May 20, 1989 e.v. key entry by Author: Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O. - needs further proof

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May 20, 1989 e.v. key entry by Author: Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O. --- needs further proof reading Copyright (c) 1976 and 1989 by Bill Heidrick Bill Heidrick P.O.Box 430 Fairfax, CA 94930 USA (415) 454-5176 --- messages only. THE MAJOR TRUMPS IN DIVINATION by Bill Heidrick Suggestions for general use of this material: 1. In elementary divinations using only the Major Trumps, these combinations afford quick interpretations. Cards may be laid down in pairs or a row of cards may be read as overlapping pairs. 2. These interpretations are based on the sequence of the cards in a reading. Thus, if the Magician is the first card and the Chariot is the second, look under "Magician and Chariot". If the Chariot is the first card and the Magician is the second, look under "Chariot and Magician". 3. For normal readings involving an entire deck, use these Major Trump pairs with the breakdowns for Minor Trumps and Court Cards. For example, the Nine of Wands is like The High Priestess and Temperance. If the first card is the Hierophant, and the second is the Nine of Wands, this may be expanded as: Hierophant and High Priestess modified by Hierophant and Temperance. The primary meaning is always the direct one of each card in itself, modified by the position in the layout. These combinations help in unifying a reading and in examining secondary meanings. 4. For a very focused reading, select two Major Trumps to serve as a double significator. Use these interpretations to pin-point the exact matter of interest. 5. In a normal reading, when two Major Trumps come next to each other, these interpretations will help identify a major influence or change. 6. In meditation, find an interpretation that suits your interest. Take the two Major Trumps that match this interpretation, and meditate upon them. THE FOOL IN DIVINATION In Itself: Airy; Spiritual, good vibe person, happy, innocent. Negative: Poor money and health. Vague, not dependable, clumsy. With Major Trumps: I - VII (Air & Fire) Magician through Chariot. Overly mental, too active mind, not enough stability to produce. VIII - XIV (Air & Air) Strength through Temperance. Best; good combination of mind and spirit. Productive of ideas but not locked into them. XV - XX1 (Air & Water) Devil through World. Worst; mind one way, matter the other. Trouble. Accident. Sorrow. Wilting flower image. Natural cycle is too violent. Danger of madness, mind too far from world. May break through otherwise insurmountable barriers. Fool and Magician (Air & Mercury) --- Easy combination. Magnifies Magician. A carefree person who has just enough interest to perform miracles. Fool and High Priestess (Air & Moon) --- Can bring high inner experiences or total confusion of effort. Can signal need to retreat & meditate. Fool and Empress (Air & Venus) --- Child and mother. Can be very pure friendship. Sex and business are disastrous together. Fool and Emperor (Air & Aries) --- Child and Father. Sense of safety, guidance. Can block growth through excessive good vs. evil perception. Fool and Hierophant (Air & Taurus) --- Child and teacher. Child stronger than teacher, teacher more stable. Can bring delight to old and sadness to young. Fool and Lovers (Air & Gemini) --- Playful relationships. Confusion in marriage. Silly and impractical ideas. Fool and Chariot (Air & Cancer) --- A playground. A diversion, not serious but enthralling. Vague irritation, boredom. Fool and Strength (Air & Leo) --- Luck, good health. A sense of humor in a powerful person. Nature is a blessing and celebration. The power to break obstacles carelessly. Quick wit. Fool and Hermit (Air & Virgo) --- Easy old age. Preference for solitude. Philosopher. Absent minded. Fool and Wheel of Fortune (Air & Jupiter) --- The power of a storm. Easy at handling obstacles, endurance without effort, patience. Caprice, sexual experiences of the "one-night- stand" type. Uncertain luck. Fool and Justice (Air & Libra) --- Spirit of the Law and not the Letter. Good balance. Changeable disposition. Disrespectful but pleasant. Fool and Hanged Man (Air & Water) --- Power to endure difficulty. Great learning experience. Oaths are meaningless if prompted, but simple word is good. Fool and Death (Air & Scorpio) --- Power to endure great hardship. Good memory. "Instant Karma". Fool and Temperance (Air & Sagittarius) --- Quiet exterior, but inside very free. Not bothered by news. Honest, ready for anything. Prone to sadness, needs a mate to be happy. Fool and Devil (Air & Capricorn) --- Confused. Moralistic. Sickly. Good at expressing sorrow and pain through media. Anger from ignorance and stubbornness. Fool and Tower (Air & Mars) --- Madness and violence, or growing pains. Fool and Star (Air & Aquarius) --- Harmless nut. Nice person. A too old child, helpless person. Fool and Moon (Air & Pisces) --- Bad judgment. Poor reputation. Hypochondriac. Menstrual problems or PMS syndrome. Growth problems. Fool and Sun (Air & Sun) --- Easy life in earthy paradise. Good weather. Lack of power over events. Lack of accomplishment. Fool and Judgment (Air & Fire) --- Compulsion. Sense of unfulfilled duty. Great passion. Too excitable personality. Fool and World (Air & Saturn) --- Suicide, depression, frustration; or greatness beyond the normal human limits. Usually indicates something totally beyond control or understanding. With the Minor Trumps: Fool and Wands --- Plans may be too large for means. Great desire to pass beyond present limitations. Need time and encouragement. Need other people to be happy. Fool and Cups --- Emotions produce most of the behavior. Personality moody and given to manic-depression. Other people around most of the time. Fool and Swords --- Very creative and productive. Negative images on Waite sword cards don't usually apply. Given to daydreams, but often very good inspirations. Hard to know as a person for very long. Easy to meet. Fool and Coins --- Hard worker, never the boss, never rich. Accident prone. Closed to other people. Few close friends except for work, party and hobby. Often dull of wit. THE MAGICIAN IN DIVINATION In itself: Mercurial, considerable powers of concentration, intellectual. Tends to adjust easily to different people and places. Can be unstable, untrustworthy. With the Major Trumps: Magician and Fool (Mercury & Air) --- A religious leader, a person who is able to think of lofty things. Often a person with excessive ego. Magician and High Priestess (Mercury & Moon) --- Children growing up together or a romance between inexperienced persons. Lack of privacy. People who "save themselves for marriage" only to find that marriage is too restrictive and demanding. Magician and Empress (Mercury & Venus) --- Friends or lovers of widely different backgrounds. Especially a younger man with an older lady. Magician and Emperor (Mercury & Aries) --- Friendship between an older and a younger man. Working situations in which the boss likes his employee. Magician and Hierophant (Mercury & Taurus) --- Jealousy and possessiveness. Easily corrected by cooperation on a single mutual goal. Magician and Lovers (Mercury & Gemini) --- A third party in a two party situation. Usually a serious interference, but if matters are carefully handled, a good situation can result. Magician and Chariot (Mercury & Cancer) --- A situation of power. Especially power to do one's own "thing". A workshop with just the right tools. A person with everything needed to accomplish something. Magician and Strength (Mercury & Leo) --- Smooth accomplishment. Skillful person doing many things well. Magician and Hermit (Mercury & Virgo) --- A person with a very strong mind. Very intelligent, very attentive to details. May have difficulty relaxing. May tend to analyze other people too much. Magician and Wheel of Fortune (Mercury & Jupiter) --- A situation involving an important message. Doing things for other people. Borrowed authority. Magician and Justice (Mercury & Libra) --- One who is frightening, who inspires awe through quickness and importance. A professional manner. Magician and Hanged Man (Mercury & Water) --- A mysterious person who does things more for their effect on others than for personal gain. Magician and Death (Mercury & Scorpio) --- A person who has narrow escapes. This may include people who disappear for a time and then suddenly reappear. Surprise guests. Return of forgotten relative. Magician and Temperance (Mercury & Sagittarius) --- A very adaptable person. One who changes quickly and learns swiftly. Skill with the hands. Magician and Devil (Mercury & Capricorn) --- A bad reputation, unmerited. A person who is successful with plants and animals. A stud with a mind. A fox with brains. Magician and Tower (Mercury & Mars) --- Difficult and dangerous situation. A person of considerable talent who constantly tries to accomplish the near impossible. A daredevil. Magician and Star (Mercury & Aquarius) --- Reward for hard work. Fulfillment of difficult conditions. The right to relax. Magician and Moon (Mercury & Pisces) --- One who takes care of details. A person who repairs things or customizes existing things. Magician and Sun (Mercury & Sun) --- A person who can heal sickness both in mind and body. Magician and Judgment (Mercury & Fire) --- A taskmaster. One who drives people to do what they would not do on their own. A prison guard. A drill instructor. Magician and World (Mercury & Saturn) --- A person who creates beauty for others. An architect of public works. A person who is more interested in the outside of his or her home than the inside. THE HIGH PRIESTESS In itself: Lunar, introspective, a need to see all as one. The time of puberty for male and female. Moods that are cyclic with the Moon. Uncertainty with other people in action, but calmness in spiritual and aesthetic conversations. A tendency to be physically inactive. With the Major Trumps: High Priestess and Fool (Moon & Air) --- The mind dances inside with fantasy. Outside action is not easy. Inside growth is quick. High Priestess and Magician (Moon & Mercury) --- Play. A first sexual experience or some experience like it. Love at first sight. A feeling of independence from rules and advice. High Priestess and Empress (Moon & Venus) --- A young girl and her mother. The change from child to teenager. Good fortune owing to innocence and physical energy. High Priestess and Emperor (Moon & Aries) --- Father and daughter. A relationship between an older man and a younger woman. Neglect of business and friends of one's age. High Priestess and Hierophant (Moon & Taurus) --- Sex education. Advice in personal matters from an older person. An impossible desire or one that must be hidden. Also an initiation into new ways of thinking. Ease in doing difficult things physically. High Priestess and Lovers (Moon & Gemini) --- Dreams of Love. A lady who aids lovers to meet. The turning aside of frustrations. Also danger from inattention to externals. High Priestess and Chariot (Moon & Cancer) --- Easy and enjoyable times in a protected place. Safety. Privacy. The power to influence events in unseen ways. High Priestess and Strength (Moon & Leo) --- Lover's quarrel. A man desiring to dominate a woman. A woman desiring to guide a man. Good relationship possible through restraint and subtlety. High Priestess and Hermit (Moon & Virgo) --- A good working relationship between a man and a woman. Sexual matters must be secondary. Teamwork and trust. High Priestess and Wheel of Fortune (Moon & Jupiter) --- Events beyond human understanding. The menstrual cycle and all regular changes of mood. Weather influencing events and feelings. High Priestess and Justice (Moon & Libra) --- A woman ruler. A time of peace between conflicts. High Priestess and Hanged Man (Moon & Water) --- Danger of stagnation or of needless sacrifice. Self pity is to be avoided. One should seek distraction of an exciting or energetic nature. High Priestess and Death (Moon & Scorpio) --- Safety in situations and places dangerous to others. Great personal power. An ecstatic experience. High Priestess and Temperance (Moon & Sagittarius) --- Skill at hunting game, ideas and people. A good combination of self- control and action. High Priestess and Devil (Moon & Capricorn) --- A tendency to melancholy. A person who sometimes frightens timid people. Often a man or woman with a large body. High Priestess and Tower (Moon & Mars) --- Vivid dreams. A person with a tragic flaw. Usually a very creative person. High Priestess and Star (Moon & Aquarius) --- Discovery of a new direction in life. Not a time of successful work, but a time of reorientation. High Priestess and Moon (Moon & Pisces) --- Witchcraft. The power to heal or curse. Something new to be expected from the next New Moon. High Priestess and Sun (Moon & Sun) --- Instant and lasting friendship. Not necessarily a peaceful relationship. A perfect marriage. Meeting someone who seems like a friend from a former life. High Priestess and Judgment (Moon & Fire) --- A visit to an old place in the world or in the mind. Attempt at judging the past. Often a time of remorse and psychic pain. High Priestess and World (Moon & Saturn) --- A very powerful mind. A person who lives among inferiors. A person who is respected but nearly friendless. One who can predict the future with considerable accuracy. THE EMPRESS In itself: Venusian. Loving, maternal, usually young but not innocent in the sense of ignorant. A fondness for nature and agriculture. A mind full of creative ideas. With the Major Trumps: Empress and Fool (Venus & Air) --- A child with its mother. A good relationship for growing and healing. A poor relationship for marriage or work. Empress and Magician (Venus & Mercury) --- A relationship between two people