Recently,I was doing a Work of Magic to promote healing; at a certain point, I felt it wou

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Recently,I was doing a Work of Magic to promote healing; at a certain point, I felt it would be right, and I summoned the "Intelligence" of Jupiter. A LARGE presence showed up and "taught" me about the natu and labor relations. HE also gave me insight to the problems of a friend of mine-advice that ultimately saved my friend's life. I suspect that there are three sources for intelligence in the realm of life forms. One is from the assending of life forms in the material plane, evolution; from the Elemental kingdom as a paralell evolution, this includes the Spirit of other kindoms such as mineral and vegetable; and the third was born when the great sun of potent- iality first reached forth, and Life came forth, the Spirit and Intelligences of the planets and fixed stars. In time, because of the decisions made reality of such beings, the power and force of Gods was felt by men/women, and those who worked became great; The race of mankind rose, and great people created/became great Gods, and those who knew such things became the writers of the Ancient Books. Can you see the power of the infinite, and its inevitable unfolding? Is it possible to undo what is mere thought, the ultimate unleashing of potentiality? I think we all benefit from the limitless expanse of current thought. If thoughts are indeed things, we have created, as a race, the solution to all the problems of our time, such solutions are stored by the universe into the Intelligences. Just think, and realize you create. Bring forth life in all its potential. Be not small in thy creation O Lord and Lady. Be not limiting in thy subs- tance. Know thee the entity Satan? He is but a recent birth, with pretentions of grandure. Let us look to our spiritual elders for validation. The greatness of total potentiation surrounds you and presents the pos- sibility of change and muchness. I perfer to relate to the planets as the physical manifestation to an object that exists on many planes at the same time. In this case, the planet Jupiter is a Planet, Spirit, and Intell


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