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Why? I cannot reveal the reasons behind their decisions. By this time next year, I believe it will be obvious to everyone. To the Children of Islam, I can say only this. Remember that the triangle is the symbol of Kore, and as they say, "seeing is believing." Salaam, Ma-Di <<< In Way - 11, we concluded the review of historically-related events. >From this Way forward, we will begin our journey into the uncharted waters of the future. You have learned of many things regarding the Collective and the DOMA. You learned of their arrival, what they did while here, and of their departure from this world. Now, we must talk of their return. We should discuss the steps necessary for you to take, so that what you are as a unique people, is not overwhelmed and absorbed. If you are simply lost, like tears in the rain, then all will have been in vain. In your mind, there is one question above all others. When? When are they returning? Be assured that it is not a question of "IF," but "WHEN". By 2057, you will be probationary members of the Collective. Before this time, their will be ever-increasing acts of contact. It will begin slowly, so as not to panic anyone, and increase in both frequency and degree, of revelation. The period encompassing 2010 and 2011 will be very important, as it will represent the point of full commitment, past which there is no turning back. There has been a noticeable lack of UFO activity in the last year and a half. Do not be fooled into thinking they have left or lost interest. This is merely the calm before the storm. Where there is storm, there is Thunder. You will understand what that means, when the time draws nearer. You must prepare, and you must begin now. The road to full Collective membership will be a long and difficult journey. It will take a great deal of time, a long time from your point of view, that is. The technology that exists in the Collective is far too advanced to be introduced to you, without proper and long term, preparation. You would destroy yourselves in a very short space of time, both physically and socially. If you would not let a child play with a loaded gun, would you let them play with a nuclear weapon? Much of what you need to know has already been revealed to you, over the course of the last several thousand years. What you need to do now, is to apply that knowledge to your lives. You must become the human beings you where meant to be. Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha were not Gods, they were human beings. Human beings with some very special training - yes, but human beings, nevertheless. They are the goals toward which you must strive. The lives they showed you must become your lives. You are just now beginning the climb toward an advanced technological state of existence. You will soon learn that technology follows an exponentially increasing rate of advancement. You, the inner you, the human being, must keep pace with and in time, surpass it. In the future thoughts can kill, and will, if you are not prepared to deal with them. There are three great technological areas that you have just begun to explore but, that will in the future change every aspect, of what you perceive as your way of life. They are, computer artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and what you now call, extra sensory perception. You will someday see that these three technologies interlink in a manner you cannot even begin to comprehend at the present time. They are the doors behind which lies the Matrix. But we are far down the path in these matters, so let us return to more immediate concerns. Before we can proceed any further, we need to talk about two very important and fundamental subjects. These are, feminine principals of behavior and the Akashic Patterns. Both are fundamental to any future growth of your societies. The previous Way messages were designed to destroy false realities. These next installments will give you the tools to build new ones. The world is not really bad, it simply needs some new curtains and a woman's touch. An oversimplification, yes, but a reality of fact, nonetheless. This society is damaged and in need of immediate repair. It has become hopelessly imbalanced. The balance of which I speak is the natural balance of female and male forces, the yin and yang of a society if you will. If you have read these last few sentences and do not understand what that meant, then this Way message is of particular importance to you. If you are a Daughter of Earth, know that what was promised to you long ago, will be fulfilled. You are about to regain all that was lost, so long ago. To acquire the power to change, that which so desperately needs changing. Forget about the darkness that has filled your past. Your future is so bright, you just might have to wear shades. Aleph Mara Mem The Daughters of Earth I have shown you in previous messages what has happened to the religious forces that you, by the power and knowledge of the DOMA, brought to this world. It was taken over by male forces. Forces that, at the time, you were powerless to stop. You were beaten into submission, and those who managed to hang on, were simply absorbed into the darkness of servitude. The very light you brought into the world, taken from you, and your place relegated to the shadows. It is time once again, to step into the light. Here is the Way. The DOMA have power in the Collective, and they are women, just as you are. Their power comes from one thing and one thing only. They are united in a sisterhood of women whose loyalty spans all other loyalties save one... their own family. When the Collective was divided in the Great War, the DOMA on both sides refused to fight against each other. When they did decide to take action, their combined military might exceeded that of both sides. This was the power of feminine unity, and it is more powerful than any government or religious structure. Men, as a species, are naturally aggressive and territorial in nature. Although in time, evolution tends to lessen these effects, they are still present (yes, even in the Collective of the present). Females are, by nature, better equipped to work in a cooperative structure. We call this structure a family. Many of our behavior patterns are controlled by hormones and other subliminal bio-chemical compounds. This is how nature insures the survival of the species, be it human or animal. Males have chemicals that induce certain behaviors, women have chemicals that