from different countries or other different backgrounds. A demanding but constructive situation. Empress and High Priestess (Venus & Moon) --- Mother and daughter. Comfort and friendly rivalry. Empress and Emperor (Venus & Aries) --- An anniversary of marriage. A long enduring friendship. Parents. Worldly success. Empress and Hierophant (Venus & Taurus) --- Parents and teachers. The attention of a guardian. Good advice. Empress and Lovers (Venus & Gemini) --- A matchmaker. Interference in private matters. A parent too watchful of children. Empress and Chariot (Venus & Cancer) --- Physical birth. Venereal disease. A need for privacy. Empress and Strength (Venus & Leo) --- Male or female dominance. A woman disturbed by a man or vice versa. A relationship between two people with clearly defined active and passive roles. Empress and Hermit (Venus & Virgo) --- Prudence. A woman who is cautious but very capable of doing things well. Empress and Wheel of Fortune (Venus & Jupiter) --- Oppression through inability to effect events. A jealous person. Also a ruler, usually female, who has won against high odds. Empress and Justice (Venus & Libra) --- A woman of frightening aspect. A person who has inherited power or gained it through patience and wisdom. Established and conservative government. Empress and Hanged Man (Venus & Water) --- The sacrifice of love. Release of children to their own lives. A woman of great spiritual power. Empress and Death (Venus & Scorpio) --- Rest to recover from illness or failure. Also a torrid but unstable love affair. Empress and Temperance (Venus & Sagittarius) --- A person limited by public opinion. Social restriction. A mother who refuses to let her children grow up. Empress and Devil (Venus & Capricorn) --- Social wisdom. A person who knows the doings of the neighbors. A prominent social leader. Empress and Tower (Venus & Mars) --- Two people who think alike. Telepathy in active matters. Old lovers who may be married to other people. Brother-sister lovers. Empress and Star (Venus & Aquarius) --- A feeling of fulfilling destiny. True will and right action. Empress and Moon (Venus & Pisces) --- Pregnancy. Changes in the body. Evolution of consciousness through experiencing life. Empress and Sun (Venus & Sun) --- Indirect use of energy. Finding a good vocation in life through avoiding a doubtful one. Shyness and modesty combined with unusual mental abilities. Empress and Judgment (Venus & Fire) --- Womanly sexual excitement. Feminine orgasm and the feelings of pleasure involved in nursing a baby. Also physical ecstasy from exertion, drugs or other causes. Empress and World (Venus & Saturn) --- The world is a friend. Needs provided by nature. A feeling of belonging. THE EMPEROR In itself: Fiery in the sense of Aries. Restrictive, practical, opinionated, paternal. The practical element can lead to outright materialism. With the Major Trumps: Emperor and Fool (Aries & Air) --- Father and child. Sense of duty to protect and guide. Tendency to dominate. Simplified views of life. Emperor and Magician (Aries & Mercury) --- A second father, one who takes pride in the successes of a younger person. A ruler appointed in time of great need, but only for a limited time. Emperor and High Priestess (Aries & Moon) --- A person who is desired by a younger person. An example of conduct. Also a person who prefers the company of people very much different in age and education. Emperor and Empress (Aries & Venus) --- A lasting bond of companionship. Parents, especially of grown children. The rulers of a nation. Emperor and Hierophant (Aries & Taurus) --- One who seeks to influence others through words and ideas. An orator, a leader. Emperor and Lovers (Aries & Gemini) --- An administrator. The host or hostess of a party. A person who likes to plan the lives and activities of others. Emperor and Chariot (Aries & Cancer) --- A great social and spiritual leader. Someone who is convinced of the rightness of things done or planned. A dangerous tendency to paranoia when opposed. Emperor and Strength (Aries & Leo) --- A great political or military leader. Total confidence. Robust health. A danger of acting as if the ends justify the means. Emperor and Hermit (Aries & Virgo) --- A very creative person who dislikes to talk about anything but shop. A sage. A person who is the center of legends. Often someone who is liked more after dying than during life. Emperor and Wheel of Fortune (Aries & Jupiter) --- A strong person acting beyond his or her limits. Danger in a fight. Also welcome advice to the strong from the stronger. Emperor and Justice (Aries & Libra) --- Pause before work. Sometimes a sense of futility. More often the marshaling of mental powers and preparation for physical effort. Emperor and Hanged Man (Aries & Water) --- Sometimes a feeling of failure or being played false. More often the delegation of power. The moment of action when events pass beyond control and either go as planned or not. Emperor and Death (Aries & Scorpio) --- A tyrant or dictator. A person who is not open to the advice of others. Often a person who knows very well what to do. Sometimes a dangerous nut. Emperor and Temperance (Aries & Sagittarius) --- A pause to see how things are going. Reassessment of aims in the light of progress. Caution as a virtue. Emperor and Devil (Aries & Capricorn) --- A harsh ruler. Punishment for corrective purposes. Condemnation and self-righteous anger. Physical hardship. Emperor and Tower (Aries & Mars) --- Violence, war, fighting. Usually the power to totally overwhelm opposition. Also great excitement, even to the point of feeling like a god or goddess. Emperor and Star (Aries & Aquarius) --- Triumph. Calm after success. Being in one's own territory. Satisfied relaxation. Emperor and Moon (Aries & Pisces) --- Establishment of gains. Resting on the fame of victory, often too long. Finishing up the details after doing the hard part of the work. A person who likes to do dishes. Emperor and Sun (Aries & Sun) --- A fondness for heights, both physical and spiritual. A magnanimous sovereign. A trusted and powerful person. Emperor and Judgment (Aries & Fire) --- The end of a cycle of growth is recognized. A point of change of goals and methods. Graduation. Emperor an world (Aries & Saturn) --- An experience for which there are no words. Perception of universal order. Also inability to act. THE HIEROPHANT In itself: Taurian. Stubborn. Dogmatic. Strong willed. A teacher of difficult topics who refuses to be distracted by other approaches. A person having deep intuition and faith. With the Major Trumps: Hierophant and Fool (Taurus & Air) --- An adult sees a child and remembers his or her own childhood. An older person guides a younger. Child and teacher. Hierophant and Magician (Taurus & Mercury) --- The point of rebellion in which a youth rejects the standards imposed by parents. Also the insight of a young person into the thinking of older people. Hierophant and High Priestess (Taurus & Moon) --- Secrets. Feelings that are too personal to be discussed. A mystery inside that makes life more important. Hierophant and Empress (Taurus & Venus) --- Motherly protection. A sense of security. Guidance from a kind person. Hierophant and Emperor (Taurus & Aries) --- A spokesman. One who explains the intentions of another. A translator or translation of a significant literary work. Hierophant and Lovers (Taurus & Gemini) --- Marriage. Formal unification. The moment of realization that something has been going on for a long time. Hierophant and Chariot (Taurus & Cancer) --- A guide to useful knowledge. Instruction in self defense. Learning social rules. Hierophant and Strength (Taurus & Leo) --- A strong material position. The virtues of endurance and fortitude. A leader with advisers. Hierophant and Hermit (Taurus & Virgo) --- Physical strength and strong mind. Not withstanding that, often hesitation or indecision. The mind hinders the body by being to active. One who understands emotional tensions and can teach concerning them. Hierophant and Wheel of Fortune (Taurus & Jupiter) --- Great creative power. One who builds material things very well and quickly. Hierophant and Justice (Taurus & Libra) --- One who aspires toward harmony. Physical well being exists, but there is no satisfaction in letting things remain as they are. Need to feel progress. Hierophant and Hanged Man (Taurus & Water) --- Fertility. A good indication for planting or planing a garden. May indicate the fertile part of the month for women. Hierophant and Death (Taurus & Scorpio) -- The points of crisis in life and the records kept of them. Also a book or other story about emergency situations. Hierophant and Temperance (Taurus & Sagittarius) --- Ritual actions and prayers involving material needs. A secular priest or counselor. Hierophant and Devil (Taurus & Capricorn) --- Learning through experience. Physical body training and skills. Marksmanship. Hierophant and Tower (Taurus & Mars) --- Physical shock. Minor accident. A sudden change of the direction of thought. Waking up from sleep or daydream. Instructive punishment by a teacher. Hierophant and Star (Taurus & Aquarius) --- A discipline of self- improvement. Goal oriented people. Strong faith. Hierophant and Moon (Taurus & Pisces) --- Following a path or vocation after long preparation. A late started person who continues long after most people would stop. A good foundation well used. Hierophant and Sun (Taurus & Sun) --- Warm weather. Love of wild country. A feeling of drawing power from nature. Hierophant and Judgment (Taurus & Fire) --- Egotistical person. Too much heat for a garden. Excessive moral censure. Also the ability to do well in an emergency. A good soldier but a poor civilian. Hierophant and World (Taurus & Saturn) --- A contract or other formal agreement, especially the signing of such a thing. A design or symbol having religious, mystical or patriotic significance. THE LOVERS In itself: Similar to Gemini. Mental activity. Fidelity. Love relationships and their trials. Social pressures. With the Major Trumps: Lovers and Fool (Gemini & Air) --- Innocent love. First love. Rarely, a person fooled by love. High aspirations that need not be fulfilled, to think of them is enough. Lovers and Magician (Gemini & Mercury) --- Two lovers and a third person; interference or help in love. Also the quality of perfect love that makes two people one person. This combination suggests intelligence, both analytic and synthetic. Lovers and High Priestess (Gemini & Moon) --- Love fantasies. Unrealistic love. Love that ignores serious obstacles. Lovers and Empress (Gemini & Venus) --- A place for lovers. Sanction of a mother for a marriage. Also a mother who expects to live with her children. Lovers and Emperor (Gemini & Aries) --- Financial and practical matters in love. Consent of a father. Parental pressure. Lovers and Hierophant (Gemini & Taurus) --- The marriage rite. Exchange of vows. Sexual intercourse. Lovers and Chariot (Gemini & Cancer) --- Testing the limits of love or mystical experience. If all is well, the love or experience leads to a better life. If not, it leads to fear and withdrawl from society. Lovers and Strength (Gemini & Leo) --- A strong relationship. People with different talents helping to accomplish a task. Complementation in work or relationships. Lovers and Hermit (Gemini & Virgo) --- In spiritual matters, great power. Magical workings. In physical matters, danger from the magnitude of forces used. Lovers and Wheel of Fortune (Gemini & Jupiter) --- A blessing in time of need. Also a prediction of weakness in a relationship. A need for support through crisis. Lovers and Justice (Gemini & Libra) --- A desire to remain in a relationship. People willing to work to stay together. Lovers and Hanged Man (Gemini & Water) --- Sacrifice in love. Also a martyr complex. Physical danger with High Priestess in this combination. The need to "suffer for love." Lovers and Death (Gemini & Scorpio) --- Close relationships between people who seem very different. The physical death of a loved one. Bravery to protect a loved one. Lovers and Temperance (Gemini & Sagittarius) --- The moment of falling into or out of love. Also decision making. Exercise of judgment and taking of obvious omens. Lovers and Devil (Gemini & Capricorn) --- A serious and demanding effort undertaken with enough power to accomplish it. An adrenaline rush. Intense horniness. Lovers and Tower (Gemini & Mars) --- Physically perfect love. Sensations of pain may be converted into pleasure; in a negative sense, sadistic love relationships. The moment of conception in the womb or in the mind. Lovers and Star (Gemini & Aquarius) --- The hearing of voices. Bells ringing in the mind. Also the gentleness that can follow lovemaking. Lovers and Moon (Gemini & Pisces) --- Reception of spiritual teachings. Growth in a relationship. Negative aspect: gradual loss of purpose. Lovers and Sun (Gemini & Sun) --- Long life together, changing together with someone. Negatively, one person changes and their lover does not. Lovers and Judgment (Gemini & Fire) --- Love beyond death. Respect for a person or the past, a great teacher or example. Preserving the memory of someone. Several negative possibilities: necrophilia, macabre dementia, vampire hauntings and suicide pacts. Lovers and World (Gemini & Saturn) --- Anything involving the world and lovers. Social sanctions and rejections. Physical assets and liabilities. Welfare payments and taxes. Also the planning of a life with another person: insurance, wills, where and how to live, etc. THE CHARIOT In itself: Like Cancer in the Zodiac. Protective and outwardly defensive. Fondness for ritual and formal clothing. A tendency to specialize. Possessive and subject to emotional fits. With the Major Trumps: Chariot and Fool (Cancer & Air) -- Excessive caution. A tendency to be over protective or a