20-Jan-87 23:13 MST Sb: APco 01/19 Broncos-Psychics DENVER (AP) - It's in the cards for th

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20-Jan-87 23:13 MST Sb: APco 01/19 Broncos-Psychics DENVER (AP) -- It's in the cards for the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl next week, psychics say. Tarot cards indicate that the will of the Denver fans will decide the game, said 11-year-old Destra Larsen, one of the nation's youngest psychics. Dody Engel, of Aurora, who says she's a clairvoyant-palmist, saw the Broncos win in a dream she had the other night. It was the last play of the game, the New York Giants had the ball in scoring position but the Orange Crush defense held tough. "Suddenly, the clock runs out and suddenly, they've done it, and I saw all this jumping up an down," Engle said. Engle and Larsen were just a couple of area supernaturalists who attended the Psychic Fair sponsored by Colorado's Psychic Center on Sunday. Larsen bowed her head, covered her eyes with her hands and predicted the Broncos would win by a 23-20 score. Spiritual healer Sharon Joy also predicted a close score. "It's going to be decided by who makes mistakes and who doesn't and who capitalizes on those mistakes," she said. "It could come down to one missed field goal." Joy uses psychometry, a method of predicting the future by holding a personal object or having someone say a person's name. She keeps a Broncos coffee mug on her cocktail table. She's been saying, "Broncos, you are champions," to the mug. During all the Broncos games, Joy surrounds the team with a white light -- a positive light -- by placing both her hands in front of the TV set and sending good vibrations to the team. Las Vegas oddsmakers favor the Giants by 10 points, but Joy doesn't put much faith in point spreads. "I do this for a living," she said, "and I go by what I feel. I don't care what somebody else is saying. The Broncos are going to win." <<>>


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