ON THE FORMULA OF TETRAGRAMMATON Publication in Class B Ordo Argentum Astrum By: Anthra-An

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ON THE FORMULA OF TETRAGRAMMATON Publication in Class B Ordo Argentum Astrum By: Anthra-Andromda First, it must be noted that this short essay is by no means inclusive, the subject of this most sublime formula is of a nature that ALL in included within it. Thus this wee bit of writting can by no means include all of the formula. YHVH the ineffable name that has become known as Tetragrammaton, consists of the ancient representation of the four elements; Fire, Water, Air, and Earth (in that order). It is said that these four letters also represent the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Daughter. The Father and Mother are Hadit and Nuit, co-equal manifestations of the creation. The Son may be said to be Ra-Hoor-Khuit, all of the possible events in the scheme of totality. The Daughter, might be thought of as the final crystalization of the above; that is final result, cluminating in a single sequence of events, a given Karma. Crowley said this about the formula. "The YOD will represent a swift and violent creative energy; following this will be a calmer and more reflective but even more powerful flow of will, the irresistible force of a mighty river. This satat of mind will be followed by an expansion of the consciousness; it will penetrate all space, and this will finally undergo a crystalization resplendent with interior light." [MT&P] It is the purpose of this paper to show the connection of this formula in One's everyday life, as opposed to Magical Ritual as Crowley did. In the case of an individual who has not the capacity for self-learning or enlightenment, this formula will have little application or manifestation. Though, even in this case there is still a mundane, albeit defective, flow of this sublime formula. In this particular case the course of the formula will flow from the sex act which is the original violent creative act by which that person came into being. This flow can then be traced through the term of the fetal development, the development of the individuals consciousness, and finally to their birth. Unfortunately here is where the formula may stop in that person's life. In other cases, though, the formula will re-occur. At some point there will be another occurance of the YOD, a perhaps sudden realization that there is much more to One's life/manifestation than has been thought up to that point. The person will come to know that there is more and perhaps better, and they set out to find a path to this 'higher' plane. As they continue, and find a path their personal Will develops, and they begin to implement this 'new-found' path. If these first two elements are properly formed, the third element becomes much easier to manifest. Vau -- Air the element of the mind, when properly manifested will allow One to have the proper concentration on their chosen path. The consciousness will unfold unto its limitless expanse. If all goes well there will be the 'final crystalization'; the realization of all that the seeker has worked for, resplendent with the light of the interior knowledge that has been learned along the path. It should be noted here that in the case of most human endevours, the formula of IAO will also have its influence. The seeker will, and must, go through these three stages of development of each of the four elements. Thus, One will find that there are not four aspects to their spiritual development, but twelve. In each of the four stages of the Tetragrammaton One will find that at first their progress along any given line will be easy. The progress will then become as difficult as any other task that One considers impossible, this will, if all goes well, become easy again; it will become as "second nature". This same three fold process will repeat itself at each of the four elements. It should be warned here that ANY failure to progress through the formula of IAO at any of the four stages will result in total failure to achive a proper spiritual goal. That is to say; that while One may 'think' they are filled with the interior light, that light is but an illusion; a reflection of the Sun and not the true light. It is therefore incumbent upon any seeker to find a true path to this light, and to persevere alon that path with great diligence. It is also important to, as Crowley said; to "Enflame thyself."


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