feeling of boredom. Also a very spiritual experience in privacy. Chariot and Magician (Cancer & Mercury) --- A well ordered workshop. Power to do something well. Also a danger of suddenly loosing interest in an otherwise satisfactory project. Chariot and High Priestess (Cancer & Moon) --- A good emotional setting. Feelings of security. Subtile control over events. Chariot and Empress (Cancer & Venus) --- The time of birth. Danger to sex organs from disease. Also excessive longing for someone or thing. A need for privacy. Chariot and Emperor (Cancer & Aries) --- Power to influence the emotions of many people. Social and spiritual leadership. Intolerance of criticism. Chariot and Hierophant (Cancer & Taurus) --- Learning one's emotions. Techniques of mental health. Learning safety rules. Chariot and Lovers (Cancer & Gemini) --- Going steady. Serious emotional involvement. Testing another's love. Seeking a new religious experience. Chariot and Strength (Cancer & Leo) --- Preparation of appearance. Beauty treatment. Cleaning up to make an impression. Also an experience involving a party or show. Chariot and Hermit (Cancer & Virgo) --- Enjoyment of life. Maintenance of a vehicle: car, body, horse, story line. Can involve excesses of the "one track mind" type. Chariot and Wheel of Fortune (Cancer & Jupiter) --- Quickness of motion. Stirring speech. Very adaptive person. Chariot and Justice (Cancer & Libra) --- Often physical health. A tendency to dishonesty. A feeling of being wronged by the normal conduct of others. Chariot and Hanged Man (Cancer & Water) --- Comfort. Domesticity. A person who has sowed all the wild oats they are going to sow. Settling down. Chariot and Death (Cancer & Scorpio) --- Withdrawing from social life. An inner experience supplies enough excitement. People who like to be left alone. Chariot and Temperance (Cancer & Sagittarius) --- People who have been living quietly wish to reenter society. Charity work. A feeling of need to mother or father a total stranger. Chariot and Devil (Cancer & Capricorn) --- Blind patriotism. Defense of social laws and forms. Conservative politics. Chariot and Tower (Cancer & Mars) --- Fear, disaster, mental breakdown. Also sudden breakthrough to a new life. Not an easy experience. If the Chariot is well complemented, victory over high odds. Chariot and Star (Cancer & Aquarius) --- A powerful spiritual experience, either of total misery or total delight. The fruits of victory or the lot of the fallen. Chariot and Moon (Cancer & Pisces) --- Discovery of new ways of doing things. Making rules. Establishment of law. Chariot and Sun (Cancer & Sun) --- A person with natural dignity. One who is respected for appearance and manner. With the Empress Trump, a good birth. Chariot and Judgment (Cancer & Fire) --- Good for meditation and thought. Bad for action. Danger in a legal matter. Tendency to melancholy may develop into violent moods. Chariot and World (Cancer & Saturn) --- A person who is a follower, not a leader. Someone who runs away from something. Not a dangerous person. STRENGTH In itself: Like Leo in the Zodiac. Strong personality. Tendency to consider oneself right almost all the time. Tolerant of other people as long as they don't cause interference. Leader. Just a little gullible. With the Major Trumps: Strength and Fool (Leo & Air) --- Good luck and health. The ability to take risks without much real danger. Disrespectful of laws. Strength and Magician (Leo & Mercury) --- Versatile. Able to spot and correct mistakes. Able to shut off interference or turn on attention to others. A good helper. Dislike for routine Strength and High Priestess (Leo & Moon) --- Misunderstandings between lovers. Need to shut up. Need to be more insightful. Roles may be unstable in a relationship do to limitations and rigidity. Strength and Empress (Leo & Venus) --- Dominance of one sex by another. Also guidance in any relationship by one partner of the other. Strength and Emperor (Leo & Aries) --- Strong leadership qualities. A difficult person to manipulate openly. A lover of formality and rituals of respect. Strength and Hierophant (Leo & Taurus) --- One who rules wisely. A person who is professional in the sense of having a style of behavior that few would question. A person who is proud of his or her "word". Strength and Lovers (Leo & Gemini) --- Strong relationship. Teamwork is easy and fruitful. Agreements that are not written or spoken. Strength and Chariot (Leo & Cancer) --- The ability to see things from others' viewpoints and to plan appearances successfully. A good omen for an actor. Strength and Hermit (Leo & Virgo) --- Subtlety in dealing with difficult situations. A tendency to be devious. A person who likes to think before acting. A person who fights advice but may follow it anyway. Strength and Wheel of Fortune (Leo & Jupiter) --- Knowledge of the value of reward. A person who trades favors for favors. Patience. Strength and Justice (Leo & Libra) --- Indecision. A tendency to over-investigate. Also a person who is generous in a careful fashion. Not very open to requests. Tries to give what is needed but not what is desired. Strength and Hanged Man (Leo & Water) --- A sense of fate. A feeling that events have a pattern, but that the pattern is not fully knowable. Strength and Death (Leo & Scorpio) --- A person who has many "hidden depths." A normally quiet person who may suddenly take charge for a brief time. One who lives a "secret life" and a person who would make a good spy. Also a potential maniac. Strength and Temperance (Leo & Sagittarius) --- The ability to make practical plans. Skill at designing objects and actions. May not finish a project, satisfied by planing more than doing. Strength and Devil (Leo & Capricorn) --- Insight into details. A person who can make small adjustments easily and accurately. Difficulty in overall planning or work. Strength and Tower (Leo & Mars) --- A proud parent. A difficult friend. One who is not interested in matters outside the home. This pair of Trumps tends to increase the significance of other cards in a reading where action is involved. Strength and Star (Leo & Aquarius) --- Curiosity. A fondness for stories, especially mysteries. A tendency to invent complications in otherwise simple situations. Strength and Moon (Leo & Pisces) --- Hesitation in time of quiet. Doubt in good times. One who provides for the future. Strength and Sun (Leo & Sun) --- A person who is startling to others. One who seems "larger than life" for no obvious reason. People who exude calm and importance. Strength and Judgment (Leo & Fire) --- An extrovert. A center of attention. Someone who is exciting; just being around makes others feel alert and happy. Strength and World (Leo & Saturn) --- A person who likes hard and dirty work. Also a feeling of foreboding or worry. HERMIT In itself: Like Virgo in the Zodiac. Able to handle details. Hard to express emotions clearly. A deep thinker. Tends to be overly logical. With the Major Trumps: Hermit and Fool (Virgo & Air) --- A loner. Philosopher. One who doesn't pay close attention to physical things. Not likely to become senile in old age, just strange. Hermit and Magician (Virgo & Mercury) --- Strong mind. Great powers of concentration. Exaggerates the properties of the Hermit. Able to think of several things at once. Hermit and High Priestess (Virgo & Moon) --- A mental or Platonic love affair. Attraction between the sexes which does not lead to intercourse. If Major trumps after Temperance appear with this pair, considerable frustration is possible unless the relationship involves hard work. Hermit and Empress (Virgo & Venus) --- The virtue of Prudence (old title of the Hermit Trump), often carried to the point of vice. Excessive caution in personal matters. Hermit and Emperor (Virgo & Aries) --- A wise counselor. Often a person who lives only for work. A specialist. This pair of Trumps is much like the Chariot Trump in itself. Hermit and Hierophant (Virgo & Taurus) --- Strength in mind and body. Mind may outrun body and cause hesitation. A slow or irregular speaker. Hermit and Lovers (Virgo & Gemini) --- Great power and success in meditation and religious experiences. Excessive force in physical activity. Danger of injury to an athletic person. Hermit and Chariot (Virgo & Cancer) --- Power in doing what one likes. Skill in attending to ways and means. A tendency to be too involved in personal matters. Pride in one's actions and possessions. Hermit and Strength (Virgo & Leo) --- One who is excessively careful about new experiences. A tendency to debate or question orders before considering action. Indirect social activity. One who uses leading questions. Hermit and Wheel of Fortune (Virgo & Jupiter) --- Coordination of many things by one person. The ability to think on several levels. A person who's unconscious mind works better than his or her conscious mind. Hermit and Justice (Virgo & Libra) --- Often frustration, especially from a conflict between the desire to complete a work and the desire to constantly improve the same work. Outstanding ability to produce artistically and scientifically, even if somewhat distracted. Hermit and Hanged Man (Virgo & Water) --- The power to effect objects with the mind alone. ESP. Creative abilities successfully applied. Talismanic Magick. Contact with the world of spirit. Hermit and Death (Virgo & Scorpio) --- Creative tension. The feeling of pressure and psychic pain that sometimes comes just before an important discovery or insight. A need to get drunk. Hermit and Temperance (Virgo & Sagittarius) --- A powerful creative relationship. There is a danger of becoming too caught up in emotional crisis or pity. A tendency toward hypochondria. Vitamin freak. Hermit and Devil (Virgo & Capricorn) --- A person who likes to have things funky rather than neat. A vacation or other rest from daily chores. Hermit and Tower (Virgo & Mars) --- A gifted orator. One who is at his or her best when talking. In general, the need for "special conditions" as a release for the creative mind. Hermit and Star (Virgo & Aquarius) --- The need to be alone. Hermit and Moon (Virgo & Pisces) --- When positively disposed, the ability to work rapidly and without hindrance. In negative combination with other cards, a tendency to think of a friend or lover as a bum. Dionysian versus Apollonian approach to life. Hermit and Sun (Virgo & Sun) --- Wealth of materials and abilities. A feeling of security and comfort. A feeling of being in tune with the goal of life. Hermit and Judgment (Virgo & Fire) --- Like the Magician and the Fool, but more willful. Excitement trance or a prolonged adrenaline rush. A tendency to forget to eat and sleep. Hermit and World (Virgo & Saturn) --- Clear perception of the existence of other people, especially one particular person. A moment in which the senses, especially of sight, sound and touch, are sharp almost to the point of sexual excitement. WHEEL OF FORTUNE In itself: Jovian. Predicts cycles in work and moods. Long range plans and activities. Changes of Luck. A person having insight and dominion regarding the lives of others. The proper significator for many types of readings involving past lives and karma. With the Major Trumps: Wheel of Fortune and Fool (Jupiter & Air) --- Great power of change. A perspective on life. Also "complete" experiences, experiences that seem to clearly begin, occur and finish without lingering effects. Uncertain luck. Wheel of Fortune and Magician (Jupiter & Mercury) --- Acting for someone else. Messages from important people. Telegrams. Wheel of Fortune and High Priestess (Jupiter & Moon) --- Uncontrolled but natural events in the mind and body. Menstrual cycle. Weather and seasons. Cycles in the unconscious mind. Wheel of Fortune and Empress (Jupiter & Venus) --- Jealousy, especially involving the "double sex standard". Intrigue. Power held by luck or through constant effort. Wheel of Fortune and Emperor (Jupiter & Aries) --- Making too much of a good thing. Overexertion. Physical danger in work or combat. Good advice accepted in time of need. Wheel of Fortune and Hierophant (Jupiter & Taurus) --- Material success through strength. A constructive personality. Wheel of Fortune and Lovers (Jupiter & Gemini) --- Help in time of crisis. Defense of reputation by friends and strangers. Wheel of Fortune and Chariot (Jupiter & Cancer) --- An orator. A runner. A dexterous person. Wheel of Fortune and Strength (Jupiter & Leo) --- Payment for services rendered. Friendship based on mutual aid. Planning ahead. Wheel of Fortune and Hermit (Jupiter & Virgo) --- One who can do many things at once. Also a person who seems always busy. Often a person who isn't very social, one who often gives the excuse of being too far behind in work. Wheel of Fortune and Justice (Jupiter & Libra) --- The tendency to be conservative, to want to keep things as they are. A person who is constantly trying to avoid "rocking the boat". Also one who worries about "right and wrong" to excess. Wheel of Fortune and Hanged Man (Jupiter & Water) --- The tendency to make sacrifices or accept discipline for self improvement. One who has more confidence in inner conviction than in reputation. A payer of debts. Wheel of Fortune and Death (Jupiter & Scorpio) --- Physical death from natural causes or from taking known risks. Loss in games of chance. Also a point of crisis past which life will change for better or worse. Wheel of Fortune and Temperance (Jupiter & Sagittarius) --- Skill in the fine arts and in the lesser crafts. The ability to turn ideas into desirable works. Good implementation of plans. Wheel of Fortune and Devil (Jupiter & Capricorn) --- Involvement with rules of the past. Either too tied down to old ways of doing things or able to reassess habits. A danger of tyranny when a leader is pushed too hard. Wheel of Fortune and Tower (Jupiter & Mars) --- Much like the