Vol.1, #1-6 CWR2-1.TXT " " " Vol.2,#1 CYBER1.ZIP What would "Cyber-Wicca" be? by A. Shadowcraft DANCFM.ZIP A Play about Tormented WICCAns DAWN.ZIP D.A.W.N. Organizational Documents DEATH.ZIP TALK ON DEATH (Crowley) DEDICATE.ZIP Pre-initiation Ritual DEFENSE.ZIP Psychic Self-Defense DHROOBS.TXT From Oz to L.A. (What happened after Dorothy) DIANISM.ZIP A look at some modern Dianic Covens DISCORD.ZIP ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT DISCORDIANS DREAMS.ZIP DESIGN YOUR PSYCHIC DREAMS DRUID.ZIP Articles on Druidic Craft ECSTASY.ZIP The "Postures" of Ecstasy ELEMENTS.ZIP 132 Column table of correspondences ENOCHIAN.ZIP SOME CODE THAT IS USEFUL ERIS.ZIP Discordian Humor ESSMED.ZIP ESSENTIAL ADVICE ON MEDITATION EXEGESIS.ZIP EXEGESIS ON THE WICCAN REDE, JUDY HARROW EXPLNSHM.ZIP An essay on Neo-Shamanism FEDERAL.ZIP Federal guidelines on Religious Discrimination FELIX.ZIP The Nature of Belief FIL18MAY.ZIP FILE 18 NEWSLETTER MAY 2 FIL18OC.ZIP FILE 18 NEWSLETTER OCT 23 1988 FUNDIE1.ZIP LIST OF ANTI PAGAN BOOKS FUNDIE2.ZIP LIST OF PEOPLE AGAINS PAGANS(BIG TIME) GERALDO.ZIP Script from Geraldo Show on Witchcraft GNOSTIC.ZIP PART OF THE LOST KNOWLEDGE VERY GOOD GOODWIFE.ZIP Short story about early Salem (Very Good!) GROUND.ZIP GROUNDING SHIELD OF CATHARSI.RIT DISCUSSION HANDFAST.ZIP PUBLIC HANDFASTING RITUAL HARMONCO.ZIP THE HARMONIC CONVERGENCE HARVEST.ZIP HARVEST HOME RITUAL HIST1-7.ZIP 7 part history of the "Craft" HISTORY.ZIP An Essay on History (RMPJ) HOMEBLES.ZIP Ritual Cleansing of a Room or Home HUBBARD.ZIP The Foundations of Dianetics (Commentary) HUMANST1.ZIP The Humanist Manifesto I HUMANST2.ZIP The Humanist Manifesto II IDIOT.ZIP Tax Breaks for wiccans? INDSATAN.ZIP RITUALISTIC CRIME WO-COLO INITIATE.ZIP Initiation Ritual INLAWS.ZIP Satire on "Liber-Al.txt" INVOKE.ZIP NORSE INVOCATIONS JOAN.ZIP JOANS DISERTATION ON THE LAWS JRFLAWS.ZIP J_RANDOM FOLKSINGERS REWRITE OF THE LAWS JTC.ZIP The Source of 99% of the LIES about WICCA JTCFACTS.ZIP Debunking of Above KABCODE.ZIP PORTION OF THE KABALLA DECODED KULTCHA.ZIP More discordian material (Poli Sci .001) LAMMAS.ZIP SELF EXPLANITORY LAROUCHE.ZIP THE VERY LATEST "MISINFORMATION"FROM Lyndon LAW.ZIP ANOTHER COPY OF THE LAWS LAWENFOR.ZIP SATANISM THE LAW MANS RESPONSE LBRP.ZIP LESSER BANISHING OF THE PENTAGRAM LEAR.ZIP Interview with William Lear (UFO's) LESSONS.ZIP A Complete Course on WICCA (179 Pages!) LIBER-AL.ZIP Thelema "Book of the Law" LIBRAE.ZIP LIBER LIBRAE SUB FIGURA LILITH.ZIP Msgs. concerning Lilith's Identity LIST.ZIP Check list for a healthy group MABON.ZIP Mabon Ritual MAG-POL.ZIP Bulletin #4 MAG-REF.ZIP Reference Materials for Covens MAGICII.ZIP Magical Poetry Hugh Read MAGICII.ZIP " " " " MAGICK.ZIP Short Course in Ceremonial Magick MAGICK.ZIP A Course Outline by Amber K. (COG) MAGUS#2.ZIP Inquiry into the Nature of Man MAYAN.ZIP MAYAN CALENDER PROJECTIONS MAYDAY.ZIP May Day Celebration MEDIA1.ZIP THE BAD GUYS IN MEDIA MEDIA2.ZIP MORE BAD GUYS MEDIAWFC.ZIP ONE GROUPS WAY TO HANDLE THE PRESS MEDIT.ZIP Short Course on Meditation MEDIX.ZIP When Magic doesn't work MEGATRND.ZIP "marriage" between Spirit and Technology MSUM_SBT.ZIP Midsummer Sabat Essay by Mike Nichols MINDWASH.ZIP Common Religious "Brainwashing" Techniques MINISTER.ZIP