TICKFB by Erik VanRiper 1:107/230 What it is: - TICKFB is a little utility I wrote to crea

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TICKFB by Erik VanRiper 1:107/230 What it is: ----------- TICKFB is a little utility I wrote to create a .BAT file for MAXIMUS 2.0's FB.EXE and Barry Geller's TICK.EXE. Warrenty: --------- TICKFB is free (in a non-commercial environment). Therefore, there is no warrenty, expressed, implied, imploded, exploded, under, over, etc. Why? ---- I have 67 file areas. Every time (about 4 times a day) I got in a .TIC file, I would have to thrash my HD all over again. Not too much fun to listen to. This program creates a .BAT file to only compile those areas that you got in .TIC files for. Command line arguments: ----------------------- TICKFB D:\MAX\FBRUN.BAT AREA.DAT [D:\MAX\TICKFB.CTL] The first argument is the name and path of the .BAT file that you want created. The second one is the name of your AREA.DAT. The last argument (optional) is the name and path of the TICKFB.CTL file. TICKFB.CTL: ----------- I found that my .TIC areas do not match my AREA.DAT areas, so I wrote into the program the ability to substitute area names. Here is the format: .TIC Name MAX Name =================== PDNCEE CEE PDNASM ASSEMBLY PDNBASIC BASIC PDNPASCL PASCAL PDNBATCH BATCH PDNLANG LANGUAGE WIN_UTIL WINUTIL FIDONEWS NEWS NODEDIFF NEWS The column headers DO NOT go in the .CTL file. For example, I put my NODEDIFF's and FIDONEWS' in the same area, and call it NEWS. So, I don't want FB to compile FIDONEWS and NODEDIFF, as those areas do not exist. TICKFB will write out NEWS instead for both these areas. "Intelligent" ------------- If there are 100 .TIC files in your inbound directory, and they are all for the area PDNCEE, TICKFB will only write CEE to the .BAT file once. Also, TICKFB will use the .TIC area name as a default, UNLESS there is a substitution found in the .CTL file. In other words, TICKFB will not cause FB to run multiple times for the same file area. How to use: ----------- In my master .BAT file, I simply check for the existence of *.TIC. If there are any, I change directory into my inbound area, run TICKFB, then go to my support directory and run TICK. Then I go to my MAX directory and call the newly created .BAT file. Looks like this: if exist d:\bink\file\*.tic goto tick goto start :tick d: cd \bink\file tickfb d:\max\fbrun.bat area.dat d:\max\tickfb.ctl cd \support tick >> d:\bink\tick.log call fbrun.bat cd \bink goto start You can delete FBRUN.BAT when you are finished if you want, TICKFB will just write over the old one. ErrorLevels: ------------ In case you need them: ErrorLevel Meaning ---------- ------- 255 Error 1 Processed .TIC files 0 No .TIC files found. Source Code: ------------ Written in C. Available on request. Where I can be reached: ----------------------- Via NetMail, or in the Maximus support conference MUFFIN. /* Erik */


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