Wheel of Fortune taken alone, but focused on success or failure in time of crisis. Dependent on attitude, not circumstances. Wheel of Fortune and Star (Jupiter & Aquarius) --- Self knowledge, introspection for the sake of self improvement. A person who recognizes the element of chance in his or her life and avoids self abuse over failure. Wheel of Fortune and Moon (Jupiter & Pisces) --- One who attempts to change the nature of people and things. Either asking too much of a person or situation, or bringing excessive pressure to bear in the hope of making a small improvement. Falsehood. Excessively high standards established for the sake of effect and not in the expectation of complete success. Wheel of Fortune and Sun (Jupiter & Sun) --- Protection of the weak through strength. A well run community. Wheel of Fortune and Judgment (Jupiter & Fire) --- Strong defenses. A one-sided argument. Excesses of strictness or violence. Wrath followed by silence. Wheel of Fortune and World (Jupiter & Saturn) --- Breaking things. Violence in the home. A formal end put to one thing and a beginning of another. The awareness of time's passage. JUSTICE In itself: Like Libra in the Zodiac. A person who wants to make things balance, who is constantly looking for flaws to correct. Also one who worries too much, especially in matters of conscience. A hard worker. Family oriented. With the Major Trumps: Justice and Fool (Libra & Air) --- A person who can live without rules, having the essence behind the rules always in mind. One who dislikes authority on principle. A person who is hard to understand but easy to like. Justice and Magician (Libra & Mercury) --- A person who acts quickly and correctly without explanation. People will either trust or fear such a person. Justice and High Priestess (Libra & Moon) --- A person with ideals who inspires trust in youth and envy in age. Healthy ignorance. One who appears to govern in innocence and not in craftiness. Justice and Empress (Libra & Venus) --- A powerful woman. The goddess Athena in her amazon aspect. A patroness. Justice and Emperor (Libra & Aries) --- A deep breath before exertion. Taking mental inventory before action. Preparation well done. When negatively situated, hesitation. Justice and Hierophant (Libra & Taurus) --- A person of great stability, but also a person who will not quit in good times. Sometimes a tendency to be unsympathetic to sensitive or weak people. Justice and Lovers (Libra & Gemini) --- Easy nature. Leniency. A relaxed sharing between two people. Justice and Chariot (Libra & Cancer) --- Usually good health, except for digestion and venereal complaints. Tendencies toward suspicion and unreliability. This pair of Trumps can signal a need to disregard imagined negative opinions from other people. Justice and Strength (Libra & Leo) --- A tendency to be picky. Kindness with strings attached. A person to manipulate, else one will be manipulated in turn. Also two people who must be distracted from one another. Justice and Hermit (Libra & Virgo) --- Tendency to hide from opinion. When distracted or forced to do things in set time limits, a person of skill and genius. Justice and Wheel of Fortune (Libra & Jupiter) --- One who resists change, even to the point of reacting to it as evil. Also an obedient servant-master relationship. A parent who tends to dominate too much or to complain about "bad" children. Justice and Hanged Man (Libra & Water) --- One who is fond of rites of passage, initiations. Romantic feelings may dominate thinking. A danger of observing the form and not the meaning of the law or of consciousness raising activity. Also a danger of trying to follow directions or orders even when they are clearly wrong. Nervous breakdown may result from stubbornness. Justice and Death (Libra & Scorpio) --- Successful passage through a difficult experience. Trauma and its effect converted slowly into growth. If badly aspected in a reading: death or loss in pain. A need for prayer or faith in a higher consciousness. Justice and Temperance (Libra & Sagittarius) --- Adeptness in subtle forms of traditional psychology. A born witch. One who learns rapidly from slight experience. A person of whom it can be said that he or she knows things not learned. Justice and Devil (Libra & Capricorn) --- A strong voice. In negative aspect a voice problem. A very dependable person. Also a person who cannot learn from others. Justice and Tower (Libra & Mars) --- One who learns in the "school of hard knocks". Also "poetic justice". Rarely, a person who converts a disaster into a triumph. Justice and Star (Libra & Aquarius) --- Subtle victory. One who hardly ever gets into fights. Also a crazy person who is lovable. Justice and Moon (Libra & Pisces) --- Healthy growth. Animals obey. A person who is a very dangerous enemy, but no one can understand why or how harm comes to the person's enemies. One who may be disposed to the practice of occult " ""malificia" for vengeance. Psychic pressure. Justice and Sun (Libra & Sun) --- An independent thinker. A wise and watchful parent. A successful host or hostess of parties. Justice and Judgment (Libra & Fire) --- A good person to have in time of emergency. One who ruthlessly destroys the harmful. A person who has a violent temper but only displays it when reason says violence is useful. Hot and cold running anger. One who uses hostility in rhetoric. Justice and World (Libra & Saturn) --- One who builds things, especially one who starts public projects. A person who is willing to start a war for personal gain or social power. In extreme negative aspect: a sadist, a thirster after vengeance. THE HANGED MAN In itself: Watery nature. Unselfish in material affairs. Prefers spiritual goals to material ones. Not dependable in business. Self-sacrificing but also capable of sacrificing the needs of family for a perceived spiritual goal. Prone to drug dependence. Best with Magician through Chariot (Fire & Water) --- Concentration on spiritual affairs leads to success. Most comfortable with Strength through Temperance (Air & Water) --- Much activity. Strong personality. Too passive with Devil through World (Water & Water) --- Some difficulty relating to others. Some physical danger. With the Major Trumps: Hanged Man and Fool (Water & Air) --- Endurance. Ability to grow from difficult experiences. Not productive of lasting works. Hanged Man and Magician (Water & Mercury) --- A showman. One who seeks to influence people's minds but is not concerned about influencing actions. Hanged Man and High Priestess (Water & Moon) --- Excessive romantic nature may lead to boredom and inactivity. Hard to involve in social activities, but happy when involved. Hanged Man and Empress (Water & Venus) --- Willingness to respect privacy and to let people have their own way. A person who will sometimes buy a replacement for a wornout possession and then give the new possession to someone else, keeping the old. Hanged Man and Emperor (Water & Aries) --- Willingness to be helped. Also a person surrounded by servants. A danger of being overprotected. A strong person who doesn't know or show his or her strength. Hanged Man and Hierophant (Water & Taurus) --- A successful teacher. Also a successful gardener. A time of fertility. Hanged Man and Lovers (Water & Gemini) --- A suitor who is too ready to give way to another. "Star crossed lovers". Very productive of poetry. A person who's troubles are all due to lack of forwardness, but all solvable through extra effort. Hanged Man and Chariot (Water & Cancer) --- Settled life. No great desire to change the world. Retirement from work. Domestic comforts. Hanged Man and Hermit (Water & Virgo) --- A person who has a spiritual invisible "Master". One who is able to do things which seem unexplainable. Some types of magician. Hanged Man and Wheel of Fortune (Water & Jupiter) --- One who takes on hard tasks for self improvement. A person who rides out changes of fortune rather than fight or complain about "bad luck." A very honest person. Sometimes a passive person or fatalist. Sometimes a saint. Hanged Man and Justice (Water & Libra) --- A person who can believe easily, who can become involved in stories, who cries or laughs easily at movies. Moral or other convictions may show as stubbornness, e.g. Socrates who died when he could easily have escaped after his government convicted him of a crime against propriety. Hanged Man and Death (Water & Scorpio) --- Although there is danger of physical harm, this pair is usually suggestive of benefit. The three forms of Scorpio are stressed with special emphasis on the Eagle. Sudden or unexpected gift. Hanged Man and Temperance (Water & Sagittarius) --- Feelings of rejection. A person who gives up too easily. Encouragement must be subtle, but it will help greatly. Hanged Man and Devil (Water & Capricorn) --- Strong instinctive drive: food, sex and territory. A tendency to paranoia and other dark moods. Hanged Man and Tower (Water & Mars) --- A normally quiet person who sometimes explodes into activity or display of emotion. A person who needs to scream from time to time. Brief experiences of intense excitement. Hanged Man and Star (Water & Aquarius) --- One who gets misled easily. A person who lives vicariously. A poor judge of character. A daydreamer. Hanged Man and Moon (Water & Pisces) --- Stagnation. A lazy person. Chronic minor illness. The need to drink coffee in the morning. Hanged Man and Sun (Water & Sun) --- A person who has too high a self opinion. One who spends a lot of time glorying over abilities that have never been put to the test. Not dependable, but sometimes able to do things surprisingly well. A tendency to have beginner's luck. Also one who hints at hidden meanings when there aren't any. Hanged Man and Judgment (Water & Fire) --- Reputation. Fame. A person with very well known qualities. Strong public relations. Hanged Man and World (Water & Saturn) --- A complete thing. Life from birth to death. An experience that seems isolated, unrelated to any other. The feeling of loss associated with death. A person who has just had an experience that greatly changed his or her life. DEATH In itself: Like Scorpio in the Zodiac. Explosive. Highly changeable. Very influential, but unstable. Power, but little control. Learning or growing in transforming crisis. Very rarely physical harm or physical death. With the Major Trumps: Death and Fool (Scorpio & Air) --- A person who "can't get away with anything." One who never forgets. A person who can endure passing through crisis repeatedly. Death and Magician (Scorpio & Mercury) --- A risk taker. Reunions between long parted or forgotten friends and relatives. Surprises. Death and High Priestess (Scorpio & Moon) --- One who is able to go where others cannot. An experience of hierophany. Death and Empress (Scorpio & Venus) --- Lassitude, especially following illness. Psychological sex problems. Death and Emperor (Scorpio & Aries) --- A closed mind. Also self limitation. Knowing when to stop getting ready and when to start work. Very strict parent or authority in society. Death and Hierophant (Scorpio & Taurus) --- Stories of hard times and brave exploits; people who experience, teach about or learn from such. Instructions and readiness to meet emergency. Death and Lovers (Scorpio & Gemini) --- Extreme loyalty and devotion. Birth of twins and other multiple births. Loss or danger to a loved one. Sometimes a link of consciousness between a living person and a spiritual intelligence. Death and Chariot (Scorpio & Cancer) --- People who seek enlightenment through their own efforts and not at the close direction of a teacher. When complemented by cards having more social orientation, a clue to a Tzedeck, a Watcher and Guide to the human race. Death and Strength (Scorpio & Leo) --- One who doesn't express inner feelings often or easily. A poker-face. Also one who may suddenly take charge in emergency situations. This could be a person like a great machine, usually quiescent but sometimes vastly active. Death and Hermit (Scorpio & Virgo) --- A feeling of almost intolerable pressure which may lead to drink or to remarkable creative discovery. The use of this tension is a key to genius. The misuse of the same psychic pressure can lead to death and decay. Very like the Tower Trump taken alone. Death and Wheel of Fortune (Scorpio & Jupiter) --- An intensification of the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Trump. Death and Justice (Scorpio & Libra) --- Passage with care through a difficult situation. Other Major Trumps with this pair may point to specific dangers or matters greatly needing attention. A need for faith. Lack of self confidence is dangerous in this situation. Death and Hanged Man (Scorpio & Water) --- Change for the better. Sometimes loss of something that is desired but harmful. Death and Temperance (Scorpio & Sagittarius) --- A need to pay attention to signals from the body regarding health, from the emotions or from the general "feel" of a situation. Also one who guides attention. Death and Devil (Scorpio & Capricorn) --- Minor obstruction or discomfort, especially a tendency to take a minor problem for a major one. Sometimes a minor but common illness like a cold. Death and Tower (Scorpio & Mars) --- Sometimes fever and associated illness. Hallucination. Also a psychic awareness. This pair may signal a need to watch for omens to avert misfortune. Death and Star (Scorpio & Aquarius) --- Recovery from oppression or illness. Solitude. Visual experiences in the night, strongly suggestive of the Moon Trump. House plants may be getting too much water. Death and Moon (Scorpio & Pisces) --- A quiet place. A need for water either to drink or to bathe. Remembrance of the dead or of earlier periods in one's life. Death and Sun (Scorpio & Sun) --- Happiness. Death and Judgment (Scorpio & Fire) --- The meanings of the Judgment Trump are