To: All Msg #50, 29-Jun-90 05:36pm Subject: Tibetan Flags banned in NY? Javits Center Secu

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From: Us-Tibet Committee/Info. Service Sent To: All Msg #50, 29-Jun-90 05:36pm Subject: Tibetan Flags banned in NY? From: Robert McNamara, U.S. Tibet Committee, June 29, 1990 Javits Center Security Personnel Harass Tibetan Demonstrators At Chinese Trade Expo Demonstrators from the U.S. Tibet Committee, a human rights organization in support of the oppressed people of Tibet, have been passing out literature detailing the Chinese program of genocide in Tibet on the sidewalk in front of the Jacob Javits Convention Center since Wednesday, when the China Trade Expo 90 opened. Javits Center security guards, at the instigation of the Chinese, and with total disregard for Constitutional rights, have been continually harassing the demonstrators, threatening them and insisting that they are not allowed to display a Tibetan flag. The sad irony of the situation is that the display of a Tibetan flag in Lhasa, Tibet's capital city, is prohibited by Tibet's Chinese occupiers. Nonviolent demonstrators who have hoisted Tibetan flags have been shot and killed. It seems the Chinese government now thinks it can ban the Tibetan flag on the streets of New York City. Even while trying to lure back some of the business lost after the massacre in Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government seeks to violate the human right of free speech. Tibetan and American volunteers from the U.S. Tibet Committee will continue distributing literature in front of the Javits Center every day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., throughout the run of the China Trade Expo 90, which concludes on July 3. ###


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