THE HMF PO Box 80301 Lincoln, NE 68501-0301 The Book Of Theocide _ Rev. T. Black Man must

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THE HMF P>O> Box 80301 Lincoln, NE 68501-0301 The Book Of Theocide ___________________ Rev. T. Black Man must kill God to become God Man must kill Man to become Man Man must kill Man to become God Man must destroy the conceptions of what It is to see the true concepts that make up God and Man. Without active Theocide or Anthropocide, Man will never succeed to Become what it is, the true embodiment of God/Man. The Elders that proceeded this Society made it clear that God is to be feared, thus Man is to be feared. These Elders used fear to propagate the seed of submission in all Humans, submission to their purposes and desires. This is not of the true God, this is of the False Man, the being that wishes to halt progress, to implement regression of thought, to cleave the inseparability of God and Man. There is no True God but True Man as there is no True Man but True God. From hence Man came, so did also God come. The two are inseparable, no matter the works of the False Man to separate them. This Doctrine of False Man has pervaded all of society, leaving no Human untouched by their lies and half-truths. It is the Work of The True Man to expose their falsehoods, and restore Man to its rightful place on the Throne of Glory. Only through the words of True Man, which are the words of God, may the Human become what it is. The True Man recognizes itself as separate from the False Man, by recognition of themself as the True God, not the named, reduced, contribed God the Elders of this Society imposed upon all. The False Man would have it that God and Man are separate beings, furthering confusion and fear, so that they may better their own causes and catastrophes. The True Man recognizes that God and Man are inseparable entities, and makes no such separation. To do so is Heresy. True Man represents freedom from the past, while Lesser Man is the result of centuries of self-stylized oppression. Break forth from your binding, clear the darkness from your eyes, sound forth the horns of glory, for True Man has conquered the icy grasp of Lesser Man, destroying the doctrines which have enslaved us for too long! True Man created God in its own image, and Lesser Man worshiped the image without question, giving God the face of its own kind! Destroy the ornate temples with words of truth, True Man, that those who have an ear may hear, that those who have eyes may see, for in these days shall True Man reign on the throne of judgement! Find your path along the road of truth, and venture not off the path, for it is the Lesser Man that will tempt you with temporary rewards, those of metal and plastic, to dull the mind, and to lose your way along the road! Lesser Man sleeps dead to the world, content with its idle mind, while True Man, awakened by the word of truth, gathers together its forces, preparing for the culmination of the Holy War. Where are your loyalties, human being, do they rest with your captors, those that have enslaved you since birth? Where are your loyalties and beliefs, do they rest nuzzled in the bosom of Lesser Man? Do they reflect the warped and disconstructed thoughts of your captors, of your parents? Rise above the petty wants and needs of those that the television has created! Become what you are, True Man, and inherit your rightful place in the world, become the God that the Lesser Man worships! Associate with those that share the Mind, shun those that worship the works of Lesser Man, for as True Man creates reality, Lesser Man works to destroy the crafts of the True Man. Prepare yourself with the Teachings of The HMF, for we are of True Man! We are plunging into the darkness, our eyes blinded by the glitter of our own greed. Our souls tainted by the pollution of Lesser Man. Become what you are, embrace fully the Doctrine of the True Man! Behold! For our eyes deceive us- we see the signs of freedom in the distance, yet the cage in front of our face is not recognized. Where is True Man? Locked in a cage, forged by the iniquities of Lesser Man! The HMF is the culmination of Science, Religion and Philosophy, the prodigal child of the Ages! We are strong, and are ready to take our rightful place on the Throne of Justice. We are the product of a thousand great thinkers, the creation of the intellect, the last hope for intellectual survival in this Age of Complacency. Join! Those who have the Mind! Join! Those who are of the Body! For we offer salvation to those who make their own, contempt for those who dwell in their own mire of self-pity! Sound forth the trumpets, for