especially stressed. Peace and fulfillment of living. Sometimes ache, ulceration or weariness. Death and World (Scorpio & Saturn) --- To produce under pressure. A time of weariness in which much will be accomplished because of need or habit. The curse of unending labor. TEMPERANCE In itself: Like Sagittarius in the Zodiac. Active, alert, questioning. Tends to approach life from many directions at once. Changeable, learns by trial and error. With the Major Trumps: Temperance and Fool (Sagittarius & Air) --- A person who seems outwardly quiet, even dull, but who is inwardly very free. The quality of independence in thought. Need of others for company and inspiration. Sometimes one who thinks of friends as types or styles for personal behavior. Temperance and Magician (Sagittarius & Mercury) --- The ability to quickly react to changing social and physical conditions. A person who may be oppressed by situations which don't change often. Temperance and High Priestess (Sagittarius & Moon) --- Skill at hunting. A successful game player. Not a person easy to have as a close friend. Temperance and Empress (Sagittarius & Venus) --- A person who overreacts to social pressure. Also one who expects puts too much from love relationships. An emotionally conservative person. Temperance and Emperor (Sagittarius & Aries) --- Double checking. A workman who pauses to examine his or her work. One who uses caution and reassessment wisely. Temperance and Hierophant (Sagittarius & Taurus) --- Education. Spiritual matters are oriented toward material settings. Temperance and Lovers (Sagittarius & Gemini) --- Time to take a hint. Cooling of passion. The exercise of moderation. Temperance and Chariot (Sagittarius & Cancer) --- A desire to help, especially to guide, others. Also attention to inner control. Temperance and Strength (Sagittarius & Leo) --- A practical mind. One skilled at bargaining and barter. A person who enjoys taking over when matters are confused. Temperance and Hermit (Sagittarius & Virgo) --- Artistic genius. A person who may become emotionally blinded to physical needs, or who may exercise poor judgment in material matters. Temperance and Wheel of Fortune (Sagittarius & Jupiter) --- A craftsman. One who enjoys doing things and making objects to sell. A person who uses materials well. Temperance and Justice (Sagittarius & Libra) --- A person who possesses considerable social intuition. An unconscious manipulator. Temperance and Hanged Man (Sagittarius & Water) --- Lack of spiritual vigor. The depressive side of a manic-depressive. Temporary loss of interest or failure of excitement. Temperance and Death (Sagittarius & Scorpio) --- Time to inspect the details of body, life style or of business. A sign that a transformation wrought by the thing symbolized in the Death card can be made easier through attention. Temperance and Devil (Sagittarius & Capricorn) --- A new situation has ceased to be new. Stabilization of a change in the life cycle. Awareness of routine. Temperance and Tower (Sagittarius & Mars) --- The end of an experiment or experience has been reached. Time to expect a change or to plan diversions to avoid boredom. Time for a vacation. Temperance and Star (Sagittarius & Aquarius) --- Difficulty in self awareness. Mental confusion during a time of material order. A person who feels unable to contact the inner self. A spectator at an event or exhibition. Temperance and Moon (Sagittarius & Pisces) --- Like the Wheel of Fortune Trump taken alone. A time of mental structuring which matches evolving order in the outside world. A person who is able to accomplish very much in little time. Also a somewhat restrained manic phase in a manic-depressive personality. Temperance and Sun (Sagittarius & Sun) --- A party-pooper. One who deliberately refuses to become excited. A person who automatically makes excuses to avoid social activity. Temperance and Judgment (Sagittarius & Fire) --- A time of emotional overload in which the emotions seem to die out completely. Shock. Also a time in which objective awareness strongly dominates subjective awareness. Temperance and World (Sagittarius & Saturn) --- Sudden and complete loss of interest. Once a thing is fully under control, it is no longer exciting. Successful completion of a job or project. A feeling that everything is known or done. Time to start something entirely new. DEVIL In itself: Like Capricorn in the Zodiac. An earthly person, strong sexual drives, mind often confused about abstractions. A sense of righteousness but not an understanding of it. Successful with plants and animals. With the Major Trumps: Devil and Fool (Capricorn & Air) --- Unhappiness arising from confusion about moral matters and physical weakness. Bad temper. Devil and Magician (Capricorn & Mercury) --- A person often misunderstood. One who acts unconsciously but with success. Skill with living things. Also a person who inspires fear through mysterious activity. Devil and High Priestess (Capricorn & Moon) --- Melancholic. Sometimes paranoia arising from suppression of strong physical drives. A person who needs more physical activity. Devil and Empress (Capricorn & Venus) --- One who can easily lead others in matters of pleasure and society. Sometimes a romantic interlude of a very unrestricted sort. Devil and Emperor (Capricorn & Aries) --- Pain inflicted for improvement. Harsh ruler or teacher. A district attorney. Biblical Satan as contrasted with the modern conception. Jehovah as the "angry god". Hard times. Devil and Hierophant (Capricorn & Taurus) --- Physical exercise. Work at improving health and manual skills. The teaching of morality. Devil and Lovers (Capricorn & Gemini) --- Violent activity. "Taking by storm." Second wind. Any form of physical exertion that is both intense and rapid. Devil and Chariot (Capricorn & Cancer) --- Obedience without question. One who fights against change. Impractical forms of idealism. A tendency to blasphemy. Devil and Strength (Capricorn & Leo) --- The power and mentality of a hunting beast. Strong concentration, indifference to discomfort, courage. Weak on higher intelligence. Devil and Hermit (Capricorn & Virgo) --- A sloppy housekeeper. Time out. Vivid imagination, chaotic dreams. Devil and Wheel of Fortune (Capricorn & Jupiter) --- Resistance to change. An interest in history bordering on snobbery. Belief in fate as contrasted with free will. Devil and Justice (Capricorn & Libra) --- Matters concerning music and voice. A person who always keeps his or her word. Devil and Hanged Man (Capricorn & Water) --- The physical pleasures are the goal of life. A person who is moody and tends to have fits of rage or sadness in the midst of otherwise normal activity. Devil and Death (Capricorn & Scorpio) --- Exaggeration of problems. Fear of death. Wild and dangerous behavior. A sign that an illness or other negative experience is less than it seems. Devil and Temperance (Capricorn & Sagittarius) -- A period of calm. Time to let matters continue without much supervision. Business on an even keel. Devil and Tower (Capricorn & Mars) --- A time of truth. Either a period of fear and hiding or a time of triumph and glory. The experience of suddenly waking up to clear reality. Devil and Star (Capricorn & Aquarius) --- Most of the attributes of the World Trump taken alone. A clear perception of the material side of things. Appreciation of nature. Joy of living. Trees. Devil and Moon (Capricorn & Pisces) --- Enjoyment of a relationship with nature like that described for life in the Garden of Eden, but more from the view point and feelings of an intelligent animal than as a human being. Devil and Sun (Capricorn & Sun) --- Deception and fear of being caught. Guilt at having sinned. Sometimes, but rarely, a sense of identity with the great creative powers of the world. Devil and Judgment (Capricorn & Fire) --- Dominion over the earth. A situation of seemingly absolute power over something or someone. Also payment of debts. Devil and World (Capricorn & Saturn) --- All matters dealing with time and its perception. Depending on other cards in a reading, either the lack or the possession of time. A number card following this pair may give a number of days, hours or years in a matter disclosed in a reading. These two cards may be used to start a reading to determine a question of time. TOWER In itself: Marital, but with Jovian elements and some influence by Venus. Excitable, earnest, strong willed. A sense of religious truth tends to permeate all activity. Rarely successful owing to excessive enthusiasm and idealism. Often totally "blown-out" by failures that would hardly bother other people. With the Major Trumps: Tower and Fool (Mars & Air) --- Delirium, ravings. Also various forms of "speaking with a spirit", mediumism. Tower and Magician (Mars & Mercury) --- A person who performs best in time of crisis or pressure. The tendency to take risks to dispel boredom. Tower and High Priestess (Mars & Moon) --- Someone who derives much excitement from inner experiences. A fixed idea may lead to frustration of exterior work while the goals held close to the soul are unaffected. Tower and Empress (Mars & Venus) --- A very close bond between people. Friendship at first sight. Being with a person who acts like they read your thoughts. Tower and Emperor (Mars & Aries) --- The ability to set aside annoyance and forget it. Might seems to make right. Tower and Hierophant (Mars & Taurus) --- A shock experienced in the mind, usually a breakthrough to a new idea or method of thought. Tower and Lovers (Mars & Gemini) --- Physical compatibility. Discovery of a working idea, contrasted with an entertaining thought. Tower and Chariot (Mars & Cancer) --- Crisis which depends on external matters for successful passage. Tower and Strength (Mars & Leo) --- Intensity of living that may focus on almost any purpose or ideal, but once focused becomes fixed. A person who subordinates all things to one end. A living idealist contrasted with one who doesn't practice his or her belief. Tower and Hermit (Mars & Virgo) --- A person who teaches or argues well, but may need a start from someone else to get going. Tower and Wheel of Fortune (Mars & Jupiter) --- Almost the same as the Wheel of Fortune taken alone. This pair of cards may signal that the rest of the reading will deal with events surrounding a crisis situation. The environment of crisis. Tower and Justice (Mars & Libra) --- Learning from experience. This pair of cards gives a more favorable prediction with the last seven or eight Major Trumps than with the first few Major Trumps. Tower and Hanged Man (Mars & Water) --- Someone is likely to throw a fit of some kind. A need to mix calmness with occasional bursts of emotion or physical activity. A need for exercise. Tower and Death (Mars & Scorpio) --- A distortion of the conscious mind, probably owing to minor illness. Sometimes a rare state of mind in which omens can and should be read. Tower and Temperance (Mars & Sagittarius) --- Something has been finished. Good to take a break or to start planning new activities. Tower and Devil (Mars & Capricorn) --- Time to put up or shut up. Work shows its fruit. Tower and Star (Mars & Aquarius) --- Recovery from a time of hardship. Projects undertaken at such a time will start well but may fail quickly owing to loss of interest. Seek diversion and make use of new ideas at a later time. Beware of becoming too excited or making extended commitments. Tower and Moon (Mars & Pisces) --- Sometimes a sense of being behind "the eight ball". Work may seem very difficult. This pair of cards usually signals a time of hard work following initial excitement and leading to eventual happy results. Tower and Sun (Mars & Sun) --- Success following on hard but satisfying work. This pair of cards predicts "good outcome." Tower and Judgment (Mars & Fire) --- A failure will occur owing to excessive excitement and lack of judgment. A good time to consider insurance. Tower and World (Mars & Saturn) --- A simple action well done or a simple thing well made. A good omen for bargain hunting. Sudden enrichment is possible. STAR In itself: Aquarian. A person who depends on intuition to a great extent. Kindness, mystery, unusual but agreeable personality. With the Major Trumps: Star and Fool (Aquarius & Air) --- A child or childish person. Lack of guile or depth of meaning in conscious behavior. Star and Magician (Aquarius & Mercury) --- The peace that is the reward of success. Earned comfort. Star and High Priestess (Aquarius & Moon) --- Retreat from life to prepare to live or act differently. Taking stock in one's personal future. Star and Empress (Aquarius & Venus) --- Confidence in the truth of one's life or action. Faith in fulfillment of destiny. Star and Emperor (Aquarius & Aries) --- A victory with material reward. A well established place to live and/or work. Star and Hierophant (Aquarius & Taurus) --- One who makes and follows plans for self development. Acting with clearly recognized purpose. Star and Lovers (Aquarius & Gemini) --- A person with a fondness for music, especially during sleep and daily activities. The hearing of voices. Peace and love. Star and Chariot (Aquarius & Cancer) --- Intense spiritual effort which may either fail or succeed. Beware of glitterings which may not be gold. Danger from Qlipot Nogah (the shell of glitterings --- premature abandonment of effort from a false sense of confidence). Star and Strength (Aquarius & Leo) --- A romantic imagination. A person who would rather live in a soap opera than in regular life. One who does strange things for attention. Star and Hermit (Aquarius & Virgo) --- A need for privacy. Too many distractions come from being with people. Time to be alone with one's thoughts. Star and Wheel of Fortune (Aquarius & Jupiter) --- Awareness of forces that are not under individual control. A person who works with what he or she