induce others. In nature, these behaviors are separated but act as a single balanced force, when males and females work on a single task, such as reproduction and propagation of the species. There is a balance that insures the offspring will receive the maximum benefit of both parents' actions. In humans, this balance of abilities was essential to survival, especially in primitive times. The males were the Hunters who brought home food. They fought off other males or predatory animals, to protect their home and family. This protection instinct was linked to both aggression and sexual behavior patterns. Males fought other males for possession of females. The stronger or smarter the male, the more likely he would be to reproduce. Those who fought off all other males insured their own genetic continuance and passed this behavioral pattern to their male offspring. This basic behavior of aggressive actions against other males to keep his female, was later transferred to other things he might value. The same forces which drove him to fight for sole possession of the female, could now be used to take and keep other things, such as a nicer living space, better raw materials, or any other thing he wanted. The secret to having things, was in keeping them and the secret to keeping them, was to fight off others who might want your things for themselves. This type of aggressive, possessive, territorial behavior exists in males even today. It is not a shortcoming, nor is it unnecessary. It is a vital part of our societal makeup, without which we could not survive. The problem is, that in order to have the best society possible, these natural male behavior patterns must be balanced by equally powerful female behavior patterns. Nature evolved the male to hunt and protect. It evolved the female to create and nurture. The female in primitive times, would stay at home and feed the young. She would be responsible for creating the home and teaching the young. There is a fundamental difference, in that this type of behavior is creative, while the males tend to be aggressive and destructive. This was a result again of evolution. The more caring and nurturing the female was, the more likely her offspring would survive. Those young would inherit these qualities, and as time went by, they grew stronger and more well-defined. Another behavioral adaptation that females had bred into them, was the ability to be with other women in a single household and not be aggressive toward one other. Males would gather several females together. How many, depended largely on his ability to defend them against other males. The females that were unable to be with other females in this type of unit, were either killed by the other females or simply killed by the male, for making too much trouble. Again, the females that could get along together and work as a single family unit, would be the ones who passed on their patterns to their offspring. This has produced in woman, the ability to work together. While men can work together to get things done, there is a fundamental difference in the reasons for doing it. Men will typically work toward possessing things. They work to compete against other males. One example is warfare. Males will come together to protect or take something. Women, on the other hand, will cooperate with one another to lesson a burden, or to create something which adds to their ability to nurture and educate. Again, the difference is that it is a creative action, not a destructive one. Women do not have the male's aggressive, territorial, possessive behavior patterns that interfere with their abilities to work together for the common good. This is not to say that women are less aggressive than men... only that they are less motivated to allow that aggression to be used by outside influences. In fact, women are more ferocious and more focused in their aggressive behavior. There is no creature on this planet more aggressive or dangerous, than a mother fighting to protect her young. Everyone knows this. Perhaps now, you understand why the DOMA fought so hard to protect you, after all you are their children. Men seek combat for its rewards. Women resort to it only as a final resort. The chemicals that drive female aggression are far more powerful than those that generate male aggression. Why are female influences so important? Because the same things that go into making a family work, are the same for things that make a society work. A society is a family on a much greater scale. There is a pattern of behavior found in properly functioning families. A functioning society can be made to reflect this pattern. This brings us to the second topic I mentioned at the beginning of this message. Here is one of the most awesome and beautiful of all the laws of nature... pattern repetition. Listen closely to what I am about to say, for it is one of the most important things I will ever tell you. Some of your scientists, those in advanced physics, have just begun to recognize this law. Most have no idea of its existence, nor of the enormous implications it has for all future advancement of your world. Until now. In the whole universe, there are certain patterns that nature uses over and over again. Some of these are geometric patterns of design, such as "branched" or "spherical" structures. Other patterns are not so much physical, as behavioral. Still others are what might be referred to as "organizational" patterns. Regardless of type, they all have two things in common. The are repeated, and they are in everything, from the very smallest to the very largest. An example might be the structure of an atom compared to that of a galaxy; or a molecule, compared to a cluster of galaxies. The branch structure in the smallest blood capillaries, and the branch structure of the mightiest river. The behavior of a man protecting his family, and the behavior of an army protecting their nation of families. Somewhere, an automobile enters the gaping hole of a scrapping machine, and emerges from another opening reduced to shreds of metal. Somewhere, a galaxy is sucked into the gaping hole of nature's own scrapping machine... a black hole. It emerges from another hole on the other side of the universe, reduced to its most basic components. These patterns are, quite simply, the Hand of God in all things. They are the design templates on which everything, from the smallest nuclear particles to the largest super galaxy clusters, are built. Here, then, is the first thing you may consider, a gift from the