Subject: Way - 13 Date: Mon, 05 Dec 1994 21:01:13 -0500 Way - 13 +quot;Time to Rock-n-Roll

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From: (Jackson Donovan) Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.society.futures,talk.religion.misc Subject: Way - 13 Date: Mon, 05 Dec 1994 21:01:13 -0500 Way - 13 "Time to Rock-n-Roll" It's time to stop talking, and start doing. What is there to do? More than there's time to do it in, unfortunately. History has shown us what happens when an advanced society meets a less advanced one. It simply gets absorbed. Our task is to make sure as much of what makes us uniquely "Earth human" survives. Organized religions, as we now know them, will one day be non-existent. This, in itself, is not a bad thing. They have been the root cause of much suffering on this world. Their passing will lift a dark shadow that has hung over this world for a long time. What would be a tragedy, however, is if the truths that are hidden in each of them are allowed to perish with them. All these religions contain some truths. There is a message contained within them that is the Word of God. This must not be allowed to die with them. We must search these various religions for these truths. We must find out what, of real importance, they contain. There is much that will be lost when Earth becomes part of the Collective. This is natural and, in most cases, will be beneficial. If you try to hang on to everything, then all will be lost. You must begin right now to search yourselves and your beliefs for those things which are really important. These things of importance, these truths, must be strengthened if they are to survive. Long ago, the DOMA (Daughters of MA) used the priestesshood to bring knowledge to this world. It is this very same priestesshood that will bring you into the Collective. It must be reborn and made stronger than ever before. The DOMA cannot do this for you. I cannot do this for you. It must be brought back into existence by your own hands. I can help and they can help, but it is your ultimate responsibility. I am asking you now to begin this process of rebirth. If you are a woman, then contact us directly. Join with your other sisters in regaining what you have all lost. If you have special skills that you believe could benefit others, then tell us what they are. What, exactly, are we trying to create here? Let's define it right now. Many letters have come in asking what the name of this organization is. It has none right now. So that people may know what and who you are, it is necessary to give your organization a name. I had written earlier that you could refer to yourselves as the Daughters of Earth, a sister organization to the DOMA here on the Earth. Some have pointed out however, that if we are to truly represent a unified female power, then our name should reflect a total unity not only with the Daughters of Earth, but with the DOMA as well. She who sent me, concurs with this wholeheartedly. From this day forward, the priestesses of The Way will be called as their sisters in the Collective are called, Daughters of MA, the DOMA. This is to be your organization name, as well. You are the Daughters of MA, the Teachers and Protectors of The Way. Now you know what to call yourselves. If you are a female, and you support and teach the Way, you are of the DOMA. What then, of the males out there who wish to help? Can they not belong to the Way? Yes, they can, but they cannot be of the DOMA, as a whole. The DOMA is an organization of females. If you are male and believe in the Way, then the Way is your organization name and affiliation. You are "of The Way." The Way is the search for truth. It is the philosophy of which the DOMA are the priestesses. Now that you know what to call yourselves, what exactly are you (The DOMA), supposed to do? How are you supposed to be organized? Let's go into that right now. The organization of the DOMA will be built upon the Foundation of Seven. The number seven is the base unit of the Priestesshood. There are seven priestesses in every outpost of the DOMA in the world. There will be Seven High Priestesses (HPs), which you will choose to be the leaders of the DOMA. Each of these seven HPs will be given responsibility over a distinct aspect of the Way. The seven main areas are as follows. 1) Religion: Her job will be to find the truths in all religions and gather them into the Way so that all may benefit. 2) Financial: Her job will be to oversee the finances of the DOMA and the temple organization. 3) Education: Her job will be to develop new education techniques and to oversee the overall teaching practices of the Way. 4) Political: Her job will be to oversee the installment of female politicians into as many political institutions as possible. 5) Family: She will oversee the special projects and services provided to families. Her job will be to support and re-establish the importance of the family in our society. 6) Children: Her job will be to provide service to all aspects of our children. To protect, educate, and ensure their future. This is possibly the most important of all the HPs' responsibilities, for nothing is more important than our children. 