has instead of crying for a better chance. Star and Justice (Aquarius & Libra) --- A person who is considered interesting but harmless. Somebody who doesn't "make waves." Star and Hanged Man (Aquarius & Water) --- Avoid making judgments of the motives of others. A time of poor understanding of outward events. Star and Death (Aquarius & Scorpio) --- A person who has recently changed his or her manner of living. One who sees everything as if for the first time, especially at night. Star and Temperance (Aquarius & Sagittarius) --- Life seems to be going on without one's being directly involved. A feeling of detachment from what is taking place. Star and Devil (Aquarius & Capricorn) --- A feeling of unity with nature. A good time to get a pet. Also a good time to go for a walk in a park. Star and Tower (Aquarius & Mars) --- Beware of over excitement regarding new plans and apparent successes. A time of emotional "high" which may lead to overlooking needed work or cautions. Star and Moon (Aquarius & Pisces) --- A time of putting to test. If all goes well, a new skill will be established. If matters fail to reach expectations, at time to go back and correct mistakes made in the past. This is experiment, rather than a practical test for the sake of improvement or adjustment. Star and Sun (Aquarius & Sun) --- A person of considerable skill who must serve another of greater power. A good indication when contracting for services. A warning to keep one's place in a job situation. Star and Judgment (Aquarius & Fire) --- One who is well adapted to a particular role or job. Talent well applied in service. Star and World (Aquarius & Saturn) --- Material comfort and good reputation combined. A "good citizen." MOON In itself: Pisces personality combined with Lunar qualities. Experiences of astral travel and dreams. Strange moods. Gradual accumulation of knowledge or physical traits. Health unstable. Much unconscious behavior. With the Major Trumps: Moon and Fool (Pisces & Air) --- An unstable person given to sulking and strange moods. Not a good omen for making judgments about human nature. Moon and Magician (Pisces & Mercury) --- The power of concentration in difficult circumstances. A person who can adapt plans to fit available materials. Moon and High Priestess (Pisces & Moon) --- Occult power deliberately used. The Lunar cycle becomes especially meaningful. Moon and Empress (Pisces & Venus) --- A new pregnancy. A minor change in lifestyle resulting from physical conditions. Much like the Star Trump taken alone. Moon and Emperor (Pisces & Aries) --- A time of stability after successful struggle. A person who completes one job before starting another. Moon and Hierophant (Pisces & Taurus) --- Delay in planned action is followed by slow, careful work. One who judges carefully before starting anything. Moon and Lovers (Pisces & Gemini) --- Inspiration from external circumstances or from biological highs. A time of either gradual growth in a relationship or gradual decay. Moon and Chariot (Pisces & Cancer) --- Innovations. A change of plans in order to produce better results. Moon and Strength (Pisces & Leo) --- A person who doesn't trust good news or times when things seem to be going "too smoothly." One who is rarely caught off guard. Moon and Hermit (Pisces & Virgo) --- In good times, good work. In difficult times, suspicion and confused activities. Moon and Wheel of Fortune (Pisces & Jupiter) --- A manipulator of people and events. One who refuses to be open about his or her intentions. Moon and Justice (Pisces & Libra) --- The psychic ability to gain desired results without applying sensible methods. A person who seems to be very lucky. Moon and Hanged Man (Pisces & Water) --- Excessive sleep. Poor but not seriously ill health. A need for minor stimulants. Moon and Death (Pisces & Scorpio) --- A lover of history. Sentiment. Sometimes thirst. Moon and Temperance (Pisces & Sagittarius) --- A good time to attempt work that has been piling up. A phase of controllable physical activity. Moon and Devil (Pisces & Capricorn) --- Physical wellbeing. Entrancement with nature. Good (pleasant) weather. Moon and Tower (Pisces & Mars) --- Emotional hard times. A period when muddling through is important. Moon and Star (Pisces & Aquarius) --- A time of serious effort. A feeling of necessity. Moon and Sun (Pisces & Sun) --- A time of hunger. Fasts are a good thing with this omen. Also a danger of falling ill owing to changes in temperature: colds, flu, pneumonia. Childhood sicknesses. Danger to the young or the very old. Moon and Judgment (Pisces & Fire) --- Poverty. Weariness. A time of needing help. Moon and World (Pisces & Saturn) --- A need to join with others for mutual protection. Good omen for starting a society or club. Also national bad times. SUN In itself: Solar. Close affinity with nature. Happy personality. Not given to deep thinking. Innocent and protected. With the Major Trumps: Sun and Fool (Sun & Air) --- Comfortable environment. Easy life. Few responsibilities and little ambition. Sun and Magician (Sun & Mercury) --- Good health and healing skills. Quickness of movement. Sun and High Priestess (Sun & Moon) --- Quick to make friends, but at times a trial to friendship. Good omen for marriage. Changeable but generally beneficial weather. Sun and Empress (Sun & Venus) --- Indirect action. Intuition is a preferred course over reason. Sunny weather. Sun and Emperor (Sun & Aries) --- A person who wants to know everything. The tendency to be unhappy unless in charge. Masculine beauty. Sun and Hierophant (Sun & Taurus) --- Feelings and health strongly linked to weather. An interest in botany and living things in general. Sun and Lovers (Sun & Gemini) --- Enduring friendship. Mental powers greater than those symbolized by the Sun alone. Sun and Chariot (Sun & Cancer) --- A winning personality. One who has many unusually good traits from birth or upbringing. Sun and Strength (Sun & Leo) --- A person possessed of a very impressive demeanor. One who is naturally looked up to. Sun and Hermit (Sun & Virgo) --- Wealth in an active sense. Knowing one's place and enjoying it. Sun and Wheel of Fortune (Sun & Jupiter) --- Riches as security. Good luck with machinery. Sun and Justice (Sun & Libra) --- A unique individual. Not dependent on outside help or direction. A healthy family. Sun and Hanged Man (Sun & Water) -- An egocentric individual. Weakness in action. An "Anti-hero." Sun and Death (Sun & Scorpio) --- One who lives in the present and for the present in happy times. Sun and Temperance (Sun & Sagittarius) --- Much like the Devil Trump taken alone. An excessive feeling of restraint. Sun and Devil (Sun & Capricorn) -- A need to hide. The ability to tune in on the behavior of animals. Sun and Tower (Sun & Mars) --- Difficult times but rewarding experience. Excessively hot weather. Sun and Star (Sun & Aquarius) --- One's talents are recognized and put to work by someone else. A need to respect one's material and intellectual superiors. Sun and Moon (Sun & Pisces) --- An increase of willpower. A good time to start a diet. Also enforced restraint, possibly from minor illness or embarrassment. Sun and Judgment (Sun & Fire) --- A situation in which one will clearly lose and another clearly gain. Division between rich and poor, powerful and weak. Sun and World (Sun & Saturn) --- Increase in the influence of the Diurnal cycle. All things come to him or her who waits JUDGMENT In itself: Fiery. Willful. Prone to exaggerations and moralizing. Occasionally violent. Very honest in all dealings. With the Major Trumps: Judgment and Fool (Fire & Air) --- Overwhelming compulsions. May attract "poltergeist" phenomena. Exacting personality. Judgment and Magician (Fire & Mercury) --- Very strong will. A good time to read a difficult book or undertake a hard task. Judgment and High Priestess (Fire & Moon) --- The gift of psycohmetry. Ability to learn by "mental osmosis." Allowing guilt feelings is unwise. Judgment and Empress (Fire & Venus) --- The body is sensitive to many things. Clairvoyance and clairaudience likely. Judgment and Emperor (Fire & Aries) --- Transition to a new peak of accomplishment. Psychokinesis may occur. Don't try to fix anything. Judgment and Hierophant (Fire & Taurus) --- Tendency to excess in matters of judgment. Don't make decisions regarding friends. Judgment and Lovers (Fire & Gemini) --- Powerful personal links can be formed. Necromancy and other spiritualistic activities strengthened. Judgment and Chariot (Fire & Cancer) --- Good time for abstract thinking. Time is an enemy in material affairs. Judgment and Strength (Fire & Leo) --- An entertaining person to watch, but a difficult person to be. Exaggerated self importance. Judgment and Hermit (Fire & Virgo) --- Be careful of physical needs. Diminished energy may fail suddenly, leaving the defenses down. Judgment and Wheel of Fortune (Fire & Jupiter) --- A strong person with a dangerous temper. Tendency to ignore others. Judgment and Justice (Fire & Libra) --- The full discriminatory powers of the Lovers Trump taken alone. An exacting mind. Judgment and Hanged Man (Fire & Water) --- A person who is easily trusted. Beware of taking on too many obligations. Judgment and Death (Fire & Scorpio) --- Don't try to think. The mind may move too quickly for rational thought. Relax and live. Judgment and Temperance (Fire & Sagittarius) --- Icy calmness. Most elements of personality are suppressed. Good time to take a test. Judgment and Devil (Fire & Capricorn) --- A person who has no need for fear on the material plane. Unquestioned strength. Judgment and Tower (Fire & Mars) --- Restraint is necessary. Too excitable. With restraint, a good time to do physical labor. Judgment and Star (Fire & Aquarius) --- Success in a definite task. Not a time to change jobs. Judgment and Moon (Fire & Pisces) --- Be willing to except help, otherwise be ready to go without. Judgment and Sun (Fire & Sun) --- A time to play to win. A loss now will be long lasting. So will a victory. Judgment and World (Fire & Saturn) --- A person is about to change completely. May signal a need to avoid further divination. Like the Fool Trump alone. WORLD In itself: Saturnian but positive. Physical wellbeing. Harmonious state of existence. The passage of time and the state of material things. With the Major Trumps: World and Fool (Saturn & Air) --- Either utter failure or spiritual transcendence. Fate, predestination. World and Magician (Saturn & Mercury) --- One who builds objects of beauty. Mastery of the arts of dissembling and illusion. World and High Priestess (Saturn & Moon) --- Loneliness. One who "knows too much." A medium. An autistic. World and Empress (Saturn & Venus) --- One who is in tune with being alive. Idyllic existence. Peace in worldly matters. World and Emperor (Saturn & Aries) --- A feeling of being centered, of being in a well-ordered environment. Also a sense of being tied down. World and Hierophant (Saturn & Taurus) --- Formality. Written agreements. Etiquette. Symbolic or dramatic actions and objects. World and Lovers (Saturn & Gemini) --- The details of family life in terms of the world: taxes, insurance, wills, in-laws, etc. World and Chariot (Saturn & Cancer) --- The need to be led or directed. Also a system of guidance, a plan or system of instruction. World and Strength (Saturn & Leo) --- Nervous tension. The need to feel busy. Mental health requires physical exercise, work. World and Hermit (Saturn & Virgo) --- Heightened awareness of the environment. Clear mind and sharp senses. World and Wheel of Fortune (Saturn & Jupiter) --- A change of luck. Possible violent disturbance. A fight or a reconciliation. World and Justice (Saturn & Libra) --- Use of materials at hand. Organization of social forces. Vengeance. Repayment of debts. World and Hanged Man (Saturn & Water) --- Like the Fool and the World in some ways. A "thing in itself". A self contained experience. World and Death (Saturn & Scorpio) --- Compulsive activity, especially labor to produce or complete something. A sense of necessity. World and Temperance (Saturn & Sagittarius) --- Schizophrenic withdrawal. The need to escape or shut something out. Also completion of a project. Sometimes over saturation of the mind. World and Devil (Saturn & Capricorn) --- Time and the use or control of all activities involving time. Environmental limits. World and Tower (Saturn & Mars) --- Good workmanship. What will happen is the best to be expected. Attempts at improvement are unwise. World and Star (Saturn & Aquarius) --- A person comfortable and productive. A sense of being in the right place, job or situation. World and Moon (Saturn & Pisces) --- Hard times promote togetherness. A good time to join a group. World and Sun (Saturn & Sun) --- Patience is wise. An opportunity should be expected soon. Be ready for something new. World and Judgment (Saturn & Fire) --- A new situation entirely. If further divination is attempted, it will be difficult to understand the results. THE MINOR TRUMPS IN DIVINATION Copyright (c) 1989 by Bill Heidrick ACE OF WANDS This card symbolizes great mental or spiritual power. It suggests a successful result in readings that deal with abstractions or detached mental states. The fire of will is a proper meaning of the card; but not will to action, more an "all-seeing eye" or "tooth of judgment" kind of will. The only negative meaning for this card is a tendency to avoid worldly concerns. The Ace of Wands is the picture of primal dominion of the mind. It is not a card of violence or relative dominance. Especially favorable cards with the Ace of Wands include the Fool, Magician, Emperor, Strength, Hermit, Tower, Judgment and the Six of Wands. Although they are not exactly unfavorable with this Ace. The Devil, Temperance and the World may suggest with this Ace a period of drastic awakening. TWO OF WANDS Arrogant and