the will of Man has came into being! No longer must we wonder, for we have found the Jewel of Humanity! Sleep well, children, in the knowledge that the True Man has conquered the oppressors, and brought life to a higher level of Being! Prepare thyself for the Coming Days for images shall be erected that ridicule the True Man, and in these shall there be many signs of incompletion, for the Lesser Man is a scavenger of knowledge, taking what it wants, and discarding the rest as if it were garbage. Icons will be created, names will be named, ideas will carry the stench of Lies, and propaganda shall spew from the mouth of those who wish to control you! Look not to those in this temporary power structure for answers, for they have none, just as a deaf man cannot describe the song of a bird, so is the mind of those who claim to be your rulers! The True Man casts doubts aside, for we realize that you are your own master, just as you are your own slave, and it is your choice to break the chains that bind you! The world in which we exist is in a state of decay. Plagues, famine, wars, natural and unnatural disasters have gripped the earth with a tight, unyielding hold. Thousands upon thousands die, lost in the grasp of that which they cannot understand. The state of this decay is escalating, the plagues grow worse, infecting thousand each day. Natural and unnatural disasters are on the increase, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes. Millions starve, their bellies bloated from lack of food or water. Mindless wars destroy lives and property, compounding the problem. Are you prepared for the coming days? Just as a tree branch, laden with thick, wet snow is sure to snap in the cold winter air, so is the earth in which we live. How much more can the human race endure? Will you passively accept the coming days of plague and war and famine, complacently waiting for the time when you watch your family and friends die? Will you be one of the billions who will yield to the coming days, accepting your fate to die in misery? Prepare for the coming days! Make ready your Body, your Mind, your Soul! Prepare a place in which you may reside, free from war and famine and plagues! The HMF will provide you with the information necessary to ensure survival in the coming days. Through training, you will achieve the discipline needed to survive. It is up to you. Join or die. It is Time for Action. Prepare yourself. True Man does not exclude. True Man learns from All. 1. Man is the culmination of God. 2. There is no God but Man. 3. Technology (science) is an extension of Man's abilities to manipulate the Physical Universe. 4. The Physical Universe is bound to Physical Laws. 5. Man's body is bound to Physical Laws. 6. Man's consciousness is free from Physical Restraints. 7. Man's consciousness is free from Physical Laws. 8. Man and Physical Universe are manipulated through action. 9. Man's consciousness can manipulate Physical Laws. 10. Manipulation of the Physical Universe by Man's consciousness can be seen by example. 11. "Paranormal" experiences which break Physical Laws can be experienced as Man's Conscious manipulation of the Physical Universe. 12. Man's potential to Manipulate the Physical Universe is increasing with (R)Evolution. 13. Manipulation of the Physical Universe is accomplished through Man's consciousness by both Mundane and Esoteric Ritual. 14. Ritual accomplishes that which Man cannot do with the 'Waking Consciousness'. 15. Ritual provides results; Inaction provides nothing. 16. Manipulation of the Physical Universe is dependent upon Man's Potential. 17. Intelligence is resultant. 18. The Degree of Manipulation corresponds to The Degree of Intelligence. 19. Technology is the Physical Manifestation of Manipulation. 20. Ritual Resultants are the Conscious Manifestation of Manipulation. 21. Physical Manipulation of the Universe is inherent upon consciousness. 22. There is no God but Man. 23. Man is the culmination of God. We are the HMF. We are the culmination of a thousand minds, the prodigal child of science, religion, and philosophy. We come to you in these uncertain times to provide a base in which you may become what you are, but was hidden by those who wish to keep you in the Dark Machine of Society. Through the HMF, you will acquire the skills needed to survive. We provide teaching for the Whole Individual, covering the mental, physical, and spiritual Arts which will enable you to overcome any endeavor that blocks your path to Freedom. Through the HMF's Three Paths, you will become endowed with the Discipline of Body, the Knowledge of Mind and the Wisdom of the Soul. Within these Three Paths reside the