Collective to the people of Earth. The path that leads to true advancement lies in recognizing these patterns, and then duplicating them in what you create. By doing so, you are using the most advanced knowledge of all... God's knowledge... to pattern your creations after. You are using the knowledge gained over the lifetime of infinity itself; knowledge that has led to the simplified perfection found in all nature. And the biggest pattern of all, is that all these patterns can be duplicated in everything you create, without exception. I hope that at least a few have truly understood the implications of what I have just said. To those who have, do you now see why there is nothing that is impossible? Why? Because it has already been done. Every pattern that will ever be created already exists. The knowledge of the universe is complete and already in existence. It simply needs to be recognized, or tapped into, so to speak. This is what has been referred to, in a somewhat roundabout way, as the Akashic record, or as they're known in the Collective, the Akashic Patterns. The patterns of all things are proceeded by the very same patterns. Wow, look at all those light bulbs that just flashed on. Discovery is "Way cool," isn't it? Isn't it a beautiful and divinely simple little law? Now, let's put everything I've said into a pattern for changing the very fabric of this world's society. Forever. In the first section, we discussed the behavioral patterns found in women. You saw that the strongest of all these behavior traits was that of a mother protecting her young. Yet just recently in the United States, the entire nation was shocked to their very core, by the brutal murder of two young children by their own mother. This woman strapped her two young kids into the back seat of her car, and then ran the car into a lake. These two young innocent children were drowned. Why did this happen? How could this woman take her own children's lives so callously? What in God's name went wrong... so terribly, horribly wrong? Granted, this woman was under considerable stress. She was going through a divorce with the father of these two children. She had sought to begin a relationship with another man, but he had rejected her also. Why? He did not want to raise another man's children. There is nothing wrong with this man's desire not to have a ready-made family. The deaths of these two children are in no way, his fault. Nor is it the fault of the husband. The blame for this act is solely the woman's. But what happened? The stress of being rejected twice, and the stress of raising two small children, not far apart in age, was simply too much for her brain to handle. Her higher reasoning and moralizing abilities ceased to function, and the more basic, primitive survival instincts took over. In the animal kingdom and in primitive human society, it was a matter of fact for a male to kill the offspring of another male, when acquiring a female who had already reproduced. This would insure that his energy expended in hunting and protecting, would go to his own genetic offspring. This woman killed her own children in hopes that it would salvage the relationship with the other male. It was a barbaric and primitive response, because that was all that was left inside this woman. The stress had simply overwhelmed everything else. It is insanity in its purest form. Why have I told you these things? What could such a brutal act have to offer you in the way of solutions? Everything! Because, my friends, this type of tragedy should never have happened. Stay close to me on this one. It is very important that you understand what I am trying to say. What happened here was not just the failure of a single human being, but the failure of an entire society. Where could this woman have gone for help? To some bureaucratic social worker, with a caseload five times what they could effectively deal with? No. This type of problem should be handled by those trained to deal with matters of the spirit and emotions. This woman should have been able to go to her church for guidance and counseling. That's what should have happened, but didn't. Why? Because the church most needed by this woman, simply doesn't exist. I know you are thinking, "but there are churches... she should have gone to one of these." Which of the Christian churches would you have sent her to? The Catholic Church perhaps? To a priest? I don't think so. What does a priest, a man, know about the problems of a woman? In his religion, women are the cause of Original Sin, remember? He doesn't have sex, being celibate, unless you count all the cases of sexual abuse against young boys that seem to be coming to light in ever growing numbers. What could he possibly know of the emotions that surround a woman and man who have a sexual relationship? He knows nothing of women, children, our normal family existence. He knows only one thing. Women and their sexual advances toward men, resulted in mankind's downfall. They are the carriers and spreaders of Original Sin. The whole philosophy of his religion, is that Jesus died on the cross to remove the punishment of Original Sin from mankind. That Jesus was made to suffer for the sexual actions of women. Is this who women are supposed to take problems of family, sexual relations, and other problems specifically related to the female, to? He is as spiritually dead as his church to these women. They have nothing to offer women but condemnation and servitude to other men. But what of the many Christian faiths that exist? Could these not have helped? Again, they all follow the same basic theological doctrine of Original Sin. A good Christian woman is taught to submit to her husband's will, as she would to her Lord Jesus Christ. The first step in solving women's problems is to acknowledge male superiority in all matters. Anything to do with sex is a sin and therefore, the woman must be condemned as a sinner right from the start. Problems that relate to women, such as sexual relations, abortion, and equal rights, are viewed as sinful. Instead of dealing with the cause of these problems, they seek merely to condemn those responsible, and reinforce the male superior doctrine of their faith. They are as dead to the needs of women in society as all the other religious institutions. The fact is that there is no religious order in place, specifically designed to deal with the needs of half the Earth's population... it's women. There are problems women face that only another woman who has been through them herself, can