silent pride is the most serious fault suggested by this card. On the positive side, it represents self expression and self confidence. A person represented by this card would expect others to obey and practically venerate him or her. The affinities and discords to this card are those of the Emperor and the Tower. THREE OF WANDS The fault here is a tendency to become too involved in directing the lives of others in accordance with personal opinions. The Three is easier going than the Two and therefore less austere. This is a person who is a good leader and a person who fully accepts the valid love of self. For the relationship this card has to other Tarot cards, see the divination suggestions for the Emperor and the Sun. FOUR OF WANDS This card may warn that one's work will not receive due credit. The person represented by this card is almost too successful in expressing ideas; others may think they originated the ideas themselves. The Four is a very good card for family and mature relationships. Similar to the Emperor and the Empress Trumps. FIVE OF WANDS This card can represent premature idealism. It also predicts anarchy or poor coordination. When the Four of Wands comes up in a reading, it often points to an area of misapplied theory. This card is a sign of the need for hard work and reevaluation of goals and methods. "Chicken lieutenants", "buck privates", high school or college sophomores and newly elected presidents are personality types represented by this card. The affinities and discords are those of Strength and the World. SIX OF WANDS This is the most favorable of all the Wand number cards other than the Ace. The basic meaning is well placed idealism combined with power to act. The card suggests genius and success. As a personality, this is one who is well versed at leading others, but not by fraud or trickery. The card means good luck. It is like Strength and the Wheel of Fortune. SEVEN OF WANDS This card represents one-track-mindedness in a positive fashion. When it appears in a reading, the Seven of Wands points to an area of productive stubbornness. A person like this card would pick a worthy goal or role in life and then stick to it come hell or high water. This can also be a leader who dominates physically rather than mentally. Much like Strength and the Tower in all combinations. EIGHT OF WANDS Nervous haste and rash experiment are often valid meanings for this card. In situations where excitement is desirable as well as situations in which quick decision is important, this is a very good card. As a personality, the eight may match a manic type or a "jack of all trades and master of none." This card is much like the Five of Wands, but less prone to pain unless found with Saturnian cards. Affinities and discords are like the Magician and Temperance combined. NINE OF WANDS This card is for city dwellers and strong social structure. It represents a lot of restraint and standoffishness combined with many minor talents and interests. More Nine of Wands people are found in New York than in Los Angeles. This card may also warn of tensions from many sources. It suggests the need for an occasional vacation. Like the High Priestess combined with Temperance. TEN OF WANDS This card shows a situation gone a bit too far. It suggests a need for new activities and for reevaluation of interests. In readings concerning existing relationships, this card warns of the need for renewed efforts toward mutual intimacy. If such a warning is ignored, unhappiness is likely and, in the case of marriage, a danger of eventual divorce. The Ten of Wands is much like a more negative version of the Seven of Wands. In situations where great endurance is necessary, this is a very good card, although it is not a prediction of an easy time. Much like Temperance combined with the World. ACE OF CUPS This card symbolizes great spiritual or emotional success. It suggests a happy result in readings that deal with desires and involved emotional states. "Water of feelings" is the proper meaning of the card, especially feelings that are satisfied through relationships and discovery of a calm situation. The negative meaning is stagnation and inactivity once peace is found. This card promises happiness and fulfillment if well situated in a reading --- in poor situation, failure or difficulty in the same area. Especially favorable cards include the Hanged Man, High Priestess (usually), Empress, Lovers, Chariot, Hermit, Death (usually), Tower, Star (some stagnation danger), Moon, Sun, Two of Cups, Three of Cups, Six of Cups, Nine of Cups and Ten of Cups. Difficulties in attaining peace are suggested by the Emperor (control needed), Strength (sometimes), Justice, Temperance, Devil, Judgment, most of the Swords, Five of Cups and Eight of Cups. TWO OF CUPS This is the special card of Love in the Tarot. It may refer to birth, sexual matters or hand-fasting; but it is mainly a card of innocent and romantic love. The most probable faults are like those of the Seven of Cups --- being impractical. The traditional meaning of this card is one of the oldest in Tarot. See also the divination suggestions for the Empress and the Chariot. THREE OF CUPS This card relates especially to parties and peak experiences. The emotional state that it represents is not a lasting one. It may signal a time of simple joy of living or of easy work. Like the Magician and the Chariot taken together. FOUR OF CUPS Moments of peace. Times when the world seems to decide that it owes a person a living and security. This is the card of the "Good Life". Like many of the Cups, the situations represented by this card are not always lasting. Like the High Priestess and the Chariot. FIVE OF CUPS This is the card of emotional dissatisfaction. As a secondary meaning, it predicts all manner of minor physical and mental discomforts --- those that often accompany the suppression of real desires. In very positive settings, this is the card of change for the better. The meaning of this card is similar to the combined meanings of Death and the Tower. SIX OF CUPS This is the card of proper place and of happiness. It does not suggest great accomplishment, but rather a state of earthly peace and contentment. like the Sun and Death. SEVEN OF CUPS False Hope is the meaning of the card. It warns that all that glitters is not gold. This card also warns of the danger of resting at the wrong time. The best cards with this one are found in the suit of swords --- but only if its warning is heeded. Like the Empress and Death. EIGHT OF CUPS Like the Five of Cups, but more positive. Also the card of the Thief. This card warns against making plans or promises. A successful situation will become intolerable. Like the World and the Moon in some respects. NINE OF CUPS This is the card of acceptance of limitation and best use of limited means. More than any other, this is the card of settling down --- not in marriage necessarily, but from the recognition that the years of adolescence have passed. A bit like the Wheel of Fortune and the Moon. TEN OF CUPS The card of a good life, but not "The Good Life". This Minor Trump promises enough strength to get through almost any minor problem, with average success. Owing to a tendency among designers of Tarot decks, this card usually loses some of its negative qualities to the corresponding card in the suit of Swords. For this reason, the Ten of Cups resembles only the more cheerful aspects of the combined Major Trumps of the Moon and the Tower. Its mate, the Ten of Swords, in turn represents only the more negative aspects of the Lovers and the Sun. ACE OF SWORDS This card symbolizes practical or rational will. It suggests victory in planning and in carrying out a task --- especially a material one. This is the card of pragmatic concentration. "The air of active purpose" is the proper meaning of the card. The negative meaning is impatience with delay, dislike of purely spiritual mental states and shortness of temper. In a good situation this card predicts smooth success. In a negative situation this card predicts pain, anger and the loss of hope. Especially favorable cards include the Emperor, Hierophant, Chariot, Strength, Hermit, Justice, Sun, Judgment, World, Two of Swords, Six of Swords and most of the Coins. Unfavorable cards include the Fool, Lovers (often), Wheel of Fortune (sometimes), Hanged Man, Devil, Star, Moon, Three of Swords, Five of Swords, Nine and Ten of Swords (often), and most of the Wands. The Ace of Swords acquires more importance with the High Priestess, Magician, Death and Tower. TWO OF SWORDS This card refers to a quiet state in which the drive to action is preoccupied with or distracted by several matters. The result is a time of industry and peace. There is enough to do that stagnation doesn't occur, but there is no one great task to accomplish. This card can also refer to a state of indecision or truce. Much like the combination of Justice and the High Priestess. THREE OF SWORDS This is the card of frustration and impatience. It does not indicate anything like giving up, unless very badly aspected. As a personality type, this is a person who succeeds by working very hard and keeping at it. Often such a person will vent his or her anger on the innocent. Like the Major Trumps Justice and the World together. FOUR OF SWORDS This is the card of Pyrrhic victory. It indicates a state of success but not comfort. Inactivity is also indicated. As a personality type, this is a complainer over trifles or someone who needs to sleep and improve his or her physical and mental health a little bit. Like the cards of Justice and the Wheel of Fortune together. FIVE OF SWORDS This is the card of overconfidence and excessive will. For a graphic picture, think of a sledge hammer being used with bad aim on a thumbtack --- or perhaps a cross eyed archer. The admonition of the card is: Take a break. Check your equipment. Reconsider. The meaning is like the Empress with the Star. SIX OF SWORDS This is the card of a successful bumbler, one who does things the hard way but succeeds in the end. A good card for a comedian but a bad card for a coworker. Training in grammar school or high school is deficient. Like the Magician and the Star. SEVEN OF SWORDS Something trivial is wrong. This is the card of hesitation and wrinkles. These people are always looking for something, but they don't know quite where to look. Don't get contact lenses if this card comes up. Like the High Priestess and the Star, but a little less positive. EIGHT OF SWORDS This is the card of the onerous burden. It signifies a person who dislikes his or her work but does it anyway. An example would be a person who hates cigarette smoke but has a good paying job with a boss who chain smokes. Such a person doesn't come up to full potential. However, a few positive cards will make the Eight of Swords an excellent card. Like the Lovers and the Wheel of Fortune combined but poorly aspected by other cards. NINE OF SWORDS This is the card of a bad match. It often means living with someone you can't stand, like the Lovers and the Tower badly aspected. If other very positive combinations of cards occur with the Nine of Swords, the situation can change to utter ecstasy. TEN OF SWORDS This is the card of death and rebirth without physical death. In the Golden Dawn system, this card is called "Ruin" --- that is only true in a subjective sense and for a short time. The effect of this card may seem a bit like being run over by a steam roller, but it is the royal road to greatness. Like the Lovers and the Sun in bad aspect. Usually followed by a good aspect, but there is always a danger of being distracted when opportunity finally knocks. ACE OF COINS This card represents great material stability and strong physical situation. It is an excellent card in readings that deal with physical things or money matters. It's also the card of a well governed home or country. "Earth of strong firmness" is the proper meaning. In negative situations, this card means the absence of change and total inflexibility. Favorable cards include Empress, Emperor, Wheel of Fortune (usually), Temperance, Sun, World, most Wands and Cups and the Two, Three, Four, Six, Nine and Ten of coins. Negative cards with the Ace of Coins include the Fool (only if material gain is sought), High Priestess, Hermit, Justice, Hanged Man, Death (one of the worst possible combinations), Devil (greed), Tower (another very bad combination), and most of the Swords. TWO OF COINS This is the card of slight of hand and juggling. It is the master card of all automatic actions, including reading the Tarot. If too much thinking or distraction occurs, the Two of Coins is like the Wheel of Fortune combined with the Devil in its effects. THREE OF COINS This is the card of substantial production. No allowance is made for human weakness, but things are made well. Think of an old, solidly built house groaning in the night. Much like the Devil and the Tower, but not quite as negative. FOUR OF COINS This is the card of the solidity of stone. Think of the strongest mass of rock or the firmest foundation you have ever seen. Like the more positive aspects of the Devil and the Sun. FIVE OF COINS The card of discomfort and of being in the wrong place. Think of sitting too long in an uncomfortable chair or of trying to use a small screwdriver on a very large screw. Like a poor combination of the Magician and the Hierophant. SIX OF COINS This is the card of the proper mind for the proper body. It signifies a good match between direction and activity. Think of a very well made machine. The same as the High Priestess combined with the Hierophant. SEVEN OF COINS The card of the feelings of an artist for a work completely finished, but done to someone else's specifications. This is the card of an object pure and simple --- without any subjective value but possessing almost perfect objective properties. In poor aspect, this card suggests a sense of "let down". In good aspect, this is the card of a perfect but unimportant result. Somewhat like the Hierophant combined with the World. EIGHT OF COINS This is the card of a quiet life. It is the ideal earthly equivalent of the Hermit Trump and is much like the Hermit combined with the Sun. This is a human being with the soul of a large, warm rock. NINE OF COINS The card of a person who has no unfulfilled needs or desires. A rich person who never sees a poor person and doesn't really believe anyone ever suffers. Think of legends about fairies who live long lives in bliss, but die forever. If that is to difficult an image, think of a pampered and happy cat sleeping in the sun. Like the Hermit and the Empress combined and apart from all other cards. TEN OF COINS The card of absolute possession. Think of the universe in the hand of the creator or of a breath of good air. This is the card of the existentialist, and it is almost identical with the mental state symbolized by the Fool. Like the Hermit combined with the Magician. THE COURT CARDS IN DIVINATION This approach is based on that of the Golden Dawn in some particulars and on two other methods for relating to the Court Cards. In all, three systematic factors enter in each interpretation: 1. The social stereotypes of the West on gender and age (mainly noted in a separate leading paragraph for Kings, Queens, etc. This can be used or avoided as one sees fit) and a theory assuming the Wands are Italian, Cups French, Swords Spanish and the Coins German national stereotypes from the 12th century (treated lightly to give a little more substance at random). 