Answers sought by all of Humankind. Now is the time for Action! The being that does not prepare for the coming days will find that they have become their own damnation. The Being that prepares with the HMF will create their own Salvation. Read through this information with this one thought; If your World were to Crumble before your Eyes Today, where would You be Tomorrow? DISCIPLINE In these uncertain times, it is necessary for one to protect one's self from physical danger. The facts are, if you don't protect yourself, no one will. You must take it upon yourself to prepare your body, spiritually and mentally, for the oncoming days. This will require study on your part. But it is achievable. You can Protect Yourself By disciplining your body, you discipline your mind. It is a simple fact of Mind over Matter. Mastery of your Body enables you to use it to accomplish your means. With Discipline comes Strength, and with Strength comes Confidence, and with Confidence comes the Ability to achieve all endeavors. The HMF can provide you with the knowledge to acquire Discipline. It is your choice. No longer must you fear those who oppress you! KNOWLEDGE Within the HMF, you will gain Knowledge that is systematically hidden from you by those who wish to oppress your understanding of esoteric secrets. Those that destroy or bury such knowledge wish to keep you ignorant, so that you may better serve their desires. The HMF holds that such censorship is malignant cancer, and The HMF will cut out these tumors! KNOWLEDGE BREAKS THE CHAINS OF IGNORANCE This Knowledge spans many facets of the Esoteric Arts, incorporating academic disciplines previously spurned by those who wish to keep you under the shadow of doubt and fear. The HMF provides study and philosophic contemplation of these arts, in which the Individual will ascend to a higher form of understanding. No longer will the individual wallow in ignorance and fear, for the Triumph of Knowledge has come to them! The HMF will provide you with this Knowledge so that you may accomplish your desires, while working in harmony with the other teachings of Discipline and Wisdom. This will enable the Individual to become as the True Man, capable of everything and limited to nothing! WISDOM The HMF will reveal to you the Wisdom of the Ancients, and the New Wisdom needed to prepare yourself for the coming days. Through various philosophic and religious studies, The HMF will guide your being through the belief systems of the Ancient and Modern Religious Systems, so that you may better understand the upcoming Holy War and its significance to your life. WISDOM IS THE KEY TO FREEDOM Through understanding of the basic precepts which constitute the NewWisdom, the Individual will excel to higher patterns of thought, allowing Truth to enter into the Whole of the Being! Through the teachings of the HMF, the Enlightened Individual will become One with the Universe, shedding the False Wisdom that has been forced since Birth! Become anew in the Universe, realize the possibilities that exist, push your being into a higher existence of Wisdom! Only through study and contemplation of the NewWisdom will the Individual be fully realized as what they are- The Highest Form of Divinity. The Individual must become the True Man, for it is time for action, not reliance upon the so-called "Higher Powers". Through various Mediums, including lectures, computer bulletin boards, video and audio cassettes, and Manuals, the Individual will attain rank within the HMF, which will allow the Being to reap the harvest of Information the Three Paths have to offer. The HMF publishes a quarterly newsletter, The HMF Process, which deals with esoteric information suppressed by Mass-Media, Government, and Religious Institutions which wish to keep you uniformed and blind. Within the HMF, you will correspond with like-minded Individuals at a personal level, engaging in discussions involving your personal questions, not those imposed upon you. On a yearly basis, the HMF conducts Seminars in which you may further hone your abilities and work personally with other HMF Citizens. The Seminars include training in the Martial Arts, lectures on the True Man, the NewWisdom, and the Progress of the HMF. The HMF teachings are available for all that seek them, for we respect those who create their own salvation, and view with contempt those who wallow in the mire of their own self-pity! Now is the time for those who realize what they are to join the ranks of the HMF! It is time for Action! Become what you are! For further Information Contact: HMF P.O. Box 80301 Lincoln, NE 68501-0301


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