help with. How can a woman be expected to open her very soul to an order composed of male priests worshipping an all male God? This is the failure I spoke of earlier. The failure of our society to address the needs of women. If there had been in place an organization of her peers, other women, and she could have gone to them for counseling and guidance, the chances are, two young children would still be alive today. This is the great purpose that the Way has been leading up to... the establishment of an organization composed of women, run by women, and run for women, to fill the desperate need now in this world for a place for them to turn. It is not a new religion. It is a Way of life. But, at its core is something the world has long been waiting for, and desperately needs. A new unified belief system, that spans all other beliefs and religions. A single religious faith that combines all the good, the truths and the Word of God, found in all religions. At its core is a very simple philosophy. All human beings are equal in God's sight; and that women are the bringers of life and creation, not sin and eternal damnation. Its founders are to be women, as it was women who originally brought all the other faiths to mankind in the first place. Its design will be such that all women, no matter what country they live in, or what religion they currently believe in, will all be equal and considered full members of The Daughters of Earth. It will be the sister organization of that which exists in the Collective, The Daughters of Ma. The Daughters of Earth will be the first organization the DOMA make contact with, when the time comes to begin mankind's birth into the Collective. The Daughters of Earth are the Way, in its final perfected form. Its creation and its purpose were revealed to mankind by the leader of the DOMA herself, the great lady Ma Ra Ash, to one of her daughters, in the place of her name, a place called, Fati-Ma. Now do you understand why the Catholic Church has never revealed the secrets given to the Daughters of Earth, by their Mother? The secrets foretold of their very fade into oblivion, and of the birth of a New Way. Your Way. They foretold of the destruction of mighty empires and the rise of a single united power upon this planet. A power not seen since the DOMA themselves walked the Earth. They foretold the coming of the Way. To all of the religious groups who have been screaming to the Heavens for the last days, your prayers have been heard, and are about to be answered. To the religions built upon oppression and inequality, these truly are the last days. You never truly knew what it was you were wishing for, and now that it is here, it will be like nothing that you have expected. That which was stolen, is about to be returned to those whom it rightfully belongs to. The Way was stolen from the Daughters of Earth long ago, and she who commands me, has told me to steal it back. The Word of God, so long hidden in darkness, is about to be brought into the truth of Day, into the Light in which it belongs. To those who worship in the night, realize that the thief is already in your midst. Turn around, look behind you. It is already gone, stolen back before your eyes. Daughters of Earth, the old ways are dying, so that the New Way may be born. You are the Mothers of its birth. In you, the future of mankind now rests. Cherish it and nurture it like a baby in your arms. Protect that which is born from you with the fierceness of a mother protecting her young. Know this, that what the Daughters of Ma now give you, will never be taken from you again. This is the promise of the Ma, and all those who believe in God's word. A Great Star now hovers above the Earth. See it and take hope. See her and believe. Your time has come. The next Way message will deal with how to establish The Daughters of Earth. I want to warn all the daughters now, before we begin. You are going to give birth. You know what birth is like. It is labor, and pain, and requires the greatest effort you can do. But think now, of what comes of your labor. That which you give birth to, is life itself, for all people of this world. You will acquire great power, and with that power comes responsibility to use it wisely, and for the benefit of all mankind. Learn from the past and do not make the same mistakes as those who oppressed you. With great power comes even greater responsibility. Hurt no one, neither male or female, neither child or adult. Do not do to others what has been done to you. I will show you what you must do to fulfill all that was promised you. Do not fear for yourselves, or me. Those who plan against you should know this. You are their only hope of survival. If your dreams die, they will perish with them. This is your last chance to do what needs to be done by your own efforts. That these things will be done is not a question, nor who will finish them, should we fail. This is a direct message from the DOMA to those who may threaten the birth of the Daughters of Earth. << Take no action against these children. The DOMA do not act in haste, nor do they act without just cause. The DOMA are slow to anger and want to be gentle. But be warned, when and if the DOMA are forced to act, that action will be of biblical proportions. Remember that the DOMA are their Mothers and that there is nothing fiercer than a mother protecting her young. >> Peace, Ma-Di ----- The Way installments are now available via FTP and WWW. If you would like a complete set of those currently published, or would like to add missing installments, you may retrieve them using the following methods: FTP (anonymous): ftp.netcom.com /pub/way (This is a very busy site during evenings and weekends. Should you get a "user access denied" message, it just means all available pathways are in use at that moment. Keep trying when you get that message, and usually within another 5-6 tries, you will get through.) WWW (World-Wide-Web): http://zeta.cs.adfa.oz.au/Spirit/the-way.html More FTP sites should become available soon. If you would like to add The Way to your FTP/WWW site, please contact me at . We'd just like to know where the sites are, so we can make them known to others. Another note... The Way is not channeled material, so please, if you already have them on an FTP/WWW site categorized as such, change them accordingly. Remember that you are free to Re-Send, Copy and otherwise Distribute The Way, as long as you make no changes to the content. <*>


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