2. A theory that the 16 unmarked paths on the Tree of Life diagram belong to the Court Cards (adapted from a similar theory by David Hulse). To this is added a bit of Qabalistic theory on the four suits and the four figures of the courts, noted at the end of each interpretation. 3. The Golden Dawn allocation to "Cusps" between signs of the Zodiac. This last factor permits analysis of each Court card (except the Pages) in terms of three decans between two adjacent signs. From the Decans, it becomes possible to further allocate three Number Cards to each Court Card and five Major Trumps to each Court card (again excepting Pages). These interpretations were built up through contemplating the effect of the three systems on each card. It is important to remember that, while sexual and cultural stereotypes were used to develop the interpretations, each Court Card can represent male or female. THE FOUR KINGS Stereotype: A King is a man of middle age or older. He has passed his prime, but has considerable power as a result of the deeds of his youth. He is inflexible in his ways, relatively firm and dominating in his manner; but he is indirectly guided in all things by his Queen. He takes a fatherly interest in the Pages and Knights. He is sexually more interested in the Pages than in the Queens, but he is not active. He tends to be conservative in his suit. KING OF WANDS Strong authority figure. This is a person who sets rigid moral standards but does not force their rigid observance; one who gets credit as a leader of what is actually tacit cooperation. In a mildly negative way, this is the card of the aging cynic. The King of Wands is impractical but stable, domineering but inwardly kind, a philosopher figurehead. This person is a consolation in time of trouble and a rallying point in society --- in normal times, a pain in the posterior. On the Tree of Life: A connection between Chokmah and Geburah. There is a special affinity to Chokmah. The King of Wands can be considered a combination of the Four of Cups, Five of Wands and Six of Wands --- or Strength & Wheel of Fortune, Strength & World, Chariot & High Priestess. KING OF CUPS Comfortable authority figure. This person is less concerned with rigid standards than with "moral decay". Accordingly, there is a closer relationship between what is said and what is done than for the King of Wands. This king has few great and open accomplishments to look back on, but possesses a fine sense of complex intrigue. This is the card of an aging statesman. The King of Cups is conservative but able, outwardly kind but inwardly a bit ruthless, a leader but something of a "Godfather". This king is a person essential to any government on any level, a real love-hate object. On the Tree of Life: A connection between Chokmah and Hod. There is a special affinity to Chokmah. Like the Four of Swords, Five of Cups and Six of Cups --- or Justice, Death, Wheel of Fortune, Tower and Sun. KING OF SWORDS A despot. This person is not concerned with any standards at all, an intuitive type with relatively little intelligence, stubbornness and little feeling for the needs of others. Such a person is an effective guide in time of great trouble and a major cause of trouble at any other time. The King of Swords is a dictator who believes in the divine right of dictators: willful to the point of seeming almost a force of nature --- like the more rigid type of Father-gods. A dangerous mad man if opposed. This type of person manifests in each of us when we must defend our lives. On the Tree of Life: A connection between Chokmah and Yesod. There is a special affinity to Chokmah. Like the Four of Coins, Five of Swords and Six of Swords --- or Devil, Sun, Star, Empress and Magician. KING OF COINS The forgotten one. This person has been the subject of authority for long years, not powerful yet important. The average older person who has labored long and finally retired on limited but adequate means. The King of Coins may be a grandparent or may represent a legacy. This person may be viewed as a burden, but is the source of present prosperity. The King of Coins does not criticize in time of peace but consoles in time of trouble. In some societies this person is honored as a sage. On the Tree of Life: A connection between Chokmah and Malkut. There is a special affinity to Chokmah. THE FOUR QUEENS Stereotype: A Queen is a woman of middle age or older. She retains some of the power of her prime. She is given to occasional moments of insecurity, but her mind is strong and she is the power behind the King's throne. Her feelings regarding Knights and Pages are similar to the King's. She is somewhat conservative, but possesses an intermittent radical streak. QUEEN OF WANDS Subtle authority figure. This person often deliberately states a rule with the intent that the hearer will react in the desired direction, a generous person with advice, a good listener. Often this card represents an older person who seems helpless or mentally off, yet indirectly controls most of the people around her. The Queen of Wands seems insecure but is actually very stable, seems inactive but indulges in considerable vicarious activity, seems weak but is virtually indestructible. This person is an architect of the lives of friends and children. On the Tree of life, a connection from Binah to Chesed. There is a special affinity to Binah. Like the Ten of Cups, Two of Wands and Three of Wands --- or Moon, Tower, Emperor and Sun. QUEEN OF CUPS The late bloomer. This person has had a traumatic experience in life or has undergone a period of prolonged repression. The result is a little like going directly from childhood into adulthood and only then discovering adolescence. Occasionally this is an elderly person, often divorced or otherwise unmarried, one who tends to have theories of seduction, one who offers sexual advice. The Queen of Cups is kindly but a little frantic, ardent but given to irregularity, noble but fickle. If there was more calmness, this could become an ideal state of maturity. On the Tree of Life, a connection from Binah to Netzach. There is a special affinity to Binah. Like the Ten of Swords, Two of Cups and Three of Cups --- or Lovers, Sun, Empress, Chariot and Magician. QUEEN OF SWORDS Possessive and frustrated. This person has clear ideas about what is wanted but also has a difficulty in accepting what is available. There is considerable physical security, but that only aggravates this Queen. Consider having a place to stand from which the World could be moved. All the pulleys are in place, but THE ROPE IS TOO SHORT! The Queen of Swords is a good person to have in charge as long as there is distraction from a secondary project, always tense but usually able, plans well but rarely follows the plan, a good executive but a bad boss. On the Tree of Life, a connection from Binah to Yesod. There is a special affinity to Binah. Like the Ten of Coins, Two of Swords and Three of Swords --- or Hermit, Magician, Justice, High Priestess and World. QUEEN OF COINS The plodder. This person possesses skill and sound health, but lacks energy. An older individual does good work but may take longer than others at the same task. Advice is given to the younger folk to take their time and to stop worrying. The Queen of Coins is capable but cannot be rushed, a daydreamer but also practical, fearless but quiet. Without this kind of person humanity would have become extinct half a million years ago. On the Tree of Life, a connection from Binah to Malkut. There is a special affinity to Binah. Like the Ten of Wands, Two of Coins and Three of Coins --- or Temperance, World, Devil, Wheel of Fortune and Tower. THE FOUR KNIGHTS Stereotype: A Knight is a man (or active+ woman) of any age from late adolescence up to the middle years. The Knight is the chief source of vitality for change in the world. All major works are done by the efforts of the Knight. The Knight is commanded by the King, guided by the Queen and inspired by the Page. KNIGHT OF WANDS Haste followed by care. This person has a tendency to react quickly to any opportunity with an excessive set of hopes. Immediately after starting activity, this person slows down and abandons the big ideas. The result is very good work. The Knight of Wands is exuberant but practical, given to false hopes but highly resilient, excitable but not prone to depression. This person is scary to be with, but no harm comes of it. On the Tree of Life, a connection between Keter and Chesed. There is a special affinity to Tipheret. Like the Seven of Cups, Eight of Wands and Nine of Wands --- or Empress, Death, Magician, Temperance and High Priestess. KNIGHT OF CUPS Restraint followed by caution. This person has a strongly developed moral sense but recognizes a need to compromise with it in practice. Such a person acts slowly with some doubts but completes any activity in accordance with a clear original plan. The Knight of Cups is a bit of a worrier but never quits, doubts but doesn't hesitate in time of need, tells lies but can be trusted in action. This is the conscientious but realistic business person. On the Tree of Life, a connection between Keter and Geburah. There is a special affinity to Tipheret. Like the Seven of Swords, Eight of Cups and Nine of Cups --- or Star, High Priestess, Moon, World and Wheel of Fortune. KNIGHT OF SWORDS The hard worker. This person doesn't fully understand or agree with his or her task in life but is nonetheless willing and able to do the necessary work. Such a person will rise above trying circumstances every time and complete the needed duty. The Knight of Swords may be a soldier but is never a murderer, questions but obeys, complains but acts. This is the card of the wage earner. On the Tree of Life, a connection between Keter and Netzach. There is a special affinity to Tipheret. Like the Seven of Coins, Eight of Swords and Nine of Swords --- or Hierophant, World, Lovers, Wheel of Fortune and Tower. KNIGHT OF COINS The simple worker. This person is not unduly oppressed or confused. He or she meets the minor strains of life and takes away a good profit. Such a person is also knowledgeable and generally comfortable. The Knight of Coins is common but not controlled, ordinary but not trivial, quiet but not silent. This is what is generally know as a normal human being. On the Tree of Life, a connection between Keter and Hod. There is a special affinity to Tipheret. Like the Seven of Wands, Eight of Coins --- or Strength, Tower, Hermit, Sun and Empress. THE FOUR PAGES Stereotype: A Page is a young person who is not treated as an equal by a Knight, Queen or King. Such a person is given simple tasks and watched closely. Pages are protected and the other courts hope they will become Knights before trying to become Kings and Queens. Pages are understandably frustrated a good deal of the time and lack patience. Without them the whole world would stagnate. PAGE OF WANDS Idealistic and intellectual, kind but impractical. Tends to be excitable but unfocused. Too much religion can be harmful. Often lonely. On the Tree of Life, a connection between Yesod and Chesed. There is a special affinity to Malkut. PAGE OF CUPS Romantic but moralistic. Needs heroes or heroines but disillusions painfully. Tends toward an inferiority complex but is actually quite capable and strong. Too much political experience can be harmful. May be overweight or have a peculiar diet. On the Tree of Life, a connection between Yesod and Geburah. There is a special affinity to Malkut. PAGE OF SWORDS Physically active and quick. Short temper but tends to forgive quickly. May become promiscuous at an early age. A delicate balance of discipline is necessary, too much will leave drastic scars. On the Tree of Life, a connection between Malkut and Chesed. There is a special affinity to Malkut. PAGE OF COINS Quiet and slow. Needs pushing and encouragement. Tends to hypochondria and early pregnancy or fatherhood. Parental benign neglect will stunt growth. May be remembered in later years as "good old what's 's/er name." On the Tree of Life, a connection between Malkut and Geburah. There is a special affinity to Malkut.


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