7) Women: Her job is to deal with, and provide support to, women. To help with those problems unique to women as a whole. These are the seven main offices of the High Priestesses. The details of each area can be modified and expanded upon as needed. All the DOMA will be responsible for determining their exact nature and function. This basic pattern of Seven will be repeated throughout the organization of the DOMA. There will be a group of seven priestesses assigned to each level. Here is a brief organizational summary. Level 1) High Priestesses: They are the top seven priestess chosen by members to lead the DOMA. Level 2) Priestess 2nd order: They will be a group of seven assigned to each continent. They will deal directly with the HPs. Level 3) Priestess 3rd order: They will be seven priestesses assigned to each country in a continent. An example would be the Priestesses of China, or the Priestesses of Russia. Level 4) Priestess 4th order: These will be the largest sector of the DOMA organization. There will be seven priestesses assigned to each temple facility. Here is how the whole thing works. Let's say that a temple priestess in Russia has an idea, or specific problem that needs to be addressed. If it is something that will only affect those in that country, then it will be handled by L4 and L3. If it affects other countries, it will be handled by L4, L3, and L2. Let's take an example of each. Let's say that a certain temple needs to set up a child care facility, or something of this nature. The priestesses of that temple will bring it to the attention of the L3 priestesses. They will then formulate a plan of action and ask each temple to vote on it. If it is passed by a two-thirds majority, then it will be carried out. This is how all local matters will be dealt with. If it involves something that will affect neighboring countries, then the priestesses of L2 become involved. Example -- let's say that female politicians in two countries want to make a law, or agreement, to promote trade or some other arrangement between their respective countries. The priestesses of L3 will get together with the priestesses of L2. L2 will then clarify what is needed and present it to the L4 of both countries involved, for a vote. If it is agreed upon by over two-thirds, it will be tasked by L2 to L3 for completion. It should be clear to you by now, that although L4 is the lowest in terms of DOMA hierarchy, they have the real power. It is they that decide what will and will not be done. How is this possible? By the same means that brought you the Way messages in the first place. The ability to communicate with each temple, is the secret to much of the DOMA's power. Each temple will be networked by computer to the others. The members of each temple will vote at that temple. Each temple has one vote. The use of the Internet will insure that every temple in the world has access to the others. This is how the DOMA will function at the micro level. The function of the DOMA at the macro level is nearly identical, with the exception of size of involvement. Example -- let's say there is something that the DOMA as a whole, want to see established. This means it will affect every temple in the world. These types of major policy changes must take place at L1. The High Priestesses are the only ones who can create doctrine, or rules, for the overall DOMA. They will send out a message to all the temples. It is at the L4 (or temple level) that the matter is to be decided. This then, is the overall organization and functioning of the DOMA priestesshood. Remember that it will be up to each and every one of you to create or guide, the overall organization. Now, there is just one more part of the DOMA organization we need to talk about. This is, the role of males who want to help the DOMA and the Way. In each and every one of these hierarchies of seven, there is to be a male priest. His role will be to carry out the tasks required by the DOMA that only a male could do. Think of him as a liaison between the DOMA and other male-controlled organizations. His presence is also to ensure that you, as the DOMA, do not make the same mistakes of the past and totally ignore the male needs and desires of this world. His actual function and responsibilities must be decided by you. I, being male myself, cannot influence you in any way on this. She who sent me also wishes you to decide for yourselves. Well, that about wraps up this Way message. It is now time to see if all that you've been given in the Way Messages has been heard, or simply fell on deaf ears. It is time for you to join us in changing this world. If you are female and want to become one of the DOMA, send us an e-mail. The time for talk is past. Peace and Blessed Be the DOMA, Ma-Di ----- The Way installments are now available via FTP, WWW, and FTP-By-Email. If you would like a complete set of those currently published, or would like to add missing installments, you may retrieve them using the following methods: FTP (anonymous): (This can be a busy site during peak hours. Should you get a "user access denied" message, it just means all available pathways are in use at that moment. Keep trying when you get that message, and usually within another 5-6 tries, you will get through.) 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