PSYCHIC PROTECTION FOR TANTRIC PRACTITIONERS. Tantric sexual love is a potent form of magi

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PSYCHIC PROTECTION FOR TANTRIC PRACTITIONERS. Tantric sexual love is a potent form of magic as well as a path toward enlightenment. It is ritualistic in nature; even when the act of sexual union is spontaneous, the conscious intent or will toward the spiritual/sexual combination elevates the lovemaking to a form of ritual. The idea of psychic protection exists in most, if not all, forms of magical ritual, usually as a necessary, vital way of both "beginning" and "ending" the ritual. Naturally, an initiated Tantric couple will desire this protection; ideally conferring it upon each other. But the protection is vitally important for *White Tantric* practitioners as well, when meditative masturbation and "astral Tantric union" are practiced. In fact, it may be even more important during such white Tantric practices, for one is physically alone and thus more vulnerable. This form of protection is designed for two purposes: to prevent sexual energy from escaping from the body, rather than being channelled to the lover or directly to Siva; and to prevent any outside forces to intrude, meaning any outside force which would pollute the act. This could be as simple as loss of concentration or desire for the quick release of orgasm overwhelming the spiritual connotation, or as complicated as the idea of spirits or demons of some sort intruding upon the act. "Energy loss" may occur through the bodily orifices; also through the pores, fingertips, and the Subtle Body. The Yogini Tantra describes a very simple technique for preventing this energy loss: concentrate the attention fully upon the physical and subtle body, willing yourself to see each chakra, visualize the Subtle Body as an aura around the physical, charged with energy. Now, using the index and middle finger, perform *Nyasa* upon one's own body, or the body of one's lover. *Nyasa* means "placing," and is a technique to "seal" the physical and Subtle body. An act of Will, or intention is required for effectiveness. Feel the energy flow from your fingertips, see the openings seal up as you touch them. Reciting the protective mantra: AUM BHUR BHUWAH SWA is very helpful. This mantra is the three realms or worlds; this world, the next, and Eternity. This mantra will help focus the mind to the intended task. Although different texts prescribe different areas of the body to touch, and different ways to go about it; the Yogini Tantra states: "Lightly, gently, softly, with the first two fingers, touch first the head, then forehead; eyes, throat and earlobes; breasts, upper arms, heart; navel, thighs, feet, and sexual organs. Charge thus with the vital energy of transformation." In order to prevent intrusion by outside influences, a field or aura of psychic protection must be created. Even if one does not accept the reality of ghosts, demons, or spirits as actual beings, very few people have not, at least once, experienced sudden feelings of fear, sadness, or emptiness during sex or masturbation. The protective aura will prevent such feelings, no matter what one believes their case to be; actual non-corporeal intruders, psychological barriers, or simple loss of the Will/intent which elevates simple biological acts to the Sublime. The technique for creating this field is quite simple, as long as proper intent is maintained. Again, one may chant AUM BHUR BHUWAH SWA to keep the mind focused, if necessary. Visualize a luminous golden aura surrounding your body, or the body of your partner. Ideally, begin at the crown, encircle the entire physical and Subtle bodies, back, front, sides, internal and external, including the chakras. This golden aura corresponds to the "Egg of Brahma" or the "mystic circle," and is a sphere of protection. Naturally, if the sexual act is one between Tantric lovers, the partners should visualize this protective aura around one another; if alone, around one's own body. As you visualize the sphere of protection, move the hands in loose, sweeping gestures around the body. This is called "Dance of the Hands," and may be performed, standing, moving the arms in circular sweeps from the navel (male or female chakra) outward, upward, downward, allowing energy to flow and protect the entire psycho-organism. If the attention is focused and directed properly, the solitary--or *both* partners--should immediately feel the power, becoming energized, stimulated, and invulnerable. Saliva is a potent protective in Taoist and Tantric tradition. The kiss is an aspect of psychic protection, which also serves to distribute the energies of sexual love in harmony. The Kama Sutra lists the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, throat, breasts, lips, mouth, thighs, arms and navel as areas ideal for protective kissing. When the act of lovemaking has concluded, lie in embrace for a time, with the Lingam and Yoni in contact for as long as possible. The embrace also conveys protection, and the Lingam and Yoni will be naturally sealed while in contact, long enough for the sexual secretions to be fully absorbed. If the lovemaking has been *astral* in nature, simply lie still for a time, allowing the sexual energy to circulate and charge your body. Contract the sphincter muscles, drawing in the vital energies of vaginal fluid or semen. White Tantric male practitioners usually receive more detailed instruction than can be gone into here with regard to semen. If the ultimate has been achieved during any of the three forms of Tantric Sex, the protection remains. However, a tradition dictates that during the *afterglow* one should again touch the bodily parts lightly, and visualize the golden protective aura being drawn back upwards, re-entering through the crown chakra, and flowing into the body to remain as an energizing, liberating inner field. Then one should say thank-you. Western Tantric students no doubt have their own ways of doing this. My own method is to sit on the floor, assume Padmasana (Lotus position), lock my hands behind my back, raise my arms, then bend forward, prostrating myself until my forehead touches the floor, rising back up, performing the Namaste gesture, and uttering the mantra 'AUM,' touching the hands to the heart, lips, forehead and crown, bowing once again with hands in Namaste above head, rising up, and thanking Siva for taking me as his own, thanking Sakthi for allowing me to become one with her and unite with my Lord, and finally, acknowledging the Inner Deity, consumed with gratitude that physical and spiritual bliss have been achieved and duality transcended. AUM HAMSA SOHAM AUM. D. Yogini Padma Ushas Suryananda, quotes from Yogini Tantra as cited. (c) 1993 Rose Dawn Scott, except as cited. This text is part of a Tantric file library available through Modem Magick, (619) 447-5010. The author is also available via modem at the above number.


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