Christian Minister in Defense of Wicca MOONWEB.ZIP HEALING RAIN FORESTS MOTHERS.ZIP Mothers Day and the Earth Mother MPH.ZIP Manly P. Hall on Philosophy MUSIC.ZIP Pagan Songs and music MYSTIC.ZIP Christian Perspective on the Dangers of Mysticism NATURSPR.ZIP Work with Nature Spirits NEOPAGAN.ZIP A NUDIST NEOPAGAN TELLS ALL NEW_AEON.ZIP SHORT ARTICLE FROM THE EQUINOX NEWAGE$$.ZIP Commercialism in Denver NEWAGE1.ZIP DIGEST #1 NEWAGE2.ZIP DIGEST#2 NEWAGE3.ZIP DIGEST #3 NEWAGE36.ZIP DIGEST #36 NEWAGE37.ZIP DIGEST #37 NEWAGE38.ZIP DIGEST #38 NEWAGE4.ZIP DIGEST #4 NEWAGE5.ZIP DIGEST #35 NEWLAWS.ZIP "New" Laws of the Craft-Lady Galadriel-Grove of The Unicorn. NEWMEDIT.ZIP NEW TEXT ON MEDITATION (VERY GOOD) NEWPATHS.ZIP Quabbalistic Insights on some paths NORS-SAM.ZIP Norse Samhain Ritual NWLWSJRF.ZIP JRFS COMMENTARY ON NEWLAWS.LAW(LADY G'S) OAK&ASH.ZIP "Oak Ash and Thorn" by Rudtard Kipling OCCULT.ZIP DISCUSSION ON THE OCCULT OCCULT1.ZIP Occult BBS's in US ODINISM.ZIP Norse Magic OFFICE.ZIP Leadership in a mixed coven OLDTIME.ZIP "Gimme that Old Time Religion" OPENCIRC.ZIP CIRCLE ETTIQUETTE OPRAH.ZIP Script from Oprah Winfrey on Witchcraft OTO.TXT The Death Of Religious Freedom 9/29/89 OZOWEB.ZIP RITUAL FOR HEALING THE OZONE LAYER PAGAN.ZIP Beliefs of a pagan polytheist PAGAN1.ZIP Interview PAGAN2.ZIP COMMENTS ON PAGANISM PAGAN2.ZIP Q & A about Neopaganism PAGaNBKS.ZIP SHORT LIST OF GOOD PAGAN BOOKS PAGANTST.ZIP Test for Political Correctness (humor PAGHIST.ZIP What is PAGANISM? PAGNLAWS.ZIP Bylaws for some Pagan Groups PAGNTECH.ZIP Pagan Technology (??) PAMPHLET.ZIP SEND FOR ANTI PAGAN INFORMATION PAN.ZIP Select Articles from Panagyria PANTACLE.ZIP A Teaching Story of Initiation PCHRISTS.ZIP THE BUILDING OF A MYTH JC & CREW PGN&JEW.ZIP Dialogue PLDGECOG.ZIP To pagan spirituality POEMS#1.ZIP Verse by Sourdough Jackson POWRDNCE.ZIP Shamanism PRIMETIM.ZIP Gimme that "Prime Time Religion" PRINCIPL.ZIP Basic Priciples of the "craft" PROPHECY.ZIP MISTAKEN GENELOGY OF JESUS PROPHECY.ZIP PROPHET.ZIP Indian Curse on Presidents? PYRAMID.ZIP BOOK REVIEW OF PYRAMID POWER PYRAMID1.ZIP NOTES ABOUT PRYAMID TECHNIQUES QUANDA.ZIP CHRISTIAN MISUNDERSTANDINGS OF THE CRAFT QUANTUM.ZIP Quantum Mechanics & Magical Reality QUOTES.ZIP QUOTES FROM ANTI OCCULT GROUPS RADIONIC.ZIP Radionics and Radiasthesia RECLMGOD.ZIP RECLAIMING THE GOD, A WOMANS RITUAL REDE.ZIP Article on the "Wiccan Rede" REINCAR.ZIP A Catholic Priest discusses Reincarnation RITUAL.ZIP Documentation, Scripts, etc. RITUAL1.ZIP Article on Ritual workings RMPJ.ZIP Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal ROWAN.ZIP List of Anti-Wiccan groups RULES.ZIP "Rules For Being Human" SABATS.ZIP 8 Sabats, Discussion by Mike Nichols SAMHAIN.ZIP History of Halloween SANTERIA.ZIP Article on Santeria SAT.ZIP A MESSAGE STRING OF COMMENTS ON SATANISM SATANISM.ZIP PHILOSOPHY ON THE SATANISM BRANCH OF CHRISTIANITY SCRAFT.ZIP VOYAGER S-CRAFT AND PAGANISM SEATTLE.ZIP Man's Relationship to the Earth SET.ZIP Some background on the Egyptian God SHAMAN.ZIP Critique of "Commercial" Shamanism SHAMAN2.ZIP Defense of Shamanism by non Indians SHAMAN3.ZIP HARNERS BASIC SHAMANIC WORKSHOP SHAMNMKH.ZIP Michelle Klein-Haas on Shamanism SHEBA.ZIP LADY SHEBA'S BOOK OF THE LAWS SIDEREAL.ZIP