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THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS REFERED TO IN D.K.'S WRITING 1. ARTHUR AVALON: " THE SERPENT POWER " 2. EDWIN BABBIT: "PRINCIPLES OF LIGHT & COLOR" 3. ANNIE BESANT: "STUDY IN CONCIOUSNESS","ANCIENT WISDOM", "OPEN COURT","PATH OF DISCIPLESHIP" 4. HELENA PETROVA BLAVATSKY: "SECRET DOCTRINE 3RD EDITION" * COMPILER'S NOTE,2 VOLUMES OF SECRET DOCTRINE PLUS "THE ESOTERIC WRITINGS OF HPB" 5. ROBERT BROWNING'S POEMS: PARACELSUS, SAUL 6. BHAGAVAN DAS:"SCIENCE OF EMOTIONS","SCIENCE OF SOCIAL ORGANIZATION" * compiler's note to the best of my knowledge both books are out of print. One's best bet is try a large Theosophical Library and make a copy of it.Some of Theosophical Libraries will have a copy of it.(BD was an associate of Annie Besant in India). 7. "EMERALD TABLET OF HERMES" 8. MRS. HAMILTON KING: "DISCIPLES" 9. C.W. LEADBEATTER: "INNER LIFE","MASTERS AND THE PATH","OCCULT CHEMISTRY",(with ANNIE BESANT),"CHRISTIAN CREED" 10."NOTES ON THE GITA",* compiler's note find it care of Eastern School Press P.O. Box 684, Talent, Oregon 97450 USA. 11."LIGHT ON THE PATH" 12."PRANAVA - VADA " 13.RAMA PRASAD: "NATURE'S FINER FORCES" * compiler's note,find it care of Health Research reprint. 14."MAHATMA LETTERS TO A.P. SINNETT" 15.T. SUBBHA ROW: "FIVE YEARS OF THEOSOPHY" 16.DANE RUDHYAR: "NEW MANSIONS FOR NEW MEN" 17.WILLIAM THACKERAY: A Poem or an essay with a line about building character and sowing destiny.(a Thesaurus can supply the info.) 18."VISHNA PURANA" 19.W.H. TROWBRIDGE: "CAGLIOSTRO" 20.EVENS WENTZ:"TIBETIAN YOGA AND SECRET DOCTRINE" - 2 - THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS REFERED TO IN D.K.'S WRITINGS 21. AGNI YOGI (* compiler's note the Agni Yoga Society publishes it). 22. BHAGAVAD GITA 23. NEW TESTAMENT 24. EUGENE COSGROVE: "THE WAY TO SHAMBALLAH" 25. LUCIFER (a Theosophical publication in circulation during the late 19th and early 20th century best found in a major Theosophical Library) Volume X


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