Sidereal Zodiac vs. Tropical zodiac SMUDGING.ZIP Some techniques & considerations SONGS#1.ZIP Songs from Sourdough Jackson SORCERY.ZIP DISCUSSION ON SORCERY SPAM.ZIP ODE TO SPAM SPELL.ZIP Elements of spell casting SPIRIT.ZIP 1 person's thoughts on Spirituality STARGAZE.ZIP AP article on "Who believes?" STARSEED.ZIP How STARSEED BBS got started STARSTN2.ZIP DISCUSSION CONTINUED STARSTON.ZIP DESCRIPTION ON HOW TO USE STONES SUMMON.ZIP "Summoning", by Jack 'O Shadows TAO.ZIP The "TAO" of programming! TAROT.ZIP TAROT Progam and Lessons TECHNO.ZIP Ritual for Techno-Pagans THELEMA.ZIP O.T.O., Golden Dawn, etc. THELEMA.ZIP Who are the Thelemites? TMO-INFO.TXT Files and Echoes on The Mountain Oracle TOLKIEN.ZIP "Tolkien Ring" Technology TOOL.ZIP Dedication of Athame, Chalice, etc. TOOLS.ZIP Discussion of Wand & Athame TRIANGLE.ZIP NEWS LETTER TRUEWILL.ZIP Ritual for development of "True Will" TRUTH-HS.ZIP The Truth About Human Sacrifice (AMER) TRUTH-RA.ZIP The Truth About Ritual Abuse (AMER) UNICORN.ZIP The Unicorn Throughout History VALID.ZIP Is Astrology Valid? VAMPIRE.ZIP BILL'S DISERTATION ON VAMPIRES VERSE1.ZIP Miscellaneous Pagan Poetry VISUAL.ZIP INSTRUCTION ON VISUALIZATION W-TOWERS.ZIP 13 Reasons Why Air "should be" in the North WASHBILL.ZIP A Bill on Ritual Abuse in WA. State WAVERLY.ZIP DISERTATION ON PAUL LUND WEIK.ZIP Indo-European roots of "WITCH" WHUNT.ZIP Oregon Witch Hunt! WICCA1.ZIP A Witch Defines Her Religion WICCA2.ZIP Intro to The Craft WICCA3.ZIP Explanation of various "Traditions" WITCHBAS.ZIP CONGRESS ANTI WITCH BILLS WITCHES2.ZIP A Tale of Two Witches, By Mike Nichols WITCHUNT.ZIP ORGANIZATIONS AGAINST WICCANS WOMBAT.ZIP PARODY ON THE CRAFT LAWS WYRDBASE.ZIP List of files availble via special req. fm. SYSOP XIAN.ZIP LIST OF CLIPPINGS WITCHCRAFT ARTICLES YULESBT.ZIP An Essay on the Yule Sabbat by Mike Nichols The Mountain Oracle *Albq NM* 505-884-6600 (1:301/9) 4 ET 128/50 301/1 5 R15_CHAT 301/1 6 SYS-OP 301/1 7 Stargaze 101/192 102/922 103/903 104/11 109/114 128/50 712/313 8 OOBE 103/903 102/922 104/11 114/29 128/50 301/6 712/313 9 NEW_AGE_ECHO 308/60 135/14 109/114 102/922 104/11 128/50 101/192 712/313 10 AMTHEO 102/922 104/11 109/114 114/29 128/50 308/60 11 A_STATE 102/922 109/114 104/11 308/60 128/50 712/313 12 MAGICKNET 100/523 308/60 712/313 13 METAPHYSICAL 100/523 308/60 712/313 14 PSYCHIC 109/114 102/922 104/11 280/311 308/60 712/313 15 Mundane 100/523 308/60 712/313 16 MEDIEVAL 114/29 104/11 128/50 712/313 17 TAROT 102/922 109/114 104/11 107/666 280/311 308/60 712/313 18 NUMEROLOGY 308/60 102/922 104/11 107/666 114/29 128/50 280/311 712/313 19 REINCARNATION 114/29 104/11 712/313 20 PAGAN 102/922 104/11 107/666 128/50 133/205 280/311 308/60 712/313 21 WICCA 101/192 102/922 104/11 109/114 107/666 114/29 128/50 133/205 280/311 282/8 308/60 382/7 712/313 22 EARTHLINK 102/922 109/114 104/11 308/60 712/313 23 SPIRITUAL 102/922 109/114 104/11 308/60 103/903 712/313 24 CONSULT 301/1 27 5_RINGS 301/6 28 UFO 301/1 104/11 29 XXX 301/1 30 HANGAR_#1_FW 31 HANGAR_#2_HELO 32 MARINA 33 PIT_STOP 34 4SALE_FW 35 4SALE_HELO 36 4SALE_CARS 37 4SALE_MISC 38 COMING_EVENTS 39 PAGANSYS 102/922 104/11 107/666 114/29 128/50 280/